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Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue [Fixed]

There are several blinking patterns and colors which shows many different reasons. The several blinking patterns can be blue spinning, upward movement of blue light, blue flashing circle, solid blue light and rapid flashing of blue light.

So, why is my ring doorbell flashing blue? There are different patterns of flashing of blue light in a ring doorbell and therefore, there are several reasons for blue light flashing in the ring-like pressing of an ordinary button, connecting to the network, booting of peephole cam, enabled speakers, successful set up of peephole cam or factory restore.

Understanding the Ring Doorbell Blue Light Patterns

Blue Light Flashing PatternReason
Ring Button Flashing Spin BlueDue to press of ordinary button
Upward Movement of Blue LightConnecting to Network
Blue circle is flashing, one second on, one second offBooting of Peephole Camera
Solid Blue lightSpeaker Enabled
Blue rapid flashing followed by white circleFactory restore
Four Blue light four timesPeephole can set up successful
Ring Doorbell Top Half Flashing BlueBad Password or After Connection to Power – Device is Charging

However, if you ring doorbell is flashing red, you can check out our troubleshooting article.

My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue – Reasons Behind This

Ring Doorbell flashes different light showing different error messages.

Lets go through the different light patterns and what they indicate.

Ring Button Flashing Spin Blue

If your ring doorbell is flashing blue spin, it shows that someone has pushed your doorbell button.

It also indicates a potential call.

This is normal and you don’t need to be worried about it.

Upward Movement of Blue Light

The upward movement of the blue light on Ring Doorbell means that it is connecting to the network.

The blue light upward movement is generally seen during setup process. However, the weak or no internet connection could also lead to this problem.

Make sure to check the internet connection in times like storm or power outage.

Blue circle Flashing 1 Second On, 1 Second Off

Blue circle flashing on and off means that the device is rebooting.

When this Blue circle flashing on and off continues for a long period of time, the device is stuck in boot loop.

In situation like this, you must contact the ring support team.

Solid Blue light on Ring Doorbell

When you answer a call or connect to the device, solid blue light is visible.

This indicates that your Ring Doorbell speaker is enabled and someone is on the call.

Blue Rapid Flashing Followed By White Circle

Blue Rapid Flashing Followed By White Circle shows on the Ring Doorbell when you do a successful factory reset.

On completion Ring doorbell flash blue rapidly and then go white.

Ring Doorbell Four Blue Light 4 Times

Ring doorbell flashed 4 blue light 4 times when the device is setup successful.

You don’t have to worry about anything in this situation.

Ring Doorbell Top Half Flashing Blue

There are two reasons for ring doorbell top half flashing blue.

The first reason is that you have entered wrong password.

The second reason behind top half flashing blue is that ring doorbell is connected to the power and is charging perfectly.

Ring Doorbell Blue Light Flashing – Troubleshooting Tips

The Blue flashing light on a ring doorbell typically means that the device is charging.

But if the device keeps flashing blue light for more than 4 hours continuously, you can use these troubleshooting tips.

Triggering Alarms

It is possible that the blue light on your Ring Doorbell would be blinking due to some software bugs. Updating the Ring Doorbell firmware usually solves all the software bugs and also updates the new security features.

Triggering alert on your doorbell by either pressing the doorbell button or using your Ring App can resolve the issue.

You can also try resetting your ring doorbell or restarting the device.

No or Weak Internet Connection

Sometimes when your ring doorbell has an internet issue, the blue light keeps blinking even if your device battery is fully charged.

When internet is down, the ring device is not able to detect battery is fully charged.

To fix this issue, you should check your internet connection and try reconnecting the device.

If you are using battery powered doorbell take the device closer to the router and try reconnecting. If it connect and start working perfectly, you need a ring wifi extender.

Contact Ring Customer Support

If the above troubleshooting steps don’t work for you, contact customer support.

There could be a technical issue with the doorbell and the support team will guide you through the diagnostic steps and find the issue without voiding the warranty.

Why is Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light?

Blue light flashing in Ring Chime shows the status of the device, same as Ring Doorbell.

Solid Blue Light – Chime is Working Perfectly

No Light in Ring Chime – Power Not Receiving

Flashing Blue light – flashing blue light shows issue with device. If the device is flashing blue light then there could 4 possible reasons.

  • Ring Chime is being setup.
  • Ring Chime is rebooting.
  • The chime is reconnecting to the wifi.
  • The chime is installing the latest software update.


The ring doorbell flashed blue light in many ways and generally flashing blue light is normal is of no concern.

But knowing that what type of flashing means concern to you and what doesn’t can give you a peace of mind.


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