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Possessing a home is classically the best and most significant investment for most Americans. It is hence only prudent and natural to protect your home in the best way possible.

The best home security systems which can secure your home and provide you peace of mind are

  • ADT
  • Protect America
  • Brinks
  • Frontpoint
  • Abode
  • Nest
  • SimpliSafe
  • Ring
  • Vivint
  • Link Interactive

One of the best ways to protect your home and the loved ones is by investing in a home security system.

With lots of companies claiming to provide the best home security systems, it can be challenging to find the best security system for your home.

To save you from the hustle, we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you choose the best home security system for your home.

ADT Home Security

ADT home security system is one of the best available home security brands with a track record of 140 years. Anybody who has heard about home security probably knows of ADT.

Though you will need to pay for the expertise, it is well known for its quality service and availability, as well as the reliability it offers.

ADT is a bit more expensive home security system with a high price video monitoring and an early steep termination fee.

However, the system provides deals that lower the cost of equipment, making the overall cost for a 3-year contract a lot more realistic.

Most of the people with the ADT system pays between $29 and $60 reliant on the equipment and plan they have chosen.

The ADT system activation fee is as low as $25, which will assist you in getting what you are looking for without breaking the bank.

ADT has several centers for monitoring ADT alarms throughout the nation; hence the outage chance is small.

You will `be provided with email and phone support based on 24/7, and the installation is likely to be completed on the same day.

More so, if your home is intruded while you have ADT security fitted, you can expect a deductible $500 off your insurance.

This security system enables you to regulate your lights, garage door, and locks via your mobile device.

However, this system works best for homeowners that are well established and will stay at the same location for an extended period as it does not provide a relocation option if you need to move.

As the most prevalent home security system in the nation, the ADT security system is at the top of the list as the best home security companies.

However, it is not the best security solution for everybody. Most homeowners love ADT for the most part.

Protect America

Protect America is another best home alarm system offering low-cost and reliable home security. The company takes care of its customers by providing a network and equipment warranty.

More so, you don’t require to recompense an installation or activation fee, giving you great value for your money. The DIY security system has a 15 days free trial to ascertain whether you like the equipment, monitoring, and service.

One of the unique features offered by this company is a landline and broadband monitoring. This option assists customers located in pastoral areas who might have a hard time receiving other companies to protect and cover them.

In fact, the company has landline monitoring as the cheapest package. You can be covered by their security system in the rural areas and only have to pay a little amount of cash every month.

Protect America is the right security system for homeowners on a budget with their landline monitoring packages starting at $19.99 per month.

This makes it reasonably priced for many people and helps to make sure anybody who desires to install a home security system can receive a well affordable one.

Protect America Home security system has a firm position on this list as one of the best security systems. Though it might have some negative customer reviews, it is an affordable option that works ideally, even in rural areas.

The company is dedicated to providing high quality and reliable experience for their customers.

Brinks Home Security System

Brinks Home Security is among the most reputable, reliable, personalized, and affordable home security solution. Its security system has lots of features and is affordable, which is why the Brinks is among the best home security systems.

The company provides three package options. The Smart Security Essential model is $29 monthly, and the gear goes for $199. An upgrade to this package goes for $39 every month, and the equipment costs $499. This advancement offers admission to more progressive solutions, including Live Video Streaming and Cloud Video Storage.

Lastly, they have a Smart Security Ultimate package for a monitoring cost of $39 and $1,099 for equipment that includes a doorbell camera and an outdoor camera.

Brinks Home Security System is a DIY system which makes most homeowners be able to fix the security system themselves through the various indicated steps.

One of the advantages of the company is that it comes with a two years warranty and a 30-day risk-free offer. The basic Brinks Home Security system plan offers three wireless door sensors, a Brinks Home Touch display, a wireless motion sensor, and a yard sign.

One of the critical features of the package is the smart home hub that connects to most home mechanization plans, allowing users to connect all the crucial automated home features in one place.

The security system still features a Hacker Protection for encrypting sensor signals to guard your household from hackers trying to get into your home. An LTE cellular signal sends alarms over ensuring fast response times.

Brinks Home Security System uses discrete wireless door sensors with a 200-foot range. Another best feature is the Hands-Free Alarm that senses permitted access for homeowners via their mobile and opens the door immediately.

The indoor camera and HD video doorbell with night vision on the upgrade package increase security all over the home.

