About Us


I’m Jason, founder of Howtl.com.

First of all, I would like to Thank all of you for coming to this website and supporting this.

I created this website to help people know about latest Smart Home Technology and how you could easily automate your home? At times, smart home technology and devices can help you save a lot of energy and making your family safe and secure.

I am from Engineering background and lived most of my life Automating smart homes and helped hundreds of people learning how to install their smart devices themselves!

I started this in 2015 but soon I came to know that people are really excited about smart homes but most of them don’t know which devices can better fit their homes and save energy. Therefore, I thought of sharing my experiences to all of you to make you aware about what fits better and what efficient products you should choose?

Now, you can have access to much more smarter devices like Ring Doobell, Nest Thermostat, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. These devices have created a new world of smart homes and the ease of using and monitoring from anywhere.

When I am not working, I use most of my times in DIY projects like Wainscoting, Shiplapping and other fun projects for my Children. Therefore, I also share those Home Fun and DIY projects here for you.

I always try to keep working and researching for making more safe and smart homes.

If you have any query, comments or want to ask something then reach out to me at [email protected]

Our Team

I am Jenny. I spend each darn end of the week taking a shot at home tasks and trimming down the “nectar do” list. This is where I share the majority of the undertakings I’ve done and things I’m learning.

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