Why Should You Go Digital on Your Doorbells? Top 3 Doorbells-Pros, Cons & Installation Tips

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Many a times I have seen doorbells not going off because of ordinary malfunctions. For this reason, doorbell manufacturers introduced smart doorbells to replace ordinary ones. This was a smart move as it clears the worry of being woken up by loud bell rings or worse a house robbery resulting from the non-functional doorbell. Besides, most smart doorbells have an added security camera, which provides a spectacular night vision.

Let us highlight in detail the three best smart doorbells available online. we will also focus on why you should have a smart doorbell, and the pros of cons of each doorbell.

Top 3 Smart Doorbells for your Apartment

The best way to know and see who is at the front doorstep is by installing a smart doorbell. Therefore, we have come up with 3 best smart doorbells that can make your home more secure and safe.

Here are the top three video doorbells retailing in the market.

1. The Smart Nutone Model DCAM 100

Keep your home safe and secure when away with the advanced Nutone video doorbell.

The beauty of this smart doorbell is that it lets you decide who to invite to your home since you have full visual access to your front door.

This is possible since the doorbell is integrated with a smartphone app, which allows you to control the door remotely as you can see and speak with anyone at the doorstep.


  • A 2-way video coverage through a smartphone or tablet even in dim light. The 180-degree front door view courtesy of the 720p HD camera enables you to have a full view of your front Porsche.
  • The sturdy housing protection against water and debris and extreme weather conditions. Thus, it keeps on working even extremely cold or hot temperature; precisely temperatures ranging in between -22-degree F -122-degree f.
  • It has motion sensor capabilities that alert you because it’s motion-activated. In the sense that the motion activates instantly alerts you when it senses slight motion or button press and automatically sends direct alerts to your phone through the Nutone Smart App.
  • It is easy to install because you only need to connect it to the existing front door wiring installation and your Wi-Fi network you are good to go.
  • Includes night vision technology that allows to your see and takes a snapshot of who is at your door. In enables you to see a crystal-clear snapshot of the person at your door even in low light.


  • The disadvantage of the Nutone video doorbell is that you need to block out motion and heat sensors in high traffic areas to reduce the number of false alert incidences.

Always know who is at your door with the advanced Nutone DCAM 100 video doorbell series

How to Install The Smart Nutone Model DCAM 100?

2. The wireless Zmodo Greet Smart 1080p series

This video camera has unique features that include Wi-Fi doorbell, a 180 ultra-wide field of view and the best part is its dual-band capability.

See and talk to anyone at your doorstep, thanks to the advanced Zmodo 1080P wireless doorbell.


  • It has a non-stop motion monitoring through the Zmodo’s 1080P camera. The Zmodo wireless camera allows you to see clear visuals of up to 65 feet even in the dark. Besides, the Zmodo smart doorbell has advanced night vision capabilities that work by lowering the IR sensitivity in dark areas.
  • Whether you want the Zmodo doorbell for outdoor or indoor; it does not matter because this smart doorbell can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures. This means that as long as the temperature range is between -10-50 degrees, it is capable of functioning well.
  • The wireless camera works well with a voice control application named Alexa. All you need to do is to issue a command to “Alexa” that activates a live video stream of your door that has an inbuilt 256-bit processor and a 1080P camera.
  • It has a live video cloud recording once it detects any motion. The advantage of this feature is that you can receive live video motions from the inbuilt camera as well as saving them in the cloud. Thanks to the Zmodo App, all this is achievable plus there is 30-day free trial cloud recording plan.
  • The wall mounting option enables the user to mount it in any wall heights with ease.

In addition to all these benefits, the wireless Zmodo doorbell guarantees you round the clock services from the U.S based tech support and full refund guarantee if their products did not meet your taste.


The downside of the Zmodo doorbell series is that it only alerts you when it senses unusual motion only and thus it lacks the heat sensor detectors.

How to install The wireless Zmodo Greet Smart 1080p series?

3. The Eufy Security Video Doorbell

In Anker’s forefront doorbell arena is a top-notch video doorbell- the Eufy security video doorbell. The reason why this doorbell stands out from the rest is the fact that it has amazing high-end features that are to die for.


  • It has integrated camera capabilities of up to 2K (2560 x 1920 camera resolution) and high dynamic video range. To say the least, the Eufy Security video doorbell dynamic features top many conventional doorbell options in image quality.
  • It has a wide field of vision degree and auto image distortion correction capabilities that ensure the video quality is two times higher.
  • The Eufy video security doorbell has real-time respondent capabilities. This means that you can talk to anyone on the door via dual audio support. In short, you can tell your friends that you are not home even when you are miles away.
  • Another unique feature is the artificial intelligence system that points out to you exactly who or what is at the door. It specifically reports to you the exact matter, shape, size, and form once slight motions are detected.
  • The good thing about his doorbell is the fact that it has over 8 free electronic chimes included. Other than the normal ringtones, this doorbell has over 8 free holiday-themed chimes included in it.

To add, you can be able to adjust the security gadget volume to your preference levels. All you need to have is an existing 30 AV or above doorbell.


  • The disadvantage of installing this video doorbell is the fact that it needs a pre-installed doorbell for it to function properly.

How to install The Eufy Security Video Doorbell?


Installing a smart doorbell for your apartment is the best move ever as they are easy to install. You can never go wrong with the above highlighted best smart doorbells.


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