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I have always been attracted to smart locks and therefore I tried Kwikset Smartcode 993 and Nest X Yale to add more efficiency and security to my home. So, did they made my home more secure? Yes, without any doubt, these smart locks made my front door more secured and almost invulnerable to burglars and intruders.

But, I also have a sliding glass door at the back of my house, you can say it a patio that remained vulnerable and I never thought of securing that door.

But a few months earlier, the burglary happened in my neighborhood and it was discovered that burglars entered the house through the patio sliding glass door.

This incident raised a lot of concerns in my mind and therefore I started researching the smart locks that can be used in a sliding glass door. I also started to find out the weak points of a sliding glass door.

The biggest weak point is that the whole door is made of glass, it can be easily broken with a little effort. Sliding doors also have a latch locking mechanism which can be easily fooled by an experienced intruder.

My research also told me that none of the companies have yet made a true smart lock for a sliding door. My mind was full of several questions; will my sliding door lock would integrate with my home security system?

Will lock allow extra automation and keyless entry? There were several questions going in my head and then I found out some really cool locks which served a lot greater purpose from the last few months.

This article is all about these 3 smart locks which made my home more secure than earlier. I would also like to recommend BDF S8MC Window Film Security for your windows, as these windows can also be used for a forced entry into your house.

This film is very tough and even if an intruder tries to break in, it won’t happen easily.

Sliding Smart Door locks : My Personal Favorite

Lockey 2500SCKA Surface Mount Hook Bolt – Keyless Entry Lock

Since I was searching for a smart lock having a keyless entry option, this lock looked more promising to me as I didn’t require any key for locking or unlocking it. And this is the option which everyone of us keep searching for in a lock, which makes our home secured at the same time we don’t have to carry keys.

This surface mount lock is manufactured by a USA company Lockey and therefore the lock is popularly known as Lockey 2500.

This lock is purely mechanical and comes with a push button lock. You just have to set up a pin lock and unlock the door and you will have to share it with your family and friends who would use the door.

The lock also comes with two keys but this is just for an added extra security in case you forget your PIN. Lockey 2500 can be easily programmed and is a great lock for a sliding door with some smart features.

This is a hook bolt style lock and is made of Nickle which makes it weather resistant. Apart from all these features, you get a Lifetime Warranty on this lock.

Autoslide AS01BC Automatic Patio Door: Automatic DIY Sliding Door lock

This Autoslide Door Lock is a lock that is really very smart in function and you don’t have to open or close your sliding door. The automatic DIY Sliding Door Lock really provides automation to your door and the doors open and closes without touching (hands-free).

You have two different options to open and close the door, you can either integrate it with an infrared device or you can use motion sensors for its automatic sliders.

So, how does it really works? The system comes with a motor, an electronic controller, and a low voltage DC supply. The box also contains two wireless push buttons which are wall-mounted and is placed on both sides of the door opening. Additionally, you can also but infrared motion sensors.

The total weight that this lock can hold is 132lbs and provides an installation DVD for DIY. The auto slide provides a warranty of two years on this lock.

If you are a pet lover and you have a pet in your home, then you can also get a pet version of Autoslide.

The system comes with a RFIF tag that you can put on the collar of your dog. Once they are near the door, the sliding door will open. You can even set the distance from the door which can be 3, 5 or 10 feet.

I really like this lock. It’s amazingly smart!!!


This lock can be your true smart sliding door lock only if you have Andersen Patio Doors or if you are planning to upgrade your sliding door.

The Assure Lock won’t work with your existing sliding doors. Anyway, if you want to get more information about the Anderson lock, you can watch the below video.

I really have never used this product as I don’t have a sliding door from Anderson. However, the reviews are good and you should really go for it if upgrading your patio doors. You can find your local Andersen dealer here.

However, if you are looking for a door lock for your front door then we have reviewed The Kwikset 909 Smartcode – Best Deadbolt I’ve Got So Far for you.

Some Alternatives To Sliding Door Locks

It’s good to have a smart lock on your sliding and front door but having some extra security is always better.

However, you can use any of the above locks for securing your sliding door but you can still use a double bolt latch to make the sliding door more secured.

Adding a motion sensor around the sliding door and windows is even better. A motion sensor can let you know about anything that crosses your door even when you have not locked your door properly.

CAL Smart Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock

The CAL Smart is a heavy-duty double-bolt lock having two lock pins. This lock is very easy to install and can withstand 1000lbs of force which makes it more durable to keep your sliding doors and windows secured.

Check out this quick video to understand how to install CAL Smart Lock with ease: –

However, this lock is not a smart lock but is a better lock for additional security of your house. This can also be used with a French door.

So, if you are really trying to make your house secured for your family then using this for extra security will definitely be worth.

Motion Sensors

I always think of a plan B and therefore I am always ready with extra security. I am using sliding door locks and even double Bolt locks but what will happen if these get compromised. How would I provide security to my family?

Therefore, I moved a step further and installed a motion sensor at my door. However, this is of no use until my locks are compromised but in a situation like that, it can be of great use. I would be able to know about any activity that would happen at my sliding glass door.

Therefore, I purchase this Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor from Amazon. I really like this motion sensor as it can be integrated with my Alexa and even with ADT smart Security Hub.

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