Nest is better than Arlo

Having a video doorbell fixed at your front door is becoming popular and making home security much easier. But all of them are handy and cool! However, choosing one from all becomes very difficult.

According to me, the Nest Hello is better as compared to Arlo due to easy accessibility of the recorded videos. Arlo comes with motion detection sensors and record only when a motion is detected on the other hand Nest Hello keeps recording for 24/7.

Both Nest and Arlo doorbells are good for home security but it depends on what you love! You want a doorbell which records 24/7 and makes your internet costly for you or which records only when it is required.

Or, you need a doorbell where accessing video is quite easy or where you have to go through certain procedures to access your video doorbell footages.

So, let’s dive deeper and know everything about both of them first before making a choice.

Nest Hello Doorbell

Can you set your Nest Hello to record only when it detects motion?

The Nest Video Doorbell is a security system for your home that lets you stream live video footage from your doorbell at your phone. This makes is quite easy to access all the information and there is even an option to go back to 3 hours of your time and see the snapshots of the recorded video that you might have missed.

Nest Doorbell Features

  • 160-degree diagonal field of view
  • Status Lights
  • 850 nm infrared night vision
  • Light sensors
  • -15 degree to 40 degree operating temperature
  • HD and HDR videos
  • Quiet Time
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion and sound alerts
  • Noise cancellation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

The Nest doorbell really has lot of cool features that you would want from a smart doorbell.

But, instead noting comes without a flaw! There are certain cons that Nest doorbell has and which must be considered before buying. I have, therefore, compiled the list of all the Pros and Cons that you must consider before going for this doorbell.


The most important thing that I like in this doorbell is the video quality. The small camera in the Nest doorbell provides 4:3 HD video and has 8X zoom. The 160-degree wide angle view lets you see everything that goes around your front porch.

The another video feature is the HDR video quality through which you can see each and every thing crystal clear and there is no chance of any blurry image.

The another feature that I like most and I hope you would also like is the Night Vision. This makes my house even secured at night and provides with a video quality that I never expected from a doorbell.

This features makes it so that you don’t miss anything that goes around your home even it dark.

The intruder may think that they could not be seen at night and try to break in but he will be caught just because of this awesome camera feature.

One of the most awesome feature that makes it different from others is its amazing facial recognition system. The doorbell can recognize when your friends and family comes at your door and alert you before they ring the doorbell.

You can even set up different chime for different persons and you would come to know the person the next time you hear the doorbell chime. Isn’t it cool?

The doorbell has a lot of other smart features apart from different chimes for different persons. The HD Talk and Listen is another amazing feature that comes with your Nest doorbell.

With this Talk and listen feature, you can talk to the person on your front porch without having to get off your couch. The system works as a walky talky through which you can connect with the person just with your doorbell speaker and microphone.

You can also pre-record your responses and just click on your phone what you want to ask without even speaking when you feel uneasy to talk.

The motion detection features send you an alert when someone comes to your door before they even ring the doorbell. You could know what is going on outside your front door without letting the person know anything.

The noise and echo cancellation feature becomes very important when something happens and you need to listen to the person talking. Using this features, you can cancel the unwanted voices coming from unknown sources and make the people talking clear.

This features becomes very useful in case of any criminal activity and you want to help police and your neighbors.

There is another features which is very helpful for family with babies and for them who do night shifts, known as Quiet Time. When you set this up then your doorbell doesn’t chime even when someone presses the doorbell button.

The last but not the least feature is that you can connect your doorbell through Wi-Fi which gives ease of access to stream videos 24/7 through the Mobile App. This is really helpful for those who have to go away from family for business and work purposes.

I really like this feature as it always provides me peace of mind when I am away from home. I don’t have to worry about my family safety as I can access the videos from anywhere and instant get alerts for whatever going around my house.

The pre response feature is also awesome. You can set up responses for the courier guys as when and where to keep the package for you.

You can check the current price of Nest Hello on Amazon here.


Every beautiful and amazing thing in this world has one or the other flaws with them and so does this Nest Hello doorbell has.

The Nest doorbell when connected to Wi-Fi slows the internet speed. This mainly happens due to the constant video recording that keeps on going 24/7.

Apart from the constant video streaming to your phone, the device also stores all the information which can finish all your storage whatever the capacity it will have. This overloading of information is not necessary.

The use of facial recognition can be disruptive for some of the user as the doorbell uses camera for recognising which could be a privacy concern.

Sometimes, this facial recognition system ruins a complete surprise that your friends’ may would have planned for you and you come to know that they are standing at your door.

Above are the only three cons that I have come across and if you could bear this out like me then this Nest Hello could be the best choice for your first or next doorbell.

Arlo Video Doorbell

The Arlo doorbell is one of the doorbells that uses best technology like their competitors Nest and Ring. However, Arlo is different in a way that it provides both audio doorbell and video doorbell.

First, the company came up with an audio doorbell which could be used with an Arlo camera. So, you had to purchase both of them separately, an Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo camera.

However, now the problem is solved and Arlo has come up with its Video doorbell which is far better than its competitors.

This Arlo Video doorbell costs $149 which is far less than the Nest Hello doorbell. You can check the current price of Arlo Video Doorbell on Amazon from here. The Arlo has many other features too, let’s get through the other features below.

