Ring Floodlight cam is offline

The latest addition to my list of Ring device home security installations has been the Ring Floodlight cam since I have a dark backyard, and I didn’t want thieves or intruders to leverage that and break into my house.

But then the cam started giving me headaches by going offline again and again, so I decided to sit down and research all the possible reasons so that I could do away with the one causing the issues with my Floodlight cam.

If you are facing the same issue I have talked about, power supply and Wi-Fi connectivity issues may be causing your floodlight cam to go offline.

The most common causes are bandwidth and range issues on your WiFi network. To get your floodlight cam back up and running properly, you may factory reset them; however, I will explain more possible causes and ways to solve this problem in this article.

Here you will see all the reasons and their corresponding fixes causing your device to go offline that I discovered while researching and will hopefully help you fix the connectivity problems with your wifi enabled device too.  

Why Does My Ring Floodlight Keep Going Offline? 6 Reasons

Ring Floodlight cam is offline

Generally, the offline issue is caused due to 2 main reasons i.e., issues with the power supply to the device or connection problem with the Ring App. Howevere, I found out 6 different reasons for floodlight device going offline. (1)

Wi-Fi Interruptions

Wi-Fi interruptions are the major culprit of the problem that your floodlight cam is going offline again and again. Wi-Fi interruptions are caused in several ways. Such as if the floodlight cam is mounted away from your Wi-Fi connection coverage area.

Even when your camera is close to your network, the Wi-Fi signal may still be blocked by various objects such as walls, windows, concrete, and plaster.

You should also verify if other Wi-Fi networks are interfering. When numerous networks use the same channel, interference might be a concern.

Televisions, microwaves, cordless phones, and other smart home electronics might interfere with wireless signals. So, make sure no household gadgets are interfering with the Wi-Fi signals.

Problem With Wiring Setup

You should also check if the wiring and installation are all well. It would be best to see whether all the wirings are done properly, connections are made to the right port, and there are no loose wires.

If your wiring setup is improper, your device won’t have the requisite power to start the floodlights.

App Not Getting Connected

Another reason might be that your router is not connected to the floodlight cam.

To properly connect the router to your floodlight cam, hold down the Sync button on the floodlight camera for at least two seconds before you hear a sound to link the floodlight with the router.

Power Disruption Issue on Ring Device

Because your floodlight cam depends on a power supply to function, power source issues and electric disturbances can cause your Ring floodlight cam to go offline.

Additionally, faulty breaker box, drained, damaged, or corroded batteries, disconnected cords, or damaged electric connections, connectors and cables might all be contributing factors to the problem.

Be careful to check the batteries if your camera runs on batteries and see to it that the batteries must be brand-new and in good condition.

Replace any dead, corroded, or missing batteries in your gadget as soon as possible. After every week or two of continuous usage, recharging the battery is a good idea.

Changes in SSID

Sometimes, internet providers upgrade their network, causing the SSID to change. If the Wi-Fi SSID changes, your device may not recognize your network and won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

It frequently occurs after a system upgrade since your device cannot automatically access the new data; as a result, it goes offline.

Router Acting Up

A promising reason might be a failing router as well. If your router is over 5 years old, it’s time to bid it goodbye.

It has already worked beyond its life. So, now, you should know that an old router can also cause your floodlights not to get connected to the internet.  

How To Fix Ring Floodlights Keep Going Offline?

Ring Floodlight Cam Live Again

You must troubleshoot every possible causes to fix ring camera going offline.

Here’s easy and quick solutions to floodlight going offline.

Reconnect Ring Floodlight To Wi-Fi

In usual cases, Ring Floodlight camera should automatically rejoin the network.

Still, if it is facing problems, it would only need to be powered on again or, in the worst-case scenario, completely reconfigured for Wi-Fi using the connect button on the device and the network setup mode in the app.

Charge The Floodlight Camera Battery

fully charged Floodlight cam battery

Make sure that your floodlight cam is powered before trying for any fixes. To charge the floodlight cam’s battery, you can connect any micro-USB charger to the battery charging slot.

Both the red and green lights will illuminate when charging is in process. When the battery light glows solid green, it’s a sign that your battery is fully charged.

Re-install the fully charged battery in the camera to see if it now connects; otherwise, head for the next steps. 

Make Sure Using 2.4GHz Internet Connection

connected to 2.4 GHZ Network

The majority of contemporary routers feature two bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. However, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is the only band supported by most Ring devices, including the Ring floodlight cam.

Your Ring app will not function if your network uses the 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum since it can’t connect to your Ring devices.

