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How to choose kitchen handles?

Homeowners usually overlook cabinet handles when renovating or designing a new house. The reason being its small size and cheap cost. We tend to focus only on those things that are essential and are in high demand. And in the same process, we also ignore the fact that these minute details can add value and character to your kitchen. Cabinet knobs and pulls fall under the same category. They are usually neglected and considered minimal but once if done correctly they can change the whole look of your kitchen.

How to choose kitchen handles? To choose the perfect kitchen handle you must go through these five steps 1) Choose between cabinet knobs and pulls, 2) Consider the style of your cabinet hardware, 3) Focus on the material and the finishing, 4) Look for the kitchen theme, and 5) Your kitchen cabinet color.

How to choose kitchen handles?

Choosing a cabinet handle might sound a bit confusing if you are new in the world of housing. But with these easy steps, you can choose the perfect and ideal match for your cabinet.

1. Choose between cabinet knobs and pulls

Cabinet hardware is mainly categorized into knobs and pulls. These knobs and pulls are further available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, etc. Both of them have different features and functions.

A cabinet knob will give you a more classic and conventional look, whereas, cabinet pulls will enhance the rich and sophisticated look of your kitchen.

It completely depends on you to choose a knob or a pull. So, pick cabinet hardware that will match your kitchen theme.

kitchen knobs and pulls

2. Consider the style of your cabinet hardware

You might want to choose a handle that complements and coordinates with your kitchen decor. For a modern and refined look, choose a simple design cabinet pull with sharp edges and more rustic-authentic look, opt for knobs. Remember, cabinet knobs and pulls are available in several options.

Knobs can now be found in various shapes like round, square, ring round, and accented. On the other hand, the cabinet pulls can now be seen in various cup/bin pulls, hanging pulls, bail pulls and finger pull designs.

style of the cabinet

3. Focus on the material and the finishing

Material and finishing are the most crucial elements to be considered while installing cabinet hardware.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are available in plenty of designs and finishes. Nickel or stainless steel is more commonly used whereas brass and bronze provide a more rustic look.

Many knobs are pulls come with oil rubbed and matte finish. We can also see them in a crystal form offering a more glossy and polished look.

knob material and finishing

4. Look for the kitchen theme

Once you know your kitchen theme and layout, it is easier to figure out further things. You don’t want to overdo your kitchen nor do you want to make it look dull. So, knowing the theme will help you decide the cabinet hardware.

A traditional kitchen with simple and smooth knobs will add a benefit to your cabinet and kitchen look. For the modern-trendy kitchens, cup/bin pulls look just perfect.

No matter what hardware, design, or shape you choose, always remember to consider the theme and design of your kitchen.

Kitchen theme

5. Lastly, your kitchen cabinet color

The knobs/pulls are going to be fitted on the cabinets.

So, it becomes mandatory to coordinate your knobs and pulls with your cabinet. Neutral colored cabinets can be contrasted with dark, antique knobs or pulls.

And dim color cabinet can go with glass or stainless steel or nickel. The color contrast will add a fun element to your kitchen decor making it look unique yet classy.

color of the cabinet

How to choose kitchen handle size?

It’s no secret that cabinet knobs and pulls are the most overlooked element of the kitchen. While remodeling or building a new kitchen, we often focus only on the things that might help us to enhance the look and feel of the kitchen and often forget about those minute details that not only are essential but are also required to add value and character to the decor.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are one of those minute details that if done correctly, will change the whole look and personality of your kitchen. If you aim to get a picture-perfect kitchen, then choosing the cabinet hardware will require a bit of your research and a lot of decision making.

How to choose kitchen handle size? Certain things like kitchen theme, cabinet color, knob/pull, hardware material, finish, shape and size, etc need to be considered to choose perfect kitchen handle size. Cabinet pulls work amazing on modern kitchens and adds a tinge of class and sophistication. Cabinet pulls are sleek and elegant and add a simple and neat look to your kitchen.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right size for your cabinet pull

Getting the correct fit

Ideal hardware is functional and durable. Whether you choose a kitchen knob or pull, always check whether it gives you a perfect grip.

The cabinet hardware must be easily fit your hands when you open/close them. Always remember to estimate the distance between the hardware and the cabinet surface.

If the hardware is too small or big to fit your hands then this might create an everyday problem.

correct fit knob or pull

Choosing the right size for your cabinet hardware

Size of the pull also depends upon the width and size of the cabinet. Larger cabinets require a larger pull. And if the width of the drawer is 18 inch or less than it, placing one cabinet handle would suffice.

For a standard-sized cabinet, the ideal size goes up to 3- or 4- inch or 128 millimeters.

If you have larger cabinets, placing two handles will make the use more convenient, or using long pulls on the large cabinets instead of small ones can make a lot of difference.

right size of the handle

If placing new hardware for an existing cabinet, find the correct size for the new pull by simple measuring the center of one hole to the center of another.

The mounting screw that comes with your hardware sometimes may or may not be of the correct size. The ideal distance is from the inside surface of the cabinet to the outside surface. Well-polished hardware will add elegance to your kitchen.

Cabinet hardware if placed too close to the hinges can make the operating process more difficult. Hardware if placed in an unusual place can degrade the look of your kitchen. Cabinet hardware if done properly will enhance the appearance of the entire kitchen.

Our Verdict 

Cabinet knobs and pulls are not now available in plenty of options. With various designs, patterns, polishes and finishing, and different size makes them more important.

Try to consider all the above-mentioned elements on how to choose kitchen handles before installing new hardware to your cabinet.


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