It offers access to Realtime videotape so homeowners can get into the App and view what is going own everywhere in the home, particularly when the alarm is activated. The whole security system is straightforward to use and has been made to be extremely useful.

Frontpoint Home Security system

Frontpoint Home Security company is a top security company in a class of its own, especially when it comes to its steadfast dedication to customer service. The company is a clear winner in providing an excellent experience of customer service and great value for your money.

Frontpoint is always ready for their customers regardless of the time the customer contacts them with an issue. Their professionals are knowledgeable, polite, and always willing to help.

Most of their security system services cost between $35 to $50, making it slightly more expensive than some companies. However, the greater value and quality offered are worthy of the little extra cash due to the added peace of mind.

The Frontpoint home security system has a DIY installation that makes it very easy to install. You will not need to pay someone to hook up your Frontpoint security system. In its place, you can be able to install it on your timetable and schedule and then sit back and enjoy your safe home.

The Frontpoint security system comes with lots of options, including window and door sensors, control panels, great keypads, and more. With Frontpoint, you are assured of getting anything that you are seeking in a home security system.

The company has a calm sales approach, which will keep you from being worried about additional purchases or upgrading.

The Frontpoint security system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also features a crash and smash protection that sends out an indication to Frontpoint in the occasion an intruder tries to abolish the security panel.

Its expertise is companionable with Z-Wave making it one of the great all-round systems. It is easy to install, has robust features, and is moveable from one home to another, making it ideal for both homeowners and renters.

Abode Home Security System

One thing that makes Abode the perfect security system is that it lets you monitor your household from your mobile device for free. This is unlike other companies that require you to pay a monthly subscription before giving you access remote to your security system.

Even better is that they offer no-contract professional monitoring if you don’t want to monitor the system yourself.

Abode comes with 3-monthly plans. The standard plan includes three days of media and timeline storage, IFTTT Channel Access, and unlimited self- monitoring. The Connect plan consists of an extra 14 days of timeline and 4G cellular backup.

The Secure Plan is the most expensive and includes 90 days of timeline and media storage, IFTTT Channel Access, 24/7 professional monitoring, premium customer phone support, free shipping, and extended 2-year warranty.

The basic kits of Abode include the Lota kit and Gateway kit. The Lota kit consists of a motion detector, a security hub, and a home security camera all rolled in one device. The starter kit does not come with the best equipment, and you will need to get some extra cash to get the best.

The abode home security system is easy to mount and offers a lot of add-on equipment for easy customization of your home security system. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you should not look further.

You can check the latest price of Abode iota at Amazon.

Nest Secure Security System

Can you set your Nest Hello to record only when it detects motion?

With a neat substantive gadget that comes along with this system, Nest Secure makes it into the list of best home security systems. Though the starter plan starts at $399, the system is worth every penny that you invest in it.

You also have the choice of self-monitoring the system, which goes for a lower cost than paying for professional monitoring.

This up is exceptional and integrates with all the Nest products seamlessly. The system features security sensors known as Nest Detect sticks that include window sensors, motion sensors, and door sensors in a single device.

Pathlight motion sensors will help you to brighten up your way as you walk or QuietOpen that enables you to deactivate one door.

Nest Secure provides the best customer service and has lots of access options to help you defend everything valuable to you. However, you might be forced to make add-on subscriptions such as Nest Aware and T-Mobile cellular backup to do specific things, which might be costly.

Check the latest price of Nest video doorbell at Amazon.

SimpliSafe security system

SimpliSafe provides DIY home security protection at refreshingly affordable rates. If you want a system that has no contract, SimpliSafe is the perfect option. It features a modern monitoring system ideal to use in urban or suburban locations.

Its easy installation ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice some time to have someone to install it for you. If you choose to use SimpliSafe, you do not need to cancel your agreement and pay more fees in case you go to a place where the company does not operate.

SimpliSafe requires one to purchase the gear upfront giving you the full system membership. This way, it can reduce the monitoring cost per month in case you do not want to use your cash on monthly monitoring.

Depending on whether mobile access is essential for you, one can pay as little as $15 per month to have it monitored by the company. SimpliSafe pricing is relatively competitive. The cheapest equipment packages go for $229, and you must pay for them upfront.

The system is modern and straightforward to install. SimpliSafe is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It hence supports voice commands via Google Home devices and Amazon Echo, which are sold separately.

