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If you have installed the Ring doorbell at your place, you might have some doubts about whether this doorbell can be stolen and go unnoticed?

SO, Can Ring Doorbell be stolen easily? You do not have to worry about this as Ring silently record every activity, including the thief’s footage. The added advantage is that Ring would replace your doorbell once they go through the video evidence that your doorbell was stolen.

You can also be assured that your doorbell will not be stolen without evidence and you will be alerted of any unusual activity happening in your property.

Here are some of the information that will assure you that installing a Ring doorbell will help you secure your home; any trespasser and thief will be caught red-handed.

The camera sees it all

A thief will not realize that there is a camera in your Ring Video Doorbell and this is the main advantage of this security device, and the potential thief would never realize that you are watching over your home.

Several reports stated that the thieves fled away after noticing the camera, and many residents who have installed the Ring Video Doorbell feel secure.

The invention of this video doorbell has made sure that your family members and your valuable belongings are safe at your place, and you will be notified immediately once there is an issue in your doorstep.

The ring doorbell installation is also quite simple, which helps the users set it up in their households quickly. You can also access all the recorded videos online, which might come handy if you need evidence for a break-in.

The Ring video doorbell makes sure that your home is secure, and you can monitor your home from any distance.

The camera that comes with the device sees it all. You have to relax until you get a notification that there is something wrong; you can immediately contact the officials and secure your home immediately in case of a break-in.

“In one such incident, two thieves were trying to take a package away, and due to the Ring Doorbell’s notification, the house owners could talk warn them through the intercom that they are aware of what the thieves were doing and alerted the cops.”

How the Ring Doorbell works?

If you are planning on buying the Ring Video Doorbell, you might want to know how it works and the various factors that could affect the working of your doorbell.

The Ring has already considered the various factors that might remove or cause damage to your doorbells, such as intruders or extremely bad weather.

So, you need not worry about some of these factors damaging your doorbell because these doorbells come with a back-plate that helps the doorbell stick on the house even in rough weather conditions and is not easily detachable.

Some security screws go in the bottom of the doorbell to secure the doorbell’s position, and the device is designed so that it is undeterred during the theft, and your doorbell is mounted all the time.

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Without the security screws and other elements, it would be easy for a thief to slide off the bell and remove it easily.

The Ring Video Doorbell has a completely wireless system, which means that it consists of an easily removable rechargeable battery.

Since it is a wireless system, it is easier to set up and recharge the battery with the change in technology in various versions of the Ring doorbell; the Ring Doorbell 2 comes with a great battery life, which means you do not have to worry about replacing the battery for a very long time.

The best feature of the Ring Doorbell is that it cannot be easily removed, and if the thieves try to break the doorbell, it would require a great amount of force, and until then, you will be notified of the prowlers so you can inform the cops about it.

The unbreakable design, that does not get deformed easily, assures that your doorbell is safe and would not get stolen.

What is the theft policy prescribed by Ring?

The best thing about investing in a home security system like the Ring Video Doorbell is that their company offers a policy that will cover all the possibility of a theft at your place.

If you are the device owner and it has been stolen or forcibly broken, the Ring will immediately replace it for free.

But this will only be applicable if you have reported the issue to the police; here are some of the steps you need to follow to receive the new doorbell.

  1. The first immediate action you need to take is to report the police’s theft regarding the stolen Ring device. Once you report the police’s theft, they will instruct you to follow certain steps, and you will have to complete it before the officer arrives to take your report.
  2. If the theft is connected to a larger burglary, you will be asked not to enter your home, and the other steps will be made clear to you. Make sure to abide by the instructions for the officers to solve the issue at the earliest.
  3. You are allowed to take pictures of the damage that has been done, but you should not touch anything because it may lead to the erasing of important evidence.

However, the break-in might have been recorded by the doorbell. You should make sure that you do not disturb potential evidence such as their shoe prints or fingerprints. If there are broken equipment, you might hurt yourself.

  • You can also request a copy of the theft report, and once you procure all the necessary reports, you can send it to the company for a free replacement of the stolen or damaged Ring device.
  • One of the most important steps is to acquire the police report; you need to report the Ring to their official mail. Once you receive a reply, you can then provide them with the police report so that they can replace your Ring device at the earliest.

Once you complete all these steps, the company will verify the police report, and you will get a replacement device within 7 to 10 days of the verification process.

This policy builds the customer’s trust towards the brand and shows the integrity of the Ring company; they take all the necessary precautions to make sure that they are not scammed.

Once you install this home security system, you can be assured that your home and the possessions are safe, and you will be able to monitor your home from a distance.

Keep the system up to date.

This is an important step because the possibility of a bug will increase if you have not updated your device software, and you probably do not want to end up with any issues in your security.

Usually, the company updates the system, which can help if you are not someone who loves to meddle with the tech stuff and have no idea how to update it. Updating the system will ensure that the security system always stays up to date and never encounters any problem.

Back up your data

You should ensure that you have backed up your data to an external hard drive or cloud storage not to risk losing any of the important footage.

Even if there is an unfortunate event happening at your place, you will have all the evidence backed up in the storage.

Other important things that you should do if your doorbell is stolen

The neighborhood app’s introduction has helped the community come together and ensure each other’s safety.

You can use this app if your doorbell is stolen but make sure that the neighborhood app is attached to your Ring doorbell app.

With the neighborhood app, you will be able to connect with those around you and also get some updates from the local law so that the others stay updated on the suspect’s activity.

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