distance that a ring camera can see

People take several precautions to keep their homes secure. Our front porch is one location that can be a target for criminal activity and having additional security here can help you stay secure and keep a watch on your porch and keep track of package thefts and approaches from individuals you may not know.

A smart doorbell is a great method to increase the security of your house. Ring doorbells are a compact, smart home security gadget with a camera, a microphone, and motion detectors. It connects to your Wi-Fi and monitors what’s going on outside your door.

When it detects motion, a person, or any registry on the doorbell itself, which keeps an eye on activities, notifies you. (But what if ring doorbell doesn’t detect motion?)

Ring Video Doorbell protects you from trespassers, intruders, and package thieves, allows you to accept deliveries even when you’re not home, and gives you peace of mind while you’re gone because you can always check in on things via a live feed.

But how far can a ring doorbell see? The Ring Doorbell camera can see quite far, depending on the model that you have. The original Ring Doorbell had a field of view of 160 degrees, while the Ring 2 and Ring Pro boast 180-degree fields of view. So, if you’re curious about how much the Ring Doorbell camera can see, it depends on the model that you have. However, all models offer a fairly wide field of view, so you can likely see more than you think!

In this article, we will talk about the features such as range, clarity, motion detection etc. that are offered by Ring doorbells.

Continue reading to find out how far can your doorbells see and protect you from any break-in attempts:

What is the range that a Ring doorbell camera cover?

range that a Ring doorbell camera see

A doorbell camera’s primary function is to provide a full vision of your doorstep or pathway. You should have enough visibility from doorbell cameras to see your driveway and your road.

The ability to monitor what is happening on your premises from a remote location is essential for individuals concerned about home security.

Ring doorbell cameras can cover the range or detect motion as far as 30 feet away from the installation point.

Fully visible recordings and motion detection should be possible with well-designed versions having better resolution and range-wielding cameras and better sensors.

The functionality and capabilities of Ring different versions of doorbell cameras differ and different models may have different ranges, some models may have a range greater than 150 feet to pick up sound and movement.

How Far A Ring Doorbell Can See Laterally?

The overall field of view has a greater impact on how safe your property is from potential threats and the lateral range of doorbell cameras is an important aspect of this.

The lateral range can be defined as the width of the camera’s field of view.

Distance is neither the major benefit of doorbell cameras nor the primary indicator of their performance and operation.

Since width can show you, the whole space surrounding the entrance and patio, it is equally important as the horizontal distance as a characteristic.

Since customers are interested in knowing who knocks on their door and if delivery guys leave any stuff and ensuring that parcel is not stolen, peoples consider the lateral range of the doorbell camera as well.

The doorbell cameras with the greatest field of view laterally are 180 degrees, so they can capture your whole field of vision.

90-degree views are what more constrained cameras will provide, allowing you to simply see what is happening in front of the camera and at straight distances, this range can be further increased.

Users appreciate the broader perspective since it provides a clearer view of what is going on at the doorstep.

It is advisable for users interested in investing in a Ring doorbell to get one with a 180-degree or nearly-180-degree field of vision, especially if your yard is large enough to see a driveway and patio.

You will be able to observe people approaching or entering your property and near your doorstep, if you opt for a 180-degree or nearly 180-degree field of vision.

Inside the Ring application, you may modify the area where the doorbell camera should look for movement or activity.

The majority of the preferred and popular doorbell cameras provide this option.

If this view covers your vehicle, using a broader angle can also be beneficial. Both vehicular thefts and goods being removed and sneaked out from your porch can be detected.

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How far can Ring cameras see at night?

When it comes to ring cameras, it’s surprising to see that they can see the same distance as they do during the daytime.

But the quality of the image and video recorded by ring video doorbells during night becomes a bit dull.

So, even if you use high-quality doorbell cameras like Ring video doorbell, the quality of video and image is not that high when shot at longer distances at night time.

Let’s get a bit technical to understand the terms that show the quality of a camera.

DOF (Depth of Field)

This a photography term that decides the quality of the image produced.

It describes the area that a Ring camera can see and record with great quality and focus.

The DOF of a camera can be easily calculated by using the data such as distance, aperture, focal length and circle of confusion.

FOV (Field of View)

Field of view shows how far a camera sees depending upon the height and length span.

Here are the details of DOF and FOV of Ring Camera Models.

ModelFOVMotion DetectionResolution of Video
Ring Doorbell180 degree Horizontal180 degrees720p
Ring Doorbell 2160 degree horizontal, 90 degree vertical180 degrees1080p
Ring Doorbell Pro160 degree horizontal, 90 degree vertical160 degrees1080p
Ring Doorbell Elite160 degree horizontal, 90 degree vertical160 degrees1080p
Ring Door Cam155 degree horizontal, 90 degree vertical130 degrees1080p

How clear can a Ring doorbell camera record?

