7 Tips to Secure Your Apartment Under $30

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Most of the apartments are generally not secure.

There seems to be a lot of security for a non-resident in a building but what about your person apartment? Is it secure enough to keep intruders out?

Most of the apartment lacks that kind of security. If you truly want to keep intruders out from your apartment, then you need to make them believe that if they would even try to get in, they would be caught.

Here are some great tips for picking up the fuss and keeping intruders out of your apartment. All these listed securities come at less than $30.

Window Locks

Cost –  Less than $10

security locks for windows

Installation Time –  < 15 minutes

You may not have ever thought about putting some extra lock on your windows but windows can be one of the most vulnerable entry points for the burglars. If you stay on the ground floor, then entry through your windows become quite too easy.

You may put bars on most of the windows but still, you need one for the fire escape and this can be the best entry point for the intruders and burglars.

But every window has a lock on them. So, is it necessary to put an extra lock on them?

The answer to this question is Yes if your apartment is quite old. There are chances that they can be unlocked or their lock can be broken quite easily. Therefore, adding an extra lock can make your apartment less vulnerable to burglars.

You can find a lot of different types of locks but I have found out some best ones for you.

The Window wedge lock– You don’t need any tools to install this lock. You just have to put it on the window rack. Apart from providing security against burglars, you can also use it as a child security lock for baby safety.

In case of emergency, you can easily open the windows from inside within seconds.

Burglabar– This one is really awesome as it is made up of LEXAN, one of the strongest transparent material. For installation, you don’t require any tool, it sticks up with the window and works as a self-locking hinged lock.

Defender Security Sliding window lock – It is a sliding window lock and very easy to install and remove from inside. I would recommend you to use this lock only on the horizontal windows. You get 2 locks in one pack.

Window Alarm

Cost – Less than $20

window alarm for apartment security

Installation Time – Less than 5 minutes

There are no locks that can’t get unlocked or broken. It is possible that even if you use external window locks burglar gets able to unlock it. So, what would you do if your window is unlocked? Here comes the use of a window alarm.

These serve the same purpose as that of the most paid security systems. In a pack, you get 4 sensors in which one comes with a keypad to arm and disarm the alarm. So, can arm the sensors when you are not at home and disarm it when you are home.

They are also easy to install and use. You have to put one side to the window and the other to the window frame. Once your window gets opened the siren goes off.

Like paid security systems like Ring Doorbell, it will not call the police. But the siren would be well enough to let you and everyone in the surrounding get to know that your window has been opened. This will literally scare off the intruder and he will have to run away if wouldn’t want to get caught.

Check the current price here.

Window Glass Break in Alarms

Cost – $12 (pack of 4 for $30)

Glass break alarm

Installation Time– 2-4 minutes

What if your window is not unlocked, the intruder breaks your window glass?

You have a lot of options to keep the intruder out from breaking the window. You can install bars on the winds or use a strong glass film which is shatterproof. I would really recommend you to go for iron bars or a shatterproof Glass film. I use this shatterproof glass film.

However, you don’t have permission to go for these permanent or semi-permanent changes if you live in an apartment or rented house. So, what would you use then?

You must have to move to the alternative i.e, glass break alarms. I have been using this Doberman Security for the last 9 months and found this highly useful. This even detects the vibrations on the glass and warn you and even your neighbors if someone tries to break your window glass.

If you are at home and want to open windows you just have to switch it off. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Door Barricade

Cost- $30

Installation Time – 1 minute (approx.)

front door security

Either you live in an apartment or your own home, you always have a front door. You must be thinking that you always have your front door locked and so you are secured. But, this is not the real truth.

Even if you close the door and your door know can’t be turned, you are still vulnerable if you don’t have a deadbolt lock installed at your front door. But sometimes intruders can use a bump key to unlock the deadbolt lock or just kick in and enter your house.

Therefore, to make my home and family safe, I always use the Door barricade. Most of the door barricades are bolted down to keep your door closed even when someone tries to kick in. But this one pretty cool and does not require bolting.

This can be very useful to you when you don’t have permission to do permanent changes or where you cannot drill.

You can check the current pricing on Amazon here.

Check out this article if you want tips on securing your front door.

Door Stop Alarm

Cost- $7 (approx.)

alarm for door

Installation Cost – 1 minute

Door stop alarms are very useful for you if you don’t want to use the barricade. Going through the alarm route is quite good and less expensive.

You just have to place it on the floor near the door. If someone tries to open the door, the lever of the door stop alarm is pushed and the siren goes off. The siren of the doorstop is the same as that of the window alarms.

This alerts you and even your neighbors would come to know that someone is trying to enter your house.

You can get this one on Amazon here.

Dummy Cameras

Cost–  $8

camera for security

Installation Time–  10-15 minutes

Why the use of security systems like Ring and Nest have dropped down the theft? All because they have security cameras and none of the intruders want to get caught or recognized.

So, if you have a security system or security cameras installed, the intruders will think it as a high risk to break-in. So, if you could be able to make them think that your house is under CCTV surveillance certainly the risk will become less.  

Installing a dummy camera can make them think that your house is protected and keep them away from your house.

This dummy security camera looks the same as that of the real one. You can even find the red blinking light which shows that it is on and recording everything. It runs on a battery which lasts for months.

A dummy security camera would not do everything as a real one does but it would certainly keep the intruders away from your house.

Check the current price here.

Home security stickers

Cost – $8

security stickers for apartment

Installation Time – 1 minute

If you have already placed a dummy security camera somewhere outside your house, then adding this security sticker will ultimately make them believe that you have a high-security system installed.

An intruder might not be able to see the security camera but this red sticker on doors and windows can’t get unseen. Once they would see this, they won’t even intent to break in into your surroundings too.

This Red Security Sticker on Amazon is my favorite one. This goes with the security camera and makes intruders believe that they are into high-risk zone.

However, you can also get this one from Amazon, which makes people think that you have a security system installed at your home, even if you don’t.

You can also go through our article on Ring Doorbell alternatives (under $100) to get the inexpensive ones for you.


Max has been an enthusiastic DIYer for quite a long time. As of late, he's truly taken to home security, however, he has a ton of involvement with a wide range of undertakings from Home decor to Home security.

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