Features of Arlo Video doorbell

  • Two-way audio system
  • Notification on mobile
  • Remote communication
  • Visitor messages
  • Quick replies
  • Motion detection
  • 1536×1536 video resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Video call at doorbell push
  • Single Microphone Array
  • -20 to 45-degree C operating temperature
  • 180-degree field of view


The Arlo video doorbell is very slim and looks sexy at the door like Nest Hello and Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

The two-way audio system is one of the best features that you can now see in almost all the latest technologically advanced doorbell. However, it has single microphone array where you would feel same as like you could talk on a walky-talky, simply means one person can speak at a time.

The another feature that really well suited for home security and that we usually ask for is the motion detection which is there in this doorbell. The doorbell comes with a single motion detection sensor and can detect a motion up to 110 degrees horizontally.

This makes easier for you to set up the doorbell where you want it to detect the motion and where you don’t need the Arlo video doorbell to detect any motion that are not important.

Motion alerts is the another advanced features that keep you alerted when the doorbell camera find any animal, people or packages in the doorbell camera view.

Other features like e-911 call service is somethingwhich is very different from its competitors. The Arlo sends the police or the first responders to your home in case of any break in and not at your phone’s location.

With 30-day recording history, you can look back and see what were the things that went around your front porch. The 30-day recording history is available with the subscription plan only but with the Arlo smart plan you can get access to 30-day recording history for 3 months free.

For most of the people, a recording history is not required. But if you really want a 30-day recording history then go for a subscription plan after the 3 moths of free Arlo Smart plan.

The 180 degree viewing angle is quite awesome and you can see the person standing at your door from head to toe. So, you get a bigger picture with vivid image.

If you are away, busy or don’t want to talk to anyone then you can just reply with pre-recorded messages. It’s the quickest and the easiest way to reply even when you are not in your home.

The Arlo doorbell can be integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant, which can even ease you to control all the smart devices.

You also get a very special feature, the video call, which you get when someone presses your doorbell. However, getting a video call is not something that I really like but it also alerts you when someone from your family picks it up. I think this is damn cool!!!

What we don’t find in all doorbells?  The built in siren is another feature that is not available in all doorbells. The siren automatically goes off or you can trigger siren remotely from anywhere in case of any beak in or suspicious activity.

So, even someone breaks into your house by either way, the sound of a siren would force them to get out of your house or they will be caught.

The Arlo video doorbell is also weather resistant and can withstand sun, rain, cold or heat.

Arlo Smart is a paid service but you get a free subscription for 3 months. The Arlo smart enable you to keep track of every movement that happens around your house so you can call a friend, trigger the alarm or call the emergency services.

Check the current price of Arlo Video doorbell on Amazon here.


I have really never come across a video doorbell like this doorbell from Arlo. The previous doorbell from Arlo was an Audio Doorbell which required the installation of Arlo camera to keep an eye on the people at the front porch.

The new Arlo Video doorbell has almost all the features and abilities that we look for in a video doorbell. However, there is one thing that I don’t like and has even become annoying for some users.

The Arlo Video doorbell uses wired installation; this simply means that Arlo video doorbell is hardwired. The wired installation can be useful for some and for other it can be more complicated as in case you have not used any wired doorbell earlier you would have to run wires.

However, if you already have a wired doorbell then you can easily set it yourself. But, if you have installed it well but still doorbell is not working then you must check your transformer.

Most of the earlier wired doorbells used to have a transformer of 10V which is not supported by Arlo. You must get a transformer between 16V-24V.

This is the only drawback I have seen in this doorbell which could be a benefit for many of the users. But for a person using a battery powered doorbell that wants to upgrade, it can be quite stressful.

Which One is the Winner? Arlo or Nest!

Here Nest hello wins!

The case should have been different if Arlo video doorbell would have been compared with other doorbells.

The size of Arlo video doorbell is a bit more than the Nest.

The echo and sound cancellation feature in Nest is of great use and helps in case of any criminal activity to get through the actual voice instead of other disturbances. On the other hand, Arlo users have reported that the voice on Arlo recording is very low.

There is something that could irritating for Arlo users, the video call for every activity that the sensor catches. But, if you see the other side of this, you will find out that it is rather nice for people who doesn’t want to miss any activity around the house.

Instead Nest Hello wins here, Arlo comes with quite more specifications and abilities. So, if your budget is not enough to get a Nest then you must go for Arlo. It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and you get instant alerts.

Overall, both Nest and Arlo are best video doorbells at their prices. You can go for any of them and you would not be deceived with their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arlo compatible with Google Home?

The Arlo video doorbell is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. You can easily use your voice to give commands and even through your mobile App.

Is Nest Hello compatible with Google Home?

Nest is a product from Google, so there is no doubt about its compatibility with Google Home. Nest Hello is also compatible with speakers which are compatible with Google Home.

Does Arlo Video doorbell have a monthly fee?

The Arlo comes with two subscription based plans, the Premier and the Elite. The Premier plan costs $99/year whereas the Elite plan costs $149/year. However, there is a free base plan available if you don’t want to go for a subscription based plan.

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