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How to Make Sliding Doors Impenetrable?

There are so many reasons why people prefer sliding doors. The large glass doors leading to your house feels like walking into warm open arms that welcome you to the house. Additionally, they have high aesthetic value and make your house look more beautiful.

Then there is the issue of sunlight. Sliding doors act as an invisible wall and let in the sunshine providing natural light for the whole house. They are also quite convenient and easy to open.

However, the major setback that comes with sliding doors is security. Burglars, in recent times, have perfected the art of getting past these sliding doors.

This vulnerability makes some people think twice before opting for glass doors. This need not be the case. With some upgrades, your sliding door can be impenetrable and offer maximum security just like traditional doors.

If you want to secure your sliding door then you must go through this post where I have discussed about how to secure your home under $30. But if you really want to secure your sliding door then go through this article.

This article looks at ways of making sliding doors impenetrable.

What Makes Sliding Doors Vulnerable?

Before looking at how to can secure your sliding doors, it is imperative we understand what makes them vulnerable. Most manufacturers focus on the aesthetic value of the door as opposed to security. You will notice that most sliding doors come with latches and not locks.

They also have glass, which is easy to smash through and get past. They might even pick a stone on your driveway and smash it through the glass; it actually that simple.

Sliding doors also provide an unlimited view of the house. This makes it easy for would-be burglars to scout the house when they want to break in. So, what is the best way of preventing burglars from using slide doors as an expressway to your house?

Here are a few tips on how to make your sliding doors impenetrable.

Add Window Film to the glass

Adding a window film is the simplest solution to the most common break-in involving sliding doors. Windows films come in various forms. There are some simple options which you can easily install on your own.

There are also the heavy-duty types that require professionals to install. Glass films make your sliding door shatter-proof hence protect it from the easily smashed.

I would recommend BDF S8MC Window Film. The 8 mil thickness of the glass provides an extra thick layer to the window glass. It also does other jobs like protecting you from harmful UV rays. It is DIY friendly and comes with an easy installation guide.

When a strong object hits the window, it will break but the film will hold it in place. All the glass pieces remain on the film to ensure that the burglar will not be able to get through the door. The only downside is your door will be an eyesore. After that, you will probably have to replace your door.

Install a security pin

This is a way to reinforce the security of your sliding doors. A sliding door can be removed from its tracks. No matter how strong the sliding door is, if it can be removed from the track then it is simply zero work. So after reinforcing your door, secure it on its tracks. One way of doing this is by adding security pins.

A security door pin works to join the sliding door with the stationary one. Therefore, when you shut the door, the pin fastens them together so you cannot remove the sliding door from the tracks.

This method is ideal if only one of your doors is sliding and the others are stationary. A patio door pin made of hardened steel holds the two doors together making it impossible to move the door from its tracks.

Have a monitored alarm system

An alarm system is a sure deterrent to would-be burglars. In some cases, just having a sticker displaying an alarm company’s name on your house is enough to scare away would-be burglars. A home security system alerts you when someone accesses your house without your permission.

There are two types of home security systems:

Security sensors

They work by triggering an alarm when someone opens the sliding door without permission. A signal is sent to the alarm company. Since the home security companies monitor the system at all times, a team comes over to check out what triggered the alarm.

The noise also scares away burglars since it alerts everyone in the vicinity that there is an intruder.

I would really recommend this Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector. It can sense tampered, wired, laminate, ordinary plate glass shattering sound, comes with 10 years of battery life and you can also customize the sensor settings as maximum, medium, low and lowest.

Shatter alarm systems

A shatter alarm system, on the other hand, will notify you when the sliding door glass is shattered.

It works by detecting the sounds and vibrations made by breaking the glass. A signal sent to the home security company and the alarmed triggered.

Upgrade your sliding door locks

A sliding door comes with a simple latch as the locking mechanism. The latch has a hook-like shape, which holds on to the door frame when you close the door. Burglars have perfected the art of opening latches. Honestly, it is not a hard task and even an amateur can open a latch.

The Double Bolt Lock for Glass Sliding Doors is a good option to use. This is a double bolt sliding door lock which makes it impossible for a burglar to lift up the sliding door.

