Does ring work without a subscription?

Almost all smart devices come with a subscription plan and adding one more to it is not easy unless you have surplus amount to spend. I researcheed a lot and then thought of buying a Ring doorbell and Ring Alarm for my parents. So, I wanted to know whether I can use Ring devices without a subscription plan.

All ring devices work without a subscription plan but you could not be able to record a video through your ring video doorbell and ring camera.

Ring offers two different plans for their users to opt for subscription plan with extra features like professional monitoring.

Why you need a Ring security system?

Security systems are essential for a secure home. With the latest technology advancements and innovations, the security systems have become more safe and tamperproof.

With changing scenario around the world, the violence and the kind of people taking to crime is on the rise. Keeping this changing scenario in mind, you have to secure your home from trouble mongers.

You may come across all kinds of criminal type people due to their background and upbringing. It is best advisable to be safe at all times. No other go! No other way to protect yourself from dire situations.

Secure your home first; it is crucial. Now, coming to security systems, your home’s security starts with a ring camera, video doorbell, and Ring Alarm system! 

Who is the guest, or who is the intruder? Who is the visitor? Familiar to you or unfamiliar, friendly person or suspicious. All this, you can gauge if you have proper security systems in place.

Put your security systems in place for a secure living. Now, for the security of your home, the security systems come with plans ranging from a free program to a subscription plan.

These plans come with several offers and features. Decide which is the best for you and opt for it. Most people, as psychology goes, opt for buying security systems without a subscription plan. I will explain everything in detail further in this article. 

Does your ring need a subscription plan? 

Well, this query always raises its head in our minds, does ring work without a subscription? Yes, a genuine question! It does work without a subscription, and it is free to use.

Then, the security aspect does come with this kind of setup without a subscription.

A free subscription does not have monitoring features. It does not have a video recording or video replay feature. It is free to set up your ring bell and ring video bell, but most of its features would not be there.

This works fine when you are at home all the time, or someone or the other are there most of the time. If you are kind that you are always out of your home and most of your household people are working class, you need to lock your home until you or someone else in your family comes back.

Until such time, your home would be without monitoring, and you cannot access even video recording since video recording is available with only paid subscription plans.

When you lock your home and all your family are away during working hours and if an intruder breaks into your place and gets away. You would not be able to access or gather evidence of something that happens.

Police have to come in for investigation and gathering evidence. With the subscription plans, your property is safe and secure. 

If you want to know whether your ring doorbell is waterproof or not, or can it handle other natural elements, check this post.

Ring Works without a Subscription

All ring devices work without a subscription, but the cliché is that only a few minimal features are available to monitor your home.

Features that is available for Ring Camera and Video Doorbell:

  • Anyone whoever are at home can view the live stream 
  • Two-way audio system is functional and accessible 
  • The people of the household receive alert notifications about movements or when your doorbell rings.

Ring with Subscription Plan

A ring subscription gives you immense peace of mind. The ring subscription comes with a host of features and benefits. 

The Ring security camera and the video doorbell work efficiently with a subscription.

Most activities and events are available for recording and replaying even when you are not paying attention. Security monitoring professionals keep track of movements from the live stream.

You get alerted so that you don’t miss anything. If you were inaccessible, they would contact the next person in your emergency contact list.

If they are not able to contact Anyone in the emergency contact list, they will contact the police and instruct them to reach the place to prevent anything from happening.

All suspicious activities are taken care of for timely action. All the events that occur are available on the camera for replaying, and the Ring cloud stores them for later use. 

List of features that are available with ring subscription are: 

  • Recording of videos at any point of time
  • Screenshots from a live stream or video recordings 
  • You may save the recording and screenshots in your convenient device like your smartphone, tablet or Desktop PC

The devices that protect your home are Ring Cameras and Video Doorbells, which come with subscription plans.

Most subscription plans are available either on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription plans are nominal and affordable.

Choose a plan that is convenient and economical to you without compromising your security needs. 

Ring Alarm

The ultimate device that works wonderfully is the Ring Alarm. This device works with or without a subscription plan. One needs to self-monitor the Ring Alarm System if he or she opts without a subscription plan.

You have to pay attention to every single alert or message that it sends to your smartphone or email without priority warning. Sometimes you might miss the alert if you are busy at work. It sends to every other member who is on the shared contact list.

If at all, anything happens while you are away, and you receive alerts. By the time you take action, the breakthrough is made, and the intruder escapes. Monitoring the Ring Alarm without subscription is cumbersome and is less secure. 

It is better if you can go with a subscription where emergency services are available. With a subscription, a monitoring agent keeps a watch on the happenings.

Action is taken immediately when anything suspicious is about to happen before the actual damage is done. 

What happens when the Ring Alarm with a subscription is triggered?

Avail Ring Alarm professional monitoring plan, for the best security for your home or workplace. Whenever the Ring Alarm triggers, the following happen: 

  • When the Ring monitoring Center contacts you, provide your verbal password to the monitoring agent so that emergency services activate as per your needs. If you do not respond to the call, you will get an automated voice message. They will then place a call to the next contact person on your emergency list. The next contact person has to give your verbal password and activate the emergency services urgently as per the need. 
  • This continues until the monitoring agent contacts and reaches someone who responds in your emergency contact list. 
  • If, in any case, no one responds or is inaccessible in your emergency list, the monitoring agent takes decisions independently and informs the police. The police reach your home for necessary action. 

The above process is complete in flat one minute; your home is safe at all times with a subscription plan. You always have someone who is monitoring movements around your home. 

Subscription Plans

There are three plans for availing and installing security systems for your home. It is easy for you to understand looking at the following table for availing a subscription.

The subscriptions are available on a monthly and yearly basis that is easy on your pocket and budget. There is no contract subscription whatsoever. 

FeaturesWithout SubscriptionProtect Basic PlanProtect Plus Plan
No. of DevicesNoneOne Ring DeviceAll Ring Devices
Live View Motion AlertsYesYesYes
Ring Alarm Professional MonitoringNoNoYes, round the clock
Video RecordingNoYes, recordings available up to 60 daysYes, recordings available up to 60 days
Capture Screen shotNoYesYes
Video SharingNoYesYes
Duress Code-Discreet Call to 911NoNoYes
Extended WarrantyNoNoYes, all Ring Devices


Security systems are necessary for modern day homes. The world is changing constantly; the people’s behavior is under scrutiny during the present times.

During these drastic changes, it is advisable to keep your household safe from unwanted people.

Go for safe security systems that monitor your home and protect your family. I would recommened to use a subscription plan so that your home and family is always secure and safe.

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