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Amazon, the mega-retailer of the decade, is the owner of both Blink and Ring, two of the most well-known home security brands. The businesses serve various industries and provide some of the greatest home security products as cameras and doorbells, on the market right now. 

Blink focuses on providing inexpensive, user-friendly home security devices for reliable usage. Contrarily, Ring offers a wide range of goods, such as security cameras, security doorbells, trackers, and more.

Although Ring products are more expensive than Blink’s, they provide more sophisticated functionality. Ring product selection is far more extensive than that of Blink too.

Of late, I have been gathering instincts to install a video doorbell on my entrance. While I was surfing through various options available in the home security market, Ring and Blink are the two contenders that stood out.

The reason being both Blink and Ring offer similar lists of products with similar functionalities at comparable prices like security doorbells and inside and outdoor cameras that can be accessed remotely using separate smartphone apps. Using both brand applications, you can watch events and receive notifications and footage.

I decided to thoroughly compare both brands prices, features, and functionalities to find a brand that serves value for money. I have put all my findings in this article.

I started with doorbells since that is what I was most concerned with, then I also looked for a comparison between indoor and outdoor cameras offered by Ring and Blink.

While it could appear with little reading of the specs and prices that both Ring and Blink offer essentially the same things, even if the items are identical, they differ in terms of capabilities and features.

Blink Video Doorbell Vs Ring Video Doorbell

ring vs blink doorbell

When looking for security video doorbells, I realized I have three alternatives from the Ring family of smart devices and one from Blink, both in Amazon’s selection of high-tech doorbells.

This was also an opportunity to distinguish between Amazon’s higher-end product brand, Ring, and their budget-friendly alternatives range, Blink. (Here are some more Ring Doorbell Alternatives)

Following is a detailed comparison of the features, design, and price of the video doorbells by both brands and our verdict on which is the best: (1)

Blink Video Doorbell Vs Ring Doorbell: Features

Let’s start with the camera resolution and recording quality. The Blink video doorbell features a camera that records 1080p HD in the daytime and infrared HD in the evening.

It features a 135° horizontal field of vision and an 80° vertical field of view and can take still pictures with a resolution of 640 x 360. In contrast, the wired Ring video doorbell records in 1080 HD during the day and in HD during the night.

However, it boasts a 90° vertical field of vision and a 155° horizontal field of view.

 So, as evident, Ring can capture feed from a broader angle than Blink.

Secondly, I will talk about the advanced doorbell features. The Ring and the Blink video doorbells can be operated via their apps called Ring and Blink, respectively, and both offer a very similar user experience. 

The doorbells from both Ring and Blink have a lot of similar features, such as two-way audio, push alerts when the doorbell is pressed, or motion is detected, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa. 

Additionally, you may tailor your motion alerts on both of them using the activity zones. In terms of advanced motion detection, the wired Ring Video Doorbell beats out the Blink doorbell.

You may use this function to mark the region in the camera’s field of vision where you wish to get alerts when motion is detected.

Additionally, each doorbell has its storage subscription plan, so previous pictures and videos may be kept in the cloud as backups. While Ring employs a built-in rechargeable battery, the Blink doorbell requires two AA batteries.

You need to hardwire the Ring Video Doorbell Wired to hear a chime when you press the doorbell. Similarly, if you don’t wirelessly connect your Blink doorbell, the only means you’ll receive a notification whenever the doorbell is pushed is via your smartphone. 

So, in terms of features, as you can see, Ring is superior in some technical functionalities; otherwise, the features are largely the same.

Blink Vs Ring Doorbell: Design

I figured that both Ring and Blink doorbells have distinct advantages and disadvantages in design.

Although the Blink Video Doorbell is slightly slimmer and sleeker than Ring’s alternative, some customers might wish for more color options than the standard Black and White ones.

The Ring Video Doorbell’s larger shape isn’t ideal, but its Polished Nickel and matte bronze versions are more striking in terms of color.

The Ring and Blink doorbells may be wired or wirelessly, depending on the person’s preference.

While a wireless arrangement may be more convenient, it may occasionally need to have its batteries changed or recharged.

Those opting for a wired connection will have to engage in a little DIY or call their electrical guy if they want the device to be mounted properly.

Blink Vs Ring Doorbell: Pricing and Availability

Price comparison gets a little tricky because there are four Ring doorbells, whereas only one model of Blink video doorbell is available on the market.

The Ring doorbell starts at $60 for the lowest model, and the top Ring Video Doorbell costs up to $500. The Ring video doorbell wired, nevertheless, edges over the lone blink Doorbell in this price comparison.

For a modest saving of a few dollars, I don’t think it would be wise to choose Blink over Ring, given the sophisticated functionality of Ring’s features.

However, Blink is a dependable alternative for those looking for reliable protection at no added costs.

Lastly, both have a monthly membership fee of $3 for one device and $10 for the entire family.

Blink Vs Ring Doorbell: Privacy Concerns

privacy for ring and blink video doorbell

I will also consider the privacy concerns associated with both brand names. Ring has a track record of failing to safeguard consumers’ privacy. The company has access to all of the client data that was once housed on an Amazon cloud server, including video recordings.

Additionally, there have been data breaches and worries that the Ring Doorbell app is loaded with third-party trackers that collect a considerable amount of private data that Amazon Ring doesn’t provide.

While it is to be welcomed that they have improved the transparency of their data deletion and privacy policies as 2020 saw the addition of two-factor authentication, representing a significant improvement in user protection.

On the other hand, fewer security flaws in Blink cameras have been disclosed; these flaws are frequently discovered by cybersecurity experts and swiftly patched with firmware upgrades.

