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Securing your home against criminals is not easy. You need to find out a lot of ways to deter them. The best of them is the use of a security camera system. The use of security cameras has a lot of benefits.

Here are the reasons why you need security cameras for a home?

Deter criminals away from home 

In most cases, when people come to know that they are being recorded, their behavior changes. The same happens with the criminals too.

If a burglar or intruder comes to see that he/she is being recorded, they change their mind and don’t do anything illegal.

Therefore, having security cameras at the entry points of your home can keep criminals away from your home.

You can even install a dummy security camera just to warn them, but a dummy camera has limited benefits.

Use as evidence for prosecution and insurance –

What a dummy camera can’t do, record real videos. But a real security camera can record the videos which you can use as evidence.

In the case of small thefts, the investigation doesn’t happen genuinely.

In case you have the video evidence, the thief can be easily caught, and this can even push the police for a real deep investigation. Frauds in insurance claim settlement are known to all.

Video evidence of a crime would provide enough help to an insurance company to settle your claims quickly.

Monitoring your House

If you are a parent, then you be familiar with the behavior of the teenagers to sneak out

You can know what is going around your house. It can also help you understand the suspicious behavior of the intruders before committing a crime.

Having a security camera installed would keep your mind at peace, even you are away from the house.

Things you should consider in a Security camera

There are a lot of questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing a security camera. Some of them are listed below, which would help you out in making the right decision.

What should be the video quality of the security camera? 

The primary purpose of using a security camera is to record more and more videos.

The more is the quality of the video, the more space it will take on the disk. However, a clean or less grainy can help in recognizing the criminals more efficiently.

Now, most security camera systems have the feature to increase or reduce the resolution.

So, keep all this thing in mind while you are shopping for this.

What amount of video storage do you need? 

The need for storage space depends upon at which quality you want videos to be recorded.

If you want to record the videos at 1080p, then you would require space in Terabytes (TB).

There are many security cameras that come with a motion sensor feature and start recording only when the camera detects motion in its range.

These cameras can save a lot of space, and you wouldn’t have to look for high-end storage devices.

Alternatively, you can also lower the resolution so that the same space can be used for recording more amount of videos.

Nowadays, you can also get a lot of security camera system which stores videos directly in the cloud storage provided by the system.

Most of the cameras have a DVR set up inside the home, and they use storage devices to store the videos while some of the cameras come with an SD card that is placed inside the camera where is stores the videos.

The storage capacity of these SD cameras can go up to a maximum of 64GB to 128GB.

Do you require Night Vision?  

Yes, getting night vision cameras is essential as most of the break-ins happen at night.

A night vision camera would give you a clear picture of the criminals even if they do it in the dark.

Most of the security cameras come with this feature, and you won’t have to pay extra for this.

Do you need a security camera with sound? 

Most of the home security camera come with an inbuilt microphone to record sound while others have speakers too.

The cameras with speakers will work like an intercom. I use it mostly when my kids try to sneak out of the house at the time of going to bed at night.

Can you get alerts on the phone and see the videos? 

Yes, there are a lot of security systems like Ring and Nest that provide this facility.

You can see the videos from anywhere and get alerts on your phone when a lot of activity gets observed around your house.

This feature can give you extra peace of mind even you are not at home but will also cost some extra bucks.

But if you only want to deter criminals away from your house, then you can also go for some general security cameras with a good storage capacity.

What type of security cameras you need, Wired or Wireless? 

Wired security are more difficult to install than wireless.

You have to run wires through each and every corner of the house, and you even have to call an electrician to it for you.

However, with wireless cameras, you don’t have to go through this complicated process.

Remember that you might get a security camera with more storage at a bit low cost, but running wires would be a pain in your a**.

My favorite 3 Security Cameras

cameras for home security

Amcrest UltraHD

The best-selling security system with 1644 5-star ratings on Amazon is Amcrest UltraHD.

This is a wired security system with 4 cameras, 4 channels, and 1 TB of inbuilt storage capacity.

With the Ultra HD resolution, it can store upto 12 days of continuous videos, and with the motion detector and at a relatively low resolution, it can record videos upto 60 days.

All the 4 cameras are IP67 weatherproof. The cameras have a wide-angle of 100 degrees and night vision can clearly record to a distance of 98ft.

The security system has only one drawback i.e; you would have to run wires. 

Check current of Amcrest UltraHD on Amazon here.

best wireless security camera

D-Link HD Wi-Fi DIY Home Security Camera

If you are looking for a wireless security camera, then D-Link HD Wi-Fi DIY Home Security Camera would be the best choice for you. 

This camera is connected to the internet using the Wi-Fi and uploads the video directly to the server.

You can playback your video whenever you get time, or you want. An SD card is also included in the camera for a backup.

This camera is seamlessly easy to set up or install, as you don’t have to run wires for it.

All the cameras have a single D link server set up, so even if you have mixed the cameras, you will find it in the system. It may be a little more expensive for you.

If you are looking for a wireless camera, then you must go for D-Link HD Wi-Fi DIY Home Security Camera. Check the current price on Amazon here.

 Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System

security camera to buy

The above two cameras that I discussed are good, but this camera is amazing.

You would definitely go crazy looking at the features and versatility of this camera.

The Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System comes with magnetic mounts; this makes it very easy for a person to change the angles of the camera and even replacing them.

You can buy some extra mounts and keep changing the camera places too.

The security system has a base station that receives the video and puts it on the server so that you can get it whenever you require the video footage. You can even go through the video on your phone.

The system is almost similar to the Amcrest system that we discussed above, with the extra benefit of being wireless.

Check the current price on Amazon here.

Security cameras can help you protect your home and family. It can deter the criminals and can provide you peace of mind.

Even if you are away and somebody breaks into your house, you would be able to know that and provide video footage to the police.

You would always be knowing what would be happening around your surroundings.

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