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Vivint cameras are highly acclaimed by clients and vendors in different parts of the state. The cameras provide high levels of security in residential and commercial residences.

Vivint cameras provide an extra layer of protection using 1024-bit encryption and the ability to hide IP addresses of connected devices. The clients enjoy additional security provided by the internet capabilities of Vivint cameras.

Vivint cameras provide an extra layer of protection using 1024-bit encryption and has the ability to hide IP addresses of connected devices. However, there are occasions where talented hackers have taken advantage of loopholes and hacked into the camera feed.

I researched and found out some essential information that you should know before you install Vivint cameras in your home.

How can you know if a Vivint Camera has been Hacked?

These are some ways to identify if someone has hacked into your Vivint camera. However, some these can be fixed easily, you should probably go through our this article to know how to fix the vivind doorbell not working problems.

  • Abnormal rotations of the camera. You should check the movement patterns of the camera regularly. In case you realize any abnormalities in the movement patterns, you should confirm to see if a third party has access to your security camera
  • Availability of blinking LED light or an illuminated LED light. The LED light quickly identifies unauthorized access. You should be aware of having the LED light on if you did not turn it on. Random blinking of the LED light also indicates a high chance of having been hacked.
  • Unauthorized modification of security settings. When someone hacks into your camera, you can find slight changes in the security settings. You should regularly check to see if there are any modifications in the password settings to lock out unwanted access.
  • Strange noises from the IP camera or baby monitor. When someone else gains access to your camera feeds. You are likely to catch some sounds from the camera or baby monitor. Check regularly to ensure that your home is safe from unauthorized access.

Check out the story of Logan lamb and his girlfriend on Forbes, where they told how their camera were hacked and used for spying on them.

How to prevent Vivint camera hack?

  • Use cameras with advanced security encryption. The security of your loved ones is an important aspect that you should pursue at all costs. You should purchase high-quality cameras like Vivint cameras to keep your home or business premises safe.
  • You should upgrade the CCTV camera firmware regularly. Manufacturers of the Vivint cameras are constantly working to ensure that the cameras can provide additional security. Each upgrade helps you to lock away the unauthorized access to your home.
  • Secure the home network router and camera suing storm passwords. Most hackers gain access to wireless cameras through the password. You should always update the camera and router passwords occasionally. For enhanced security, you should use unique passwords. You can limit the devices that can connect to your Vivint camera.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus software to protect your security camera. Antivirus software is required to keep the camera safe from malware and viruses that are used by hackers. Firewalls are essential in locking out hackers seeking to tap into your camera feeds.

How Efficient are Vivint Cameras?

Vivint cameras are highly praised by lovers and critic alike for the following reasons:

  • Unlimited access to feeds from your house and the premises. The user can like the camera to the smartphone or computer. The security feeds are available on the connected devices from miles away. Controlling the camera is made simpler using the smartphone app.
  • The cameras can selectively record and store feeds for fourteen days. Vivint cameras can distinguish between cars, human figures, dancing shadows, and approaching individuals. The user can select specific videos to save, watch, or re-watch, the recorded security feeds.
  • Vivint cameras are highly efficient using high-quality inbuilt speakers. One can easily communicate with the visitor at the door through the speakers. The cameras provide a broad view of the front porch allowing one to see the approaching visitors from a distance.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 for all clients. Users of the Vivint cameras get access to customer support around the clock. The clients get access to customer support through direct phone calls or emails. The support team moves swiftly to resolve any issues that are raised.

How to Install a Vivint Camera

You can opt for the DIY installation. As a DIY enthusiast, you can choose to install the security cameras on your own.

You can get directions from online video tutorials, and DIY Vivint hacks to install. But you must get some expertise to make the installation successful.

You can also go for a professional installation. After purchasing the Vivint smart home gear, you can choose to have the installation done by the experts.

The installation comes at no additional price. However, every detail is done precisely to increase the efficiency of your security camera.

Additional ways to Safeguard your Home

  • Use dummy cameras at vantage locations. You can play a psychological game on the people seeking to hack into your security camera feeds. Dummy cameras come in handy when placed in unconcealed locations. You get the chance to hide the Vivint camera at vantage points.
  • Using sensitive alarm systems. You can improve security using highly sensitive alarm systems. The alarm can provide additional help to your premises in case one has gained access to the security cameras. Check the alarm systems regularly to ensure that the system is always in perfect condition.
  • Improve the security of doors and windows. Burglars are likely to make entry to your home through the window or the door. It would be best if you sealed all the available loopholes that one can use to gain access to the house. Reinforce the doors, windows, and entrances to the garage too.

You can go through my article to know 7 tips to secure apartment under $ 30.

Vivint cameras are highly encrypted to provide additional security to your loved ones and premises.

You get access to the security feeds from your smartphone or computer from miles away. It is highly unlikely that a talented hacker can stoop so low as to hack into your security system.

You should seek additional security measures to improve your security.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Vivint outdoor camera cost?

Vivint outdoor camera comes with night vision, Smart motion detection sensors and has high resolution and costs around $ 299. It records whatever happens on your property and you can also see the live feed through its Vivint Smart Home App.

Is Ring better than Vivint?

Ring can be a better choice for homeowners who need a secure atmosphere for their children and family. They are also cost effective if you plan to get it for a long time. However, Vivint can be a bit costly as you might be charged $ 50 for the whole installatrion.

Can I use Ring Doorbell with Vivint?

Like Ring and Nest Hello doorbells, Vivint can also send pictures and notifications to your smartphone but Vivint doorbell uses 2GIG Go! control panel which makes it impossible to connect with the Ring Doorbell.

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