Even so, it’s worrying when security flaws like the ones in Blink might let malicious sources take over your camera.

While the security breaches reported for Blink have been lesser, it could also be due to the lesser usage of the device among customers. Users should weigh the risks before selecting any devices and go ahead with the installation.

Blink Vs Ring Doorbell: Our Verdict

Now, coming to my verdict, which is a result of a prolonged cost-benefit analysis. As per my recommendation, the Ring Video Doorbell makes the greatest sense for someone who has already invested significantly in Ring’s other products.

For a more comprehensive security system, it interfaces with other smart lights and locks, has a broader recording view, and will function flawlessly with those other devices.

It’s difficult to overlook Blink’s choice for people who don’t particularly care about those aspects and want a dependable smart doorbell.

Most of the features in Ring are present here as well, installation is as simple, and it costs half as much.

The Blink Video Doorbell is a great choice if you’re not quite sold on Ring and looking to save money.

Blink Cameras vs Ring Cameras: Which Security Camera Systems Should I Use?

After we delved into doorbells for lengths, if you want to know which brand serves the most value serving security cameras, stay on the reading ship.

As of now, Blink supplies one outdoor security camera called the Blink Outdoor and two indoor cameras named the Blink Indoor and the Blink Mini.

In comparison, Ring provides one interior camera known as the Ring Indoor Cam and two outdoor cameras, namely the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam.

In the following section, I will examine the features of indoor cameras and outdoor cameras by both the home security cameras brands.

Ring Vs Blink: Indoor cameras

blink and ring indoor cameras head to head comparison

Ring Indoor cam is specifically made for low-cost customers and has a variety of capabilities. It may be put almost anywhere and is rather compact.

Since Ring Cam is a plug-and-play gadget, installation is simple. Like most Ring cameras, the video quality is HD 1080p.

Two-way communication, infrared night vision, and motion alerts are additional features. For video recording, however, as well as motion-activated recordings, you must have a storage subscription plan.

The base option has a monthly fee of just $3 that stores recorded footage for 60 days. Additionally, there isn’t any sound detection feature in the Ring Indoor cam.

The design of the Blink’s indoor camera (Blink Mini) is almost similar to the Blink’s outdoor camera; however, the indoor one is not waterproof.

The video resolution and battery life are the same as Ring. Additionally, it is wireless, so setting it up doesn’t involve worrying about cables.

Additionally, it provides choices for local and online video storage, just like Ring, and it can issue temperature warnings.

Comparing the functioning of both, both provide very similar features and functionalities, Blink Indoor cameras make a better bang for the buck. (2)

Ring Vs Blink: Outdoor Cameras

Ring floodlight vs blink outdoor

Now it’s time to discuss Ring and Blink outdoor cameras after indoor cameras. I will start with Ring outdoor Spotlight cam.

Active noise cancellation, a 140-degree field of vision, 1080p resolution, and a very bright LED are all characteristics. The LED lights are adaptable and may also be used with lights that are actuated by motion. The camera is battery-powered; however, wired and solar versions are also available.

The other outdoor camera by Ring is the Ring Floodlight cam. In addition to the typical Ring camera capabilities, the floodlight cam also incorporates a floodlight. These are quite useful for keeping your house safe at night. If necessary, the floodlights may be switched off.

The floodlights can also distinguish between a person or object and are motion-activated. The night vision is extremely good, and the resolution is 1080p.

Additionally, there is a remotely controllable 110-decibel alarm. It can help scare any intruders at night.

Moving to Blink’s outdoor cameras, for monitoring front or rear doors, Blink Outdoor cameras work well too. The wireless camera may be attached to walls, ceilings, and trees. A wiggle mount is also included with the gadget.

Additionally, the camera has an IP65 classification and is waterproof, so precipitation and snow won’t damage it.

Additionally, a 2-way audio capability allows you to speak with other family members. Although the audio quality is rather good, the absence of noise suppression may make it difficult to communicate during windy conditions. The 1080p resolution is more than adequate for outside monitoring.

Because of the poor quality of the night vision, it becomes rather hard to distinguish between distinct faces. The range is also not that great. A temperature alarm is also provided.

While those on a limited budget might consider Blink outdoor camera as an option because it is simple to install and has many great features.

For those who want a top-notch security features, excellent video footage, and a clear two-way communication facility, Floodlight cam by Ring is the best alternative available.

Blink vs Ring: Interoperability

I understand why somebody would think Blink and Ring would be able to work together because both are owned by the same retailer Amazon. However, that’s not the case. Ring devices are incompatible with Blink devices.

However, you may connect these devices via the Alexa app. Link the devices and create an Alexa routine in your app.

Using the routine, you may instruct your Ring Doorbell to start filming when the Blink sensors detect motion.

That’s the only trace of interoperability you can expect from these two sets of brands offering very similar home security products. 

Blink vs Ring cameras: Our Verdict

Throughout the article, we discussed Ring cameras vs Blink cameras and how Ring offers a wider range of products in keeping with the company’s mission to encircle its customers’ houses in the security of Ring devices. On the other side, Blink has fewer goods but is less expensive. Now, it’s time to make the pick.

Although my opinion is tilted in favor of Ring, I can say that although both Blink and Ring provide high-quality, reasonably priced, and user-friendly cameras and video doorbells, the decision of which brand offers the best cameras would depend on the different individual specific demands and circumstances.

For customers looking for local storage, a money-back guarantee, and affordable quality cameras for as little as $35, they should go with blink security cameras.

However, a customer looking for professional monitoring, seven camera options, professional installation, AI-enabled features, and Smart device interfaces should choose Ring home security cameras.

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