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The Kwikset Smart 909 Code door lock is an electronic locking system.

The Kwikset 909 SmartCode electronic touchpad contains a mechanical system called a deadbolt. It is operated by touching it just once to lock. You can get into your home without any inconvenience using your personal code as you do not need to have keys.

The back-lit keypad also helps to increase visibility. The Smart Code is simple to install as well as to operate on 4 AA batteries. Besides, it is used as the back-up keyway as Smart Key Security. And is very easy to program and use.

Kwikset makes electronic and keyed door locks for housing and business use. The SmartCode electronic lock contains a keypad that is used to open the door by entering a numbered code.

The locking system can be used by up to four separate users as it supports up to four different codes. You need to set the codes and select numbers that you can keep in mind easily. You can also switch off or on three custom features on the locking system.

It is liked because it is one of the smart locks that does not require additional smart things in your home, such as smartphones or routers. If you frequently move in and out using the front door daily, it can be most useful to you.

How to install Kwikset 909: Is it Complex?

kwikset 909

To be very true, I am not good at installing equipment. For me, it is like hell but thanks to the person who gave me proper instructions to do it.

I don’t really remember the name but I just searched on the internet and got to know the step by step process. I will go through those processes in this article.

It took me around 20-25 minutes to install it at my front door.

During my installation, I found one thing that you must take care while installing, make sure to have a large hole so that the bolt won’t stick.

I used just two tools, a Phillips screwdriver, and 4 AA batteries. The deadbolt is quite easy to install but you must take care of the motor and be sure that it fixes well.

The deadbolt is made in such a way that it can fit all types of standard door holes.

Programming Lock Codes on Kwikset Smartcode 909 Deadbolt- How it works?

Step 1

Put in an Allen into the two screws on both sides of the internal lock assembly. Then Turn the Allen wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screws. Then move them out of the assembly.

Step 2

Insert the top of the lock assembly in the door and move it directly up and off the lock.

Step 3

Push the “Program” button on the internal keypad. Then enter a four- to eight-digit code on the exterior keyboard. After that, press the “Lock” button in the center of the exterior keypad. It programs a system for a person who is using it for the first time.

Step 4

Press the “Program” button two times to program code for the second user. Then insert a four- to eight-digit code on the outside keypad and press the “Lock” button.

Do it again for a third or fourth user through pressing the program button three and four times, in that order, to program their codes.

Features That Makes This Lock Unique

The Kwikset 909 Smart Code door lock is a handy unit that makes you feel safer every time you lock the door. Below, I have noted down some of the best features of Kwikset.

One-touch locking key

This feature is one of its kind and can be very useful for you as it permits you to lock your door in a very easy way whenever you leave your house, just with your one touch.

Alarm System

The alarm system provides safety from intruders and can even give you enough time to call the Police Department in break-ins or someone trying to use enter through the front door.

The alarm activates every time three incorrect codes are entered repeatedly, and you can modify not below eight access codes along with the master code.


The auto-lock functions of this door lock that automatically shuts the door after 30 seconds.

SmartKey technology

The SmartKey technology of this unit allows you to re-key the lock in only three steps without problems.


It is one of the roles for the Kwikset 909 Smart Code door lock. It should keep you safe always you and your family at a minimum effort.

This Smart Code door lock model is the most reliable whenever it comes to security. It makes you feel good that you can keep off all intruders away from home. Some of its safety features may include


It gives you a 30-second auto-lock, and an alarm is activated after you key in three incorrect codes. Hence reduces any chances of robbery.


At any given point and the buttons are used they make a certain sound and let you know that somebody is at the door.


It is made and designed with a metal that is tamper-proof hence if someone tries to break it then it can be a difficult task to do.

Design and installation

This lock has a straightforward design. It makes it possible to choose the three different available colors i.e. Lifetime Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, and Venetian Bronze.

Its measurement and weight make it the best choice for entrance doors.

Hence installing it doesn’t take lots of your time, and within 20 minutes, you can be done. The only tool you need is a screwdriver.

Each unit is made in such a way it can fit on standard doors for it to work. The batteries are not included in this lock and require you to buy.

Ease of use

This lock doesn’t require you to have any physical key, and that makes it easy to use by your family members.

You just have to close the door and press the button provided to lock the door. The backlit keypad gives you visibility always, and all users can easily access it.


Before purchasing it, I researched different smart deadbolts to get a perfect one. But in the end, I ordered Kwikset 909 from Amazon.

I couldn’t be able to find any other smart deadbolt with the same features at the cost on which Kwikset was available. Most of the smart deadbolts were priced at $50 more than Kwikset.

The most important feature that differentiates Kwikset from other electronic deadbolts is that Kwikset comes with a motor that pushes the deadbolt to open once you enter the correct passcode.

However, Kwikset deadbolt was available on Home Depot and Amazon, I ordered it from Amazon because Amazon delivers it fast and I didn’t have to pay Sales Tax.

Check the current price of the Kwikset 909 on Amazon.

Warranty and support

Moreover, to the fact that this product is a cheaper option to the majority of similar units available in the market, it comes with an excellent lifetime warranty.

The one-year warranty on mechanics and finishes, and the electronics, and this makes it a reliable alternative to a lot of customers.

The package includes the User manual which can help you with the installation as well as to understand the Technical Specification of this smart lock.

Drawbacks of having a Digital Deadbolts

Digital Deadbolts come with keypad through which you have to set up a password and use the same while opening the door. If you are not smart enough, someone can crack it easily.

So, if you’re using passwords like 12345 or 123123, then you are making your home at risk.

It’s better to use passcodes which are a combination of more than 2 letters and not repeating.

The one question I came through is that What to do if someone spies from distance see the password? Nothing is perfect in this world, neither this deadbolt.

But if you compare it with traditional locks then you will find it more secure and promising.

The only thing that I found as a drawback, the Kwikset 909 deadbolt works on batteries which you would have to change.

However, for me, the batteries lasted for about a year so I am not more concerned about this. Moreover, it only takes 2 minutes to replace the battery.

Final Considerations

Since the Kwikset 909 comes with advanced technology, you can choose it without any second thought and protect your home and your family. All its amazing features make this Smart lock a reliable device to secure home.

These features also make it be an excellent choice for people who want to spend in a high-quality smart door that will keep away intruders with the least effort.

It got all the features that you need for protection as a door compared to others this is cheaper and reliable.

Therefore, this device is one of the best you can get without having to pay a lot, your family and property will stay safe as it is a very advanced kind of lock.

However, if you are looking for the best sliding door locks then go through out this post where we have reviewed sliding door locks.

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