The quality of a video or image recorded or captured by the camera is influenced by the camera’s resolution.

More pixels and better detail are present in a picture or video with a higher resolution. The highest resolution available for doorbell cameras is 1080p, while the lowest is 480p.

A higher resolution camera is what you need if you want more clarity and vision ranges.

Most reliable and excellent doorbell cameras fall into the resolution ranges of 720p and 1080p categories.

In the recordings by these cameras, you can easily recognise all the important places around your entrance, yard, and pathway because of the crystal-clear photographs and videos taken by these high-resolution cameras.

The resolution also affects the camera’s capacity to display photos clearly at night and under different lighting.

You don’t want your recordings to be completely redundant by becoming tinted because sun was shining at its brightest.

A camera with a high resolution is necessary if you want to be able to view objects clearly from a distance at any time of day.

Prices may rise as a result, but many consumers will feel safer and more at ease.

Lower resolutions will still be able to observe individuals and things close to and surrounding the camera if you are worried about the vision of your patio and do not require expanded sight.

Since doorbell cameras are intended to help you identify individuals who call on your doorstep and parcels or other goods left on your doorstep, they are not particularly made for vast distances.

How far away will a Ring camera work?

According to Ring, any device linked to the Base Station of the Ring Alarm Home Security System is meant to converse with it at most 250 feet via Z-Wave.

The motion sensors in your Ring Video Doorbell are designed to detect movement up to 155 degrees horizontally and from five to 25 feet outward from the fixture.

They’re also more sensitive to horizontal movement across the detection area than vertical movement or movement closer to the doorbell.

This is why you may see the LED light on your Ring Video Doorbell flash when someone walks by, but not necessarily when they’re standing directly in front of it.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what extent is your Ring doorbell camera capable of protecting you.

Most variants sold by Ring should be able to see and capture images up to 30 feet away without difficulty. As said, doorbell cameras are not built to view extraordinarily vast distances. They are mostly used to identify individuals and objects that are at or close to your door. When employing a doorbell camera, the field of vision, or the possible width, is more crucial.

So, pick a doorbell which has a high range of vision, not only horizontally, but also laterally. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Ring doorbells capture passing vehicles?

Provided that they are in the field of view and motion sensor range of the camera and there is no lag in the response time of your camera, Ring video doorbell cameras can detect passing cars.

In short, ring security cameras and video doorbells can identify passing vehicles such as cars, trucks, and lorries as long as they are visible to your camera and within range of its motion sensors.

 Is Ring doorbell capable of recording sounds inside the house?

Ring Camera does indeed capture audio and chats, but if you choose, you may turn off the audio capability. Most video doorbells don’t continuously capture sounds.

When Ring doorbell detects movement, it automatically begins recording audio and video at the same time for up to two minutes or until no further motion is detected.

What is the typical range of a Ring doorbell camera?

Your Ring Video Doorbell’s motion sensors are made to pick up movement up to 150 degrees sideways and five to 25 feet away from the installation.

A doorbell camera can’t be precise about how far it can see, but with better camera resolution and width, you could be able to view your complete patio and pathway, which might be more than 50 feet away.

Additionally, they are more reactive to horizontal than to vertical movement within the detecting region.

You may adjust the locations and range that your Ring Doorbell recognizes and warns for depending on the range and area using the Ring app.

Can Ring Doorbell cameras record the happenings at your doorstep?

Yes, overall activities in and around your entrance are detected by the Ring Doorbell. After then, it starts to capture what is happening.

You can keep the recording in your possession for a longer amount of time if you subscribe to Ring Basic or Protect plans.

The Ring Doorbell sends a notification to your app when someone activates it, either by pushing the button or moving the device.

You can listen to, speak, and watch what is going on: thanks to the live broadcast it produces.

The footage can then be kept for up to 60 days if you have Ring Video Recording enabled.

Can I use Alexa with the Ring doorbell?

If you have any other Alexa products in your house, yes, they can be used as a voice assistant for Ring doorbell.

For this functionality to function, you must configure your Alexa to recognise the Ring.

Once set up, your Alexa will be able to alert you when someone is at your door. You may ask Alexa to show the visitor at your door on your portal or any Alexa-enabled device, for instance, if you are in your living room and cannot bear to get up.

You can now easily control your doorbell from any location using the app on your phone or any other video display device you may have.

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