Why is Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue / White Light? A complete Explanation

Blinking light in Ring doorbell

I have been using the Ring doorbellOpens in a new tab. for quite a long time now. One day came home and got surprised to see my ring doorbell flashing white. I had no idea what that exactly meant so I did some research and then found out the answer.

Why is your Ring doorbell flashing white? Your Ring Doorbell can be flashing white light due to either of these two reasons, the device battery is low, or it has lost the Wi-Fi connection. However, the ring video doorbell’s solid white light means that it is hardwired and getting enough power; therefore, no issue with a battery.

I know you would have a lot of questions about the Ring device and therefore, I have included a lot more information regarding flashing lights, resetting the Ring device, and fixing up the chime sound.

Ring Doorbell Flashing white?

If you go through the Ring website, you would see that they say it happens due to low power transfer or lost connection to the network. To make sure, this is the cause, check out the symptoms below:

  • Soft white light flashing
  • Pushing button gives out some sound
  • Events recordings have stopped
  • No App alerts on your phone

So, if you are facing the above situations, then lets us figure out how you can solve this problem. The above-listed situations show that your Ring device is not connected to the Wi-Fi.

In most cases, the device starts working normally just after a router restart. But don’t worry, if your problem is still not fixed then I have some more solutions to fix this problem for you.

In some places where you see a lot of power outages, this might be the reason for ring doorbell blinking white light.

However, these could also be the possibilities:

  • Low Voltage
  • Change in the password of WIFI
  • Loose router wire
  • Oversupply of Power/High Voltage

You can see that there are a lot of possibilities of blinking white light in Ring Device. But making sure that the internet is not the reason for this is the best option. For this, you just have to check the internet connection on your App. If its connected, then the problem is something else otherwise fixing the internet connection would solve the problem.

If you see no connection in the App, then you must check your router and make sure the wires are placed correctly, and all the lights are green.

Everything is okay, then turn off your router and the device and wait for a few minutes, and then restart both of them. Your ring doorbell is still blinking white, then it might be the power issue.

However, Ring says that it’s rare that Ring Video Doorbell ProOpens in a new tab. will go offline due to low power. It is possible that the device would not have been receiving power from the doorbell transformer.

I also found on the Ring website that more than 16 VAC power could also be the reason. So, if your power is less than 16VAC, then fixing this would solve your problem.

You can also check our article on Ring Doorbell not charging which can help you to get out of this problem quickly.

On Ring website, most questions are asked regarding the battery and Wi-Fi connection issues. I remember the struggle of getting my device fixed and the research that I had to do to solve it.

There are times when fixing the problem would feel frustrating and therefore, Ring has made this easy and quick. If your device is still not working, then you can call Ring support, they would help and go through a small process to ensure its not working. In case, the problem is not fixed, Ring would send you to brand new device free of cost.

Sorry to take you through a step by step process but to help you understand the reason behind the problem and solve it easily, this was necessary.

Why is my Ring doorbell flashing blue?

There are several blinking patterns and colors which shows many different reasons. The several blinking patterns can be blue spinning, upward movement of blue light, blue flashing circle, solid blue light and rapid flashing of blue light.

So, why is my doorbell flashing blue? There are different patterns of flashing of blue light in a ring doorbell and therefore, there are several reasons for blue light flashing in the ring-like pressing of an ordinary button, connecting to the network, booting of peephole cam, enabled speakers, successful set up of peephole cam or factory restore.

Understanding the Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Blue Light Flashing PatternReason
Ring Button Flashing Spin BlueDue to press of ordinary button
Upward Movement of Blue LightConnecting to Network
Blue circle Flashing On and OffBooting of Peephole Camera
Solid Blue lightSpeaker Enabled
Blue rapid flashing followed by white circleFactory restore
Four Blue light four timesPeephole can set up successful

However, if you ring doorbell is flashing red, you can check out our troubleshooting article.

How to reset a Ring Doorbell?

There are certain times when the problem is not with the Wi-Fi, router or battery. Generally, what we really do when our smartphone or computer gets frozen? We do a hard reset and get our device back as normal.

Thanks to Ring doorbell makers that this reset option is available in Ring devices. However, the way of resetting depends on the version of the device you are using.

If you are using Ring doorbell, or ring doorbell 2 Opens in a new tab.then you would find an orange button. You have to press this orange button for 20 seconds, your device will restart, and you will see the flashing light on the front.

For hard reset a Ring Doorbell Pro, you need to press and hold the setup button for 15 seconds. Just wait for 20-30 seconds and start setting up the device.

If your device does not go in set up mode, then it’s better to turn off the device for some time. Wait for 10-15 minutes and start the setup process again.

 If the above steps are not helping you out, then you must contact Ring Customer Support Centre. For the U.S the support number is 1-800-656-1918. You can get other countries Support Numbers from hereOpens in a new tab..

Ring doorbell not Ringing-What to do?

If you are here at this point that only means that you have gone through all the troubleshooting options but didn’t find any solution to your problem. But don’t worry, if you have “Ring doorbell not ringing problem”, then there are only two causes.

Either your Ring device speakers have some issues or the microphone is not working or enabled. If your microphone is not attached to your Ring device, then you would not be hearing any sound coming from the chime.

Check in the Ring App and try enabling the microphone a couple of times. You might have to get a new microphone if it doesn’t get fixed.

For the iPhone, set up the App so that the device can use the microphone.

But if there is an issue with the speakers, then you can check this pageOpens in a new tab. of Ring website and know how to replace the speakers and how easily you can do it.

You can ask questions and get your problem fixed on the ring community forums. Typically, they are very quick to reply and try to help you out ASAP.

You can check the post on our website “can a dorbell ring on its own” and get to know the many simple ways to get rid of false alarming and its reasons.

Ring Doorbells Customer Service

One thing that I like most about Ring, they don’t only have a customer support number to help their customer out but have multiple other options like website community, chat facility and of course a dedicated Twitter handle to just help their customer fix the problem.

I know, it’s hard to believe that you would get a free new Ring device if you receive a faulty ring device.

So, with Ring, you have multiple options to contact for help and get your answers. These benefits make them stand out from the other companies.

However, you can go through my list of Best Home Security Systems for 2020 and check out the best home security systems that can make your life easy.

Related Questions

Why is my doorbell ringing by itself? There would be multiple reasons for doorbell ringing by itself. However, the sticking button is the common problem that we have come through till now.

How long does Ring 2 battery last? According to Ring, the battery can run from 6-12 months. But this depends upon how much your Ring device is being used. However, you get notified to your App when your Ring device battery becomes low.

You can get a new replacement Ring battery Opens in a new tab.form the website at just $29.

Should I charge my Ring doorbell before installation? Yes, once you get Ring Video doorbell for you, the first thing you must do is to charge it through the orange cable provided. Don’t set it up unless it gets fully charged.


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