Setting up is also very easy, You have to place the locking side at whatever height you want and then place the receiver part on the door panel at the same height. When you close the door, you just have to slide the double bolts into the receiver and your door becomes secured.

However, as an alternative to double-bolt lock, you can also use Patio Guardian PDG01-W Patio Door Guardian Lock. It works as both child lock as well as a security lock.

Over time, these latches wear out and become loose. They no longer hold firmly on the doorframes like when they were new.

You can easily solve this by replacing the latches with heavy-duty locks. Currently, there are so many locks specifically designed for sliding doors. Locks are a better way to lock the sliding doors and they do not wear out over time like latches.

Armored Latches

Armored latches make your sliding door impenetrable in a number of ways: They protect the sliding doors against lock- picking, being lift- off the tracks, or thieves trying to open the sliding doors and secure the door in place.

The system is easy to install and works just like a deadbolt. It has a double locking system that withholds the sliding door firmly on the doorframe when closed. They are made of hardened steel and come in various colors. You do not have to worry about the aesthetic qualities of your doors being compromised.

Have a cover for the glass

This is a home remedy that you do not need any expertise to do it. Well, that is unless you want to involve an interior designer. Most burglars usually scout a house before they decide to break in. Having a sliding door means that a burglar can easily see the inside layout of your house.

Moreover, they can easily see what is inside the house. The same way your sliding doors welcome you home with open arms, they also welcome burglars. As a remedy, consider installing wall- to- wall curtains to offer cover especially when you are not at home.

You can also tint the glasses to make it hard for someone to see through the glass from outside. Blinds can also work well. There are also a number of professional options. Though it is costly, in the end, it is worth every penny.

You can reinforce the glass

The major security compromise when it comes to sliding doors is the glass. Some burglars may fear to smash the glass for fear of being heard. Nevertheless, you cannot rely on fear as an effective deterrent. After all, better safe than sorry.

You can replace the standard glass on your sliding door with a stronger reinforced glass. This glass is harder to break hence will offer more security. The second option would be to replace the entire door with reinforced doors. These options come at a substantial initial cost to the home-owner. In the end, you will appreciate your investment.

Security barricades or bars

The idea here is to make the door impossible to slide on its tracks once you close it. Security barricades work by barricading the door and creating a strong obstacle on the door tracks. A burglar will have to use so much strength to get it open. They are adjustable for easier installation and can fit perfectly on any door size.

This Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar is one of the most sold and highly rated security bar on Amazon. You can use this door stopped for both hinged as well as sliding door as it is adjustable. You would have to just place it right on the sliding door track.

However, I have one complaint from this security bar. It is a little annoying for me when I come from the office and this bar blocks the door. You must remember when you are leaving the house to put it on the sliding tracks of the door.

Another alternative to this is the Nightlock Security Lock Patio Sliding Door Barricade, it is really cool. There is no way that a person can get through your sliding door either it is glass door or not if you install this into your house.

Just a drill, bit and screwdriver is required to install Nightlock security lock. This product has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and also it not that expensive. You can check the current pricing here.

I have found only one drawback of this product which is the same as that of the security bar above. You would have to remove this in the day time when you are at home and when you are leaving or at night you can install it again.

However, it is very small in size and therefore is less noticeable.

You also make one yourself. Measure the length of the track when the door is closed. Cut a steel rod or a wooden dowel to fit this size. The rode or wooden dowel should fit perfectly when laid on the sliding door tracks when closed.

Now all you have to do is put them in place when you go to sleep or leave the house and the door locks. The only downside is that they can be a nuisance. You have to remove them when at home and place them back when closing.

Final Thoughts

Making your sliding door impenetrable should be the first thing to consider even before you install the door.

Though nothing can guarantee foolproof security, you can take steps to make your home as safe as possible.

The above tips are simple to execute. You can personally install some of the security features on your own. The advanced features will require some level of expertise so you will have to bring in a professional.

These are just some of the options available. There are still a number of ways to make your sliding door impenetrable. The initial cost of making your sliding door impenetrable may be high.

However, in the end, you would have saved more. The cost of the items in your home by far outweighs the money you will spend on fool-proofing you home. Besides, no one can really put a price on peace of mind. The feeling is simply priceless.


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