SimpliSafe offers a 60-day risk-free trial that helps deliver long-term customer satisfaction.

You can grab your simplisafe system from here.

Ring Alarm Security System

Ring video Doorbell fixed at door

Ring Alarm is one of the companies offering the best comprehensive DIY security packages for the ideal home security. Their home security systems are affordable, with free to meager monthly fee monitoring plans.

One of its unique features is a Neighbors App, which operates as a neighborhood watch program that enables your neighbors who also have the Ring Alarm Security system to watch any criminal or suspicious activity in real-time.

The system comprises of wireless home security system that is easily portable hence excellent for any home size or apartment. The system provides all this and more without any hidden fees or the need for you to sign a long-term contract.

Ring security monitoring centers have excellent coverage of all the states and an impressive 30-second average call response, ensuring the clients of immediate response in case of any alert. Additionally, the system provides real-time mobile alerts, optional 24/7 professional monitoring, optional cellular backup, and a 24-hour battery backup.

Ring Alarm 5-piece security system kit goes for $199.00 and covers about 1000 feet. The kit includes a base station, one contact sensor, one keypad, one motion detector, and a range extender. This kit is suitable for a small home, condo, or apartment.

Ring Alarm 10-piece security system kit goes for $259.00 and covers up to 2000 feet. The kit includes a base station, five contact sensors, one keypad, a range extender, and two motion detectors. This package is best for a one to two-bedroom home.

Ring Alarm 14-piece security system kit goes for $329.00, covering more than 2000 square feet. The kit includes a base station, eight contact sensors, a range extender, and two motion detectors. This is approximately ideal for a three-bedroom home.

You can have the ring security system for your home from Amazon.

Vivint Home Security System

If you want the best alarm system that you can buy, Vivint is just the right system for you. The system offers you unique and high-end equipment, home automation integration, and flexible payment options.

Always up to date with smart home security technology, the company recently introduced pared-down, lower-priced plans going at $29.99 for clients that require fewer features and a contract-free option for those who purchase equipment upfront.

This means than you can cancel your monitoring plan without paying the cancellation fee.

In terms of equipment, Vivint is quite ahead of everyone in the home security industry. Instead of using third-party equipment like most of the security companies, Vivint manufactures most of the ones it uses.

This means that if you have any issue with the equipment, you will go directly to them instead of third-party manufacturers, which creates a better customer experience.

The Vivint security system comes with some cool gear depending on your subscription plan. The system may include a smart thermostat, home security cameras, Vivint doorbell camera, a data storage drive plus recessed door sensors that are effective where the typical door sensors might not work.

Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty on the equipment when you sign up for premium services. The Kwikset 909 Smartcode is the best door lock I have ever tested so far, you can go through our review.

If you are installing the Vivint security system, it is recommendable that you go for the midlevel plan package that offers a smart thermostat and automated door lock for the price of the equipment and $10 per month.

You can also get a medical alert device through Vivint. But if you cannot afford the cost of extra equipment, the Vivint’s basic package features affordable mobile access that is relatively sufficient for your home security.

Vivint security system allows you to have a convenient check on your house when you are gone, check whether you closed the garage right from the office, and let your friends in the home even while you are out of town.

The geofencing feature enables one to arm and disarms it when in or out of the home.

Link Interactive

link INteractive home security system

With a vast array of devices, Link Interactive is the perfect home security system if you want a super customizable system.

The company provides more types of security devices as compared to other companies, and be it a stovetop sensor or a gun lock, you will find them at this company.

Link Interactive offers three package plans. The standard plan goes for $30.99 per month with no activation, installation hidden, or DIY installation fees.

The gold plan costs $39.99 per month, while the elite plan costs$44.99 per month, which is relatively affordable.

Protecting your loved ones cannot be compared to this amount of cash.

Link Interactive will help you to add any third-party security device that you need to customize your system.

Its professional representatives will even help you understand how to install the smart lock you purchased on amazon.

It also offers a lot of contract options, including no contract, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months contract.

Our Verdict

There are tons of home security systems out there, which is a good news if you want to find one that satisfies your specific security needs.

Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right home security system include; price, monitoring contracts, connectivity options, equipment, mobile app access, smart home integrations, and trial period.

When it is time to select one of the mentioned home security systems, the best system is one that works best for your home, family and gives you peace of mind.

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