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With the invention of smart home appliances, especially the home security devices, we expect them to stay open and functional to give us security or entertainment. However, devices like your Ring Doorbell should have time to update to bring consistent and new features to the device for increased security.

How long does it take to Ring Doorbell firmware update? It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for the firmware update to occur, which keeps the Ring Doorbell software up to speed.

You should note that you know that a firmware update only takes 5 minutes, you must know what is updating during this time of your Ring Doorbell.

Knowing when your Ring Doorbell needs an update

Usually, when you first purchase your Ring Doorbell, it will need to be updated to have the latest features and security options.

The Ring App will send app notifications to your phone or tablet to let you know that your device is ready for an update. If this happens, it will keep you informed that your Ring Doorbell needs to be updated until you do.

You can check to see if your Ring Doorbell needs to be renewed by taking the following steps:

  1. You will need to open the Ring App on your smartphone or tablet. Next, select your Ring Doorbell.
  2. Tap the Device Health button at the bottom of the app.
  3. Once on the device page, go to device details and check Firmware.
  4. In the unlikely event that a number appears, your Firmware needs to be updated. Your Ring Doorbell will be updated when someone activates it with Motion, Ring, or Live View.
  5. If the App notifies you, then you’re clear.

How to identify whether the doorbell is updating or not?

Your Ring Doorbell will be updated automatically, even if you have just taken it out of the box to charge it.

When your Ring Doorbell is updated, you will receive notifications for the update progress and when it is complete.

For your Ring Doorbell to be updated, there must be a reliable signal from your wi-fi router to your Ring Doorbell.

The length of your update depends largely on the strength of the wi-fi signal, so it may take more than 5 minutes if your signal is weak.

As your doorbell updates, an icon in the app displays that your doorbell is currently updating; the font button in the corner of the door will turn white and start flashing until the update is complete.

When your Ring Doorbell updates, remember not to remove it from the electrical outlet or press the set or front button.

If your Ring Doorbell is running on battery, you will not be able to use it; therefore, the doorbell is usually renewed during recess.

Because your Ring Doorbell uses a lot of power when updating, it will not proceed with the update if there is less than 30% battery.

If you try to recharge it with a minimal battery level, there will be an error message saying that the Firmware Update Failed; with this message, you will know that you can charge your doorbell or replace batteries.

If your Ring Doorbell does not update properly, you may want to remove it and reinstall the Ring App to make sure everything is in order. If this does not work, there is another option that you can try out.

You can restart your device to see if that will help.

Here’s how to reset your doorbell:

  1. Turn your Back Ringbell back to get the orange button.
  2. For more than 15 seconds, press and hold the orange button.
  3. After you release the orange button, the light on the doorbell’s front button will start to light up. This lets you know that the doorbell is reset.
  4. It will take about 5 minutes for your Ring Doorbell to complete the factory reset. Do not touch anything at this time.

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This is an important step because the possibility of a bug will increase if you have not updated your system, and you probably do not want to end up with any issues in your security.

Usually, the company updates the system, which can help if you are not someone who loves to meddle with the tech stuff and have no idea how to update it.

Updating the system will ensure that the security system always stays up to date and never encounters any problem.

You should ensure that you have backed up your data to an external hard drive or cloud storage not to risk losing any of the important footage.

Even if there is an unfortunate event happening at your place, you will have all the evidence backed up in the storage.

Keeping a backup is necessary, especially in an emergency such a large break in or in the event of the thief stealing the doorbell itself.

Since you can get a free replacement of your doorbell with valid proof, you will have to report the incident to the police and then send the report’s copy via mail to the company. 

Reviewing your Ring Doorbell

Updating your Ring Doorbell firmware keeps it clean, and depending on the firmware update sent by Ring, it may improve the device’s security.

The Firmware ensures that you can continue to rely on your Ring Doorbell to respond when someone causes it.

Each firmware update is different. Ring developers post updates when they feel like their products contain pests that need to be fixed.

For example, if many customers say the Motion trigger is lagging, they will fix it and send an update to everyone to set their knock.

Even though it takes only 5 minutes to update this step, it is very important to keep your device up to date and not have any issues in the future. The bugs that the Ring doorbell might encounter can be solved easily after getting an update.

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Final Thoughts

Installing home security devices takes the security of your home and your belongings to the next level.

It helps you monitor and prevent any unauthorized intrusion or burglary at your place.

You should also ensure that the Ring Doorbell firmware is updated periodically or whenever necessary for its optimum functioning and ensuring that your home is secure from intruders!

Additionally, the Ring ensures that you do not have to suffer for the damage caused to the device by the thief and provides you with a free replacement.

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