Verify your router’s operation on a supported Wi-Fi frequency by checking the manual that came with the device.

Re-install The Ring App

The Ring application file could be damaged if none of the above-mentioned suggestions have helped your floodlight cam go offline.

To fix the problem, you must delete and re-install the program. To prevent the data from damaging the software again, you must first clear your cache before re-installing it.

Open the Ring app after installation, sign in to your Ring account, and verify that everything is alright and your camera device is online.

Configure the Ring Camera to the New SSID

If your network SSID were altered due to network upgradation, you would have to reconfigure network settings for the Ring Floodlight cam.

Once you reconnect the device to your router using new data, the floodlight cam will recognize the network and automatically connect the next time.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Network

To optimize your router’s performance and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network, place it a few feet away from the device and reduce the number of physical obstacles between the router and the camera.

Also, remember that for cameras to work with your network, it has to be set to the 2.4GHz frequency mode.

To change channels, please refer to the user manual for your router. Additionally, you might need a sufficient broadband connection at home; if this is the case, you may need to update your broadband plan.

Reboot Your Ring cameras

Try restarting the device in the Ring app if your Ring floodlight is still offline. Using this method won’t result in any information loss on your Ring account.

So, you can quickly refresh the device using this step, and hopefully, it won’t have connectivity issues post that.

How To Troubleshoot Your Ring Camera?

Software bugs or errors cause many of the problems associated with Ring devices. Consequently, a good factory reset is the quickest fix for them. So, to troubleshoot your Ring Camera, you can reset it. You can follow the steps given below to factory reset your Floodlight Cam.

Firstly, check to see if the camera is on. Then you must firmly hold and press the reset button on the front of the device.

When you let go of the switch, the status light on the bottom should start to flash. This is a sign that the camera is restarting or being reset.

It’s now time to restore the camera to its default settings.

You’ll need to set the camera up again from scratch when it has been reset. You must utilize the Ring app to reconnect the gadget to your Wi-Fi network. 

What to Do If None of These Methods Work?

If you followed all the instructions above but are still trying to troubleshoot, your Floodlight cam is offline. Your device might have an internal issue, or your device might have a technical difficulty that you cannot resolve on your own.

As a result, you should get in touch with Ring customer support and ask for assistance. Try detailing the issue you’re having and mentioning that you’ve exhausted all other options, and then take care to adhere to their directions.

Those who wish to convey their issue on-call directly can reach their customer service representatives at 00 1 310-929-7085. You may also visit their website and use the live chat feature to discuss your problem with a chat assistance robot.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have figured out that your Ring floodlight camera might be going offline and showing inconsistency in connection for various reasons, but internet outages are the biggest culprit. So, whenever you encounter a problem with your floodlight cam or other Ring devices, immediately check that the internet speed is reliable and power connections are stable.

In most cases, you can troubleshoot by following the given instructions and will resolve it without seeking assistance from customer service. However, it’s not a hassle to call or send them mail whenever the situation doesn’t look self-curable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How long do Ring Floodlights last?

Ring states that floodlight cam LEDs can run upto tens of thousands of hours or around 20 years. Although the bulbs are said to last up to 20 years, once they burn out, there is no way to replace them. In other words, a brand-new fixture is required. Ring announced that it would repair the fixture for free, but you will still need to remove the old fixture and put in the new one, and there’s no possibility of just replacing the bulb. 

Can Ring Floodlights work without Wi-Fi?

It’s very common that the Ring Floodlight Cam cannot function without Wi-Fi, and the Ring app must be connected to the internet, too, to use the device’s smart capabilities. To utilize the Ring camera’s different functionalities, you must connect it to a fast enough Wi-Fi network. If the Floodlight Cam is not linked to Wi-Fi, it will not detect movements or automatically turn on lights.

Does Ring Floodlight work on 5ghz?

Some Ring devices may operate on both 2.4 and 5 GHz wavelengths and are referred to as ‘dual-band’ gadgets. However, Ring Floodlight cam is not one of them. A 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network is necessary for the correct functioning of the floodlight cam. According to the Ring website, 2.4 GHz has a greater range than 5 GHz, which is why the Floodlight Cam only supports that frequency.

Can you leave Ring Floodlight on?

You can, but you should not, as Ring’s flood lights turn on by default when it senses motion or gets dark outside. Additionally, the lights and camera may be scheduled individually; this can be altered too, as per the specific requirements. For example, the lights may be configured to constantly stay on throughout the night, independent of movement sensors’ detection, or be switched off completely.

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