Ring video Doorbell alternatives under $100

Who doesn’t like Ring Video Doorbell? We all love Ring Doorbell but at the same it is also true that all of us cannot afford it as its little expensive. The subscription plan let users enjoy a lot of cool and amazing features of it but the plan is bit expensive and not affordable to all. So, here are 7 ring video doorbell alternatives that you can use in place of ring video doorbell.

But, if you can’t afford Ring doesn’t mean that you cannot have a doorbell with cool features. There are many alternatives to Ring Doorbell which are inexpensive and most of them are available at affordable cost.

In this post, we have come up with the top 7 alternatives to Ring Doorbell which are almost as smart as Ring.

The 7 best alternatives for Ring Video doorbell which are inexpensive are: –

  1. DophiGo 960P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Camera Wireless Doorbell Button Chime
  2. ZhiLiao Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell 
  3. AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell
  4. VueBell WiFi Video Doorbell
  5. IseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell
  6. Zmodo Greet HD Wireless Video Doorbell
  7. Geeni QUICKPEEK Smart Doorbell Camera

All of the above doorbells are inexpensive and are under $100 therefore, it becomes easy for you if you can’t afford Ring but at the same time enjoy most of the smart features available in Ring Video Doorbell.

See below for more information about these seven video doorbells.

DophiGo 960P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Video Doorbell-Best Ring Doorbell Alternative

The DophiGo 960P WiFi doorbell is a really cool doorbell and I really liked it. The camera of this doorbell is equipped with military night vision and this is the feature which I loved most. The military level infrared night vision enables you to see through even in night with a smooth texture without any delay.

The doorbell also features group notifications and therefore, each member of your family gets the notification and see who is at the door at the same time. At the same time, it provides you with two-way audio system so that you can communicate with the person at your door from anywhere you want without opening the door.

The another features which makes it a good alternative to Ring Doorbell is free cloud storage for lifetime. You don’t have to go for any 30-day trial or subscription plan, just connect the doorbell to Wifi and the doorbell will start storing videos to the cloud.

The DophiGo also gives a free indoor chime to their users and you could connect up to 20 chimes. So now plug your chime to which ever room you want.

The 3000mah battery that comes with the doorbell has a lifespan of 3 years’ maximum and therefore you would have to change the battery after every 3 years.

However, the DophiGo can recharge the battery from inside by using the USB cable. You don’t have to remove the battery, recharge it and then again put it inside.

The doorbell is waterproof and therefore you don’t need to protect it from cold, winter, hot or spring. It is very easy to install and therefore, you don’t need any professional installation. Even if you have an existing doorbell, you can install is very easily.

DolphiGo provides a 3 year limited warranty and 60 days’ money back guarantee. The company has a policy that if your doorbell gets stolen then it will provide you brand new doorbell free for lifetime.

However, the doorbell doesn’t have a motion sensor but it is worth buying and does its work efficiently.

The device is available at $79.99 on Amazon with no shipping charges.

ZhiLiao Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell 

The ZhiLiao Smart Home Video doorbell is very easy to set up and you don’t have to be any expert or have a broad knowledge of electrical wiring and all. The doorbell is wireless and you just have to fix it to your front porch and install the “Anyhome” App.

Now, you can open the App and go through any video saved in the device or storage or start watching the live video feed. The live streaming will be available at any time any place on your phone.

This video doorbell has a wide angle camera of 166 degrees which makes it sure that you don’t miss with anything that happens around your porch. With larger angle, you can see each and everything more clearly.

The two-way talk is another feature by which you can talk to your guest at your door without opening the door. This feature happens to be of great use especially when you are busy or tired and don’t want to go to open the door.

The feature which was absent on DophiGo is there with this doorbell and you find a motion sensor in this doorbell. This motion alerts sensor keeps you alerted for anyone who come or movers around your front porch.

The other feature that I find quite unique in this video doorbell is the availability of SD card slot. However, the doorbell comes with an unlimited cloud storage but still you get a SD card storage capacity of 64GB which is enough for the footages you want to keep with yourself and watch at any time.

Moreover, the doorbell camera comes with night vision and therefore, you can see the person at your door clearly even its darker outside.

The chime is included with the doorbell which comes already paired with the doorbell. It is also Anti-Theft protected and when some tries to take out your doorbell it becomes an alarm.

You can easily get this doorbell on Amazon at just $43.99 which makes is the cheapest smart doorbell with all smart features included.

AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell

The AUNEX Video Doorbell comes with all the features that you find in a Ring Video Doorbell, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Ring Doorbell.

The quality and clarity of its 1080p Full HD camera is amazing. The doorbell camera also has a wide angle of 166 degrees which won’t let you miss any activity that happens at your front porch.

Another feature that I like is like is the Smart Night Vision. The Smart Night Vision automatically turn on at night and with 720p HD recording you are not going to miss a single thing that happens at your front porch in dark.

When someone approached your porch you can clearly see the face of the person and then open the door. So, your home becomes more secured either its day or night.

The PIR motion sensing is the other feature that comes with this doorbell. The PIR motion detection send you the instant alert when it senses any activity around the front porch.

Two-way audio is another feature that you get with this doorbell. This feature lets you communicate with the person or guest at your front door without leaving your bed. You can also communicate with them even you are away from your home with your smartphone.

Presence of cloud storage makes it even more adorable. You don’t just get a cloud storage but get a cloud storage with unlimited space. However, you can also store videos to your SD card for your ease.

The best part is the installation part as you don’t have to run wires to connect this doorbell. This doorbell is wireless and you just have to open the App and pair it with the doorbell. Always remember to use a good Wi-Fi connection with 2.4 GHz speed.

