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Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working: How to Fix

Ring devices are amazing, and I personally recommend Ring Doorbell. I have been using Ring Video doorbell for years and sometimes I need to fix some problems myself that arise due to some minor technical issues, like ring live view not working. In this article, we will go through the ways of identifying the problem and then fixing it.

How to fix ring doorbell live view not working? Your ring live view might not work due to slow internet connection, WIFI not working or problem with the wiring. You must find the exact problem first and then look for fixing the problem.

There could be other issues that can cause ring live view to stop working. Therefore, you must make sure that your ring doorbell is getting enough power and there are no issues with the wiring.

Apart from this, you should also make sure that all the other features of the Ring Video Doorbell are working fine.

If you find problems with other features, you should look for other issues that might be causing the problem.

However, if you find other features working well and just have the issue with the ring live view not working, go through the below ring troubleshooting methods.

Ring doorbell live view not working – Troubleshooting

ring live view not working

When my ring doorbell live view stopped working, I was really annoyed as it was just a few months ago I purchased it and I had a lot of expectations with this ring device.

So, I researched and also contacted the customer support to understand the actual reason behind ring live view not working.

So, here’s what I found that can fix this problem.

Fixing Internet Issue

I can say without a doubt that Ring Video Doorbell has made my life a bit easy and even my home more secure. But at the same time, I have seen Ring Doorbell not working in absence of good internet connection.

This feature to cease to work instead of poor performance may sound good but it raises a lot of issues.

So, if you are seeing a ring doorbell live view not working, better check your internet connection first. Make sure that your ring doorbell is getting good internet speed.

Also, the distance of your router and ring doorbell can cause slow internet issues, therefore ring advices you to keep the distance between your doorbell and router to be 30 feet.

If your ring video doorbell and router distance is more than 30 feet, bring your router close to your doorbell to not have any issue with Live feature stopping to work.

Fixing Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Ring doorbell live view feature requires a good wifi connectivity to broadcast the video to the smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

So, when you see the ring doorbell not working, wifi connectivity should be one of the issues that you must check.

If you find the wifi is not working fine, troubleshoot the wifi connectivity. For this, log in to the Ring Admin panel and see whether it is connected or not.

If you find your ring doorbell connected, try reconnecting it again. Check our this post if your Ring Doorbell is failed to connect.

Fixing Wiring Problems

Wiring problems are one of the major problems that can cause your ring doorbell stopped working. Most of us believe in DIY and therefore we install the Ring doorbell ourselves without thinking and researching about what type of wire to use!

Ring always recommend getting the installation done by their official technicians and they use the ring wire that lasts long enough without causing any wiring issues for years.

However, if you are good at wiring, you can have a look at the wiring yourself and find out the problem. Make sure to power off the electricity for the entire house before you check at the wirings.

Updating the firmware

If you have not updated the Ring firmware, you might have to face issues with a lot of Ring features and live view not working is one of them.

Therefore, if you see that the new firmware is available, download and update the firmware. This could resolve several other issues with the ring doorbell including live view not working.

Check out our exclusive article on Ring Doorbell Firmware Update.

Have you enabled the Ring Doorbell live view?

You really do not need to enable this feature unless you have disabled live view through your ring app.

Sometimes, we do disable it for some reason and then forget to enable it. So, if this is the case and you want to check if your ring live view is enabled or not, go through the below steps.

  • Open Ring App and Tap on Device Settings.
  •  Now, choose Video settings from the list and tap on Enable Live View.
  •  Confirm when done.

Ring starts live view when it detects motion, so trigger the event and check if it is working properly. (Check our guide if your ring doorbell doesn’t detect motion.)

Contact Support

You can always contact Ring support; in case you are having problems with your ring doorbell.

They provide a 24/7 support and can assist you with any sort of issues related to ring doorbells.

Ring doorbell live view not activating: Fix in Minutes

The only reason behind the ring doorbell live view not activating is the Wi-Fi signal strength. A good and stable Wifi connection can solve this issue.

To check the wifi signal strength, check RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) under the network section.

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  • Open Ring App and Select your device.
  • Tap on Device Health and go to Network section.

Under the Network section you can see your signal strength. If you see the signal strength as poor, then the connectivity issue is the reason behind Ring doorbell live view not activating.

You can also check our article on fixing Ring Streaming Error.


If you are having problem ‘ring doorbell live view not working’ that might be due to slow internet connection or WIFI disconnection, outdated firmware or wiring problem.

Make sure you go through the above troubleshooting steps to reactivate and make your ring doorbell live view working.


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