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Not only me but everybody loves the feeling to know that their homes are secured. But, it is very difficult to afford a $100/month security system at your home. Today, the monthly expenses have become so high that after 15 of every month, I have no paycheck left for myself.

So, to make my home secured I used some simple home security hacks and I think that I have succeeded in doing this.

The list of products that helped me secure my home with no extra expenses are:

  1. Window and Door Alarms
  2.  Sliding door brace
  3. Dummy security cameras
  4. Fake Home security signs
  5. Motion Sensing Light
  6. Door Stop alarms

Go through the whole post to know how these products can help you secure your home with just $20 each product or less.

Window and Door Alarms

Cost – $20 (approx.)

doors and windows alarms

Installation Time– 10 minutes

Windows serves as one of the favorite entry points for burglars. Open windows can be also dangerous if you have a child in your house. Children are mischievous and they could even just out of the windows.

Installing alarms on your windows and doors can let you know when your windows and doors are opened.

I bought a few sets of this alarm because my children are highly mischievous. I installed the alarm so that if any of my children open the door or windows, the alarm goes off and I come to know that very easily. There is also an option to set it at chime or alarm.

You can get this alarm at a really very inexpensive cost from Amazon here. This really does the work same as that of the paid security systems and comes at a way cheaper than them.

Home security bar

Sliding Door Brace

Cost- $20

Installation Time– 30 seconds or less

Sliding doors and windows are the most vulnerable to burglars. With just a little push and slide, a burglar can get in your home. The push lifts the door from the lock catch and a gentle slide opens the sliding door or windows.

However, it is very easy to protect your sliding door or windows from being opened by burglars and criminals. This Master Lock dual functional Door security bar can prevent break-ins through sliding or hinged doors and windows. This is even inexpensive and costs only $20.

I like this bar because it has a hard rubber pad at the top which prevents doors and windows from getting scratch.

You can watch this video to understand how easy is it to break in through sliding doors and windows.

Dummy Security cameras

fake security camera

Cost – $13

Installation Time- 10 minutes

These cameras are not real and do not record anything but still placing 2-3 cameras outside your home will keep away the burglars and intruders.

I like this dummy security camera because they appear the same as that of the real ones and even has a red LED blinking light. This light shows that you are under CCTV surveillance and the cameras are “ON”. It runs on battery and the one which I am using it lasted for 9 months.

My neighborhood had a lot of break-ins in the last 9 months but it never happened to us.

Get Dummy security cameras on Amazon.

Fake Home Security Signs

Cost- $8

Installation Time – 2 minutes

Each and every burglar and criminals do a lot of research before committing. If you be able to show them that your place is not a safe place for them and breaking into your house can even get them caught. Then, it is certain that they would not even think about your house in their sleep.

So, putting a home security sign that shows that your house is protected and secure would make them move to another one.

I always use this fake home security sign in my front yard to warn them and it really works for me. It provides me the home security needed without any monthly cost that I would have to pay for a home security system.

Check the current price of Fake Home Security Signs on Amazon.

Motion Sensing Light

LED motion sensor lighting


Installation Time- 10 minutes

With 7,124 ratings, out of which 66% of the ratings are 5 stars, this Wireless LED Spotlight from Mr. Beams is a killer.

The device is easy to install and you just have to screw it simply to the part of the house you need to monitor. You don’t need an electrician as it is an easy DIY home security product. It runs on batteries and the batteries last long enough.

The company guarantees that a battery would last for 12 months but mine lasted for 10 months only, but 10 months is not a little time.

Its light turns on whenever any motion is detected. None of the burglars need a bright and lighted house to break-in. They choose only a dark and silent house.

Check the current price of Mr. Beams Wireless LED spotlight on Amazon.

smart Door stop with alarm

Door Stop Alarms

Cost- $10

Installation Time- 1 minute

You may not think this as the best product for your home. But if you have a home in areas where the crime ratio is high then it would be a perfect fit for you. If you are a frequent traveller and you have to live at different hotels (especially women), you must consider this doorstop alarm.

You just have to place it on the ground at the closed door. If anyone tries to open it with force, the alarm goes off. The alarm does the right job for which it is purchased.

You can also use this door stop alarm as the general door stop by switching off the alarm.

Check the current price of Door Stop Alarm on Amazon.

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