This doorbell comes with two extra rechargeable batteries and charger that makes easy to keep using the doorbell while you charge the batteries. These batteries can also be charges by a USB charger without taking out the doorbell.

The AUNEX doorbell has a quick and easy installation process. This doorbell from AUNEX comes with 2 years of warranty and a lifetime technical support. You can get this ring doorbell alternative at just $65.99 on Amazon with no shipping charge.

VueBell WiFi Video Doorbell

The VueBell Video doorbell is a beauty with the beast. I am not just blabbering but this doorbell really has features that you won’t even find in Ring doorbell.

The doorbell is easy to install with the existing doorbell. Just take out the doorbell push button and connect those wires to the VueBell doorbell. This doorbell works fine without any voltage or power issues.

You need to scan the QR code that is present there on the back of the doorbell to download the App. The App works well with both iOS and Android. You just need to scan the QR code and the configuration starts automatically and within seconds you see your doorbell well configured with your phone.

The doorbell has an HD camera of 1080x720p which ensures that you see clearly through the video footages. The camera also has a LED infrared night vision, ensuring that your eyes can see everything through the doorbell even in dark.

The device’s camera also has a wide angle view of 185 degrees which you don’t even get with a Ring doorbell. This wide horizontal angle will not let you miss any activity that happens around your porch.

The another feature is that you can communicate with every guest that comes at your door EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AT HOME! They just have to press that doorbell button and you get an alert for it, you can start communication with your device and your guest can answer through the doorbell.

Other features that comes with this doorbell are Smart Guard Function and Multi user sharing. With the Mutli User sharing feature, you can share it with your family members and they can also have an access to the doorbell.

The device also has motion sensor and alerts you at your phone when the camera detects any motion happening around your front porch.

The VueBell WiFi Video Doorbell comes with one-year warranty with 24/7 lifetime support through in App live chats, emails and toll free number. You can get this Video Doorbell on Amazon at $119.

IseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell

 This IseeBell WiFi doorbell can be a great alternative to Ring Video Doorbell coming at a much cheaper price than Ring. The Doorbell comes with all the accessories that you require to install a doorbell, even the tools.

The doorbell provides complete HD view with its 185 degrees wide view angle. Since, the doorbell has a night vision which turns own automatically when it gets dark, you won’t miss anything even at night.

The Motion detection is the another feature that comes with the doorbell. You have the option to set up the areas around your house where you want to monitor every activity. You can also schedule and increase or decrease the sensitivity according to your needs.

The Instant Alert is the another features that alerts whenever someone rings the doorbell or the doorbell detects any motion around. If you have shared the doorbell with your family members then all of them will get the alerts instantly.

This doorbell is weatherproof, either it is scorching heat, dreadful winter or furious downpour, you can use this doorbell without any trouble.

The installation process is easy and you can either connect it with the existing doorbell wire or through the AC adapter. Use any of the option that best suits you.

With all these features, you can get IseeBell Wi-Fi doorbell on Amazon at just $58.99.

Zmodo Greet HD Wireless Video Doorbell-My favorite Ring Doorbell Alternative

Apart from all the features that a doorbell possesses the most on demand feature that everyone asks for in a smart doorbell is its integration with Alexa. Isn’t it true?

The Zmodo Greet Video Doorbell comes with a 1080p full HD camera and works with Amazon’s Alexa. So, you don’t have to open the App to see the video footage or to reply the guest at your door, you can just voice command it.

You don’t have to worry about the video clarity as you can adjust the brightness through the Zmodo App. When there is less light you can make the camera brighter and when it sunny then you can decrease the brightness.

The doorbell has unique improved Ring call, whenever someone presses the doorbell button, you get a call on your phone so that you won’t miss anyone and answer from anywhere anytime.

The another feature that is there in this doorbell is the premium cloud storage. You can see the continuous videos of the last 7 days which gets stored in the cloud storage. You can even see the flashbacks, download and share the clips.

This doorbell is weatherproof and has PIR motion sensor to keep you notified with what’s happening around. You can even set the motion detection zones and keep an eye on the activities around the parts you always want to be notified of.

This Ring doorbell alternative has a return policy if 60 days and has a warranty of 3 years. This warranty period is more than what Ring offers at a lesser cost.

The device is available on Amazon at $79.28

Geeni QUICKPEEK Smart Doorbell

Ring doorbell alternative Geeni

The Geeni Quickpeek Smart Doorbell is quick and easy to install and you don’t need any wire or power to connect it. You just have to mount this doorbell on the door and link it with the Geeni App.

This wireless doorbell is battery powered and once you put a charged battery, it lasts for 3 months. On the other hand, there is no subscription free for using any service or feature of this doorbell.

The 1080p HD Live Video recording is the another features that you get with this doorbell with 130 degrees wide angle view. It is weather resistant and works the same in hot, cold or rainy season.

The built in microphone and speaker lets you answer your doorbell from anywhere, either you are in your couch or away from your home, you can answer through your phone instantly.

It is also equipped with motion sensor and night vision making sure that you don’t miss anything even its dark outside and someone tries to take advantage of that. The device comes with chime that needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi with a connection speed of 2.4 GHz.

You can keep the chime anywhere in your house and even control its volume and select chime from 18 different chimes.

The Geeni Quickpeek Smart Doorbell comes with a rechargeable battery, wall anchors, mounting screws, a reset pin, security screw and release pin.

This smart doorbell is available on Amazon at $89.99.

What are the best smart video doorbell brands?

These are the 5 best smart doorbell brands that you can find:

  • Ring
  • Nest
  • SkyBell
  • Zmodo
  • Arlo

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