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A ring chime, or simply a doorbell, is a common household appliance that has largely changed over time. Now, most homes have smart ring chimes, but some still prefer the mechanical ones. Regardless of their type, people expect the ring chimes to last very long. 

If Your ring chime is not ringing, it might be due to wires are not properly plugged in or it is having problem connecting connecting to the network.

Interestingly, these chimes often have a very long life.

Yet, they might malfunction at times. One major yet easily resolvable issue with most ring chimes is that they suddenly go silent.

You’re at the right place if a silent ring chime is bothering you lately. Let’s end your search for an answer to the question you’ve been asking everyone, i.e., why is my ring chime not ringing. 

The good news is, you can easily fix a ring chime not ringing. But, you first need to know the reasons behind its silence or if you have problem with doorbell itself like ring doorbell not ringing, keep reading!

How To Fix Ring Chime Not Ringing?

Whether you’ve got a mechanical ring chime or a smart one, there could be plenty of reasons behind its silence.

Given below are some of the most common reasons that lead to ring chime not ringing:

1. Disconnected Wires Or Broken Circuit 

This is one of the most common reasons behind a silent ring chime. Typical doorbells consist of different components.

You’ve to fit some of these components outside the house while the others are inside. No matter where you fit all these ring chime parts, they are all connected in a specific way. This specific connection allows the bell to function.

Even in the most advanced of the ring chimes, simple copper wires help make this connection.

These wires are often covered in an insulating sheet and are hardly ever disturbed. Yet, they are likely to wear out with time.

Once you’ve used it enough, these wires might even break or disconnect from one another.

Such a disconnection between the wires, no matter how minor, leads the bell’s circuit to break. This ends in the bell’s outer and inner components losing their connection, resulting in a silent ring chime.

If your ring chime seems fine but doesn’t ring, it could be because of the loosened wires. Try tightening the circuit to regain your doorbell’s functionality.

2. Ring Chime’s Internal Damage

Apart from the outer circuit, your ring chime’s working also depends on its inner components and connectivity. With time and excessive usage, your chime might break from inside.

Often, the wiring inside the worn-out chimes gets rusty and breaks, resulting in a silent chime. 

While it’s often hard to repair the chime in such cases, you can use a multi-meter to check the chime’s inner wiring for damage.

If the wires inside have minor breakage, it’s best to send the ring chime to an expert for repair. 

3. Low Battery

If you have a smart ring chime, you must keep an eye on its battery, especially if you’ve turned on detection notifications.

Most of the newly installed smart ring chimes often stop ringing when their battery dies. 

Users often turn on the warning notifications to alert them when the chime is running low on battery.

However, sometimes your doorbell’s charging dies all of a sudden. Hence keeping an eye on the battery percentage is better. 

Other than ringing issues, letting your ring chime’s battery dry may also ruin its speaker and other components.

This can result in a shorter life for your ring chime, something you’d never like. This is why you must give foremost importance to your ring doorbell’s battery

4. Extreme Weather

Even when it seems unreal, your ring chime might not be ringing because it’s exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Weather especially affects the working of smart ring chimes installed outdoors. These bells often have nothing to protect them from direct sunlight or snow. 

This is why they are programmed to turn off automatically upon detecting extreme weather. This turn-off feature prevents the chime’s inner circuit from overheating.

After the temperature gets normal, the bell turns on again.

When your ring chime isn’t ringing, you need to consider the outside weather.

If you think it’s too low or high from the optimal range, it’s best to take measures to protect the ring chime against it.

You should try installing the chime under some shade to ensure it’s working even in extreme weather conditions.

How can I fix my Ring Chime not working?

You can do that, but we suggest you proceed with a lot of caution. It’s better to try fixing a silent ring chime all on your own only if you know the exact reason behind its malfunctioning.

Also, only try fixing the issue if you know the basics of working with electrical devices. 

The below video can help you fix the ring chime not ringing. you can also view these instructions on the Ring website.

Unless you fulfill these two conditions, it’s better to call an expert who can safely fix your door chime, bringing back its ringing ability.

Trying to fix it without proper may do more harm than good. 

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