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Vivint doorbell is one of the most advanced systems for smart homes available in the market today. With the embedded camera that comes with this system, you may as well forget about relying on a peephole. All security systems differ in their making; they can run on batteries or they can be hardwired.

Vivint Doorbell is a truly wireless device and you don’t need to drill any hole to get it hardwired. The doorbell has a battery which can be easily replaced by taking out the old batteries which is beneath the sensor and replacing it with two CR2032 batteries.

The battery is quite reliable, and in most cases, it can last between three to five years. The homeowner is notified anytime the battery runs low. However, using electricity is better to minimize the risk of the system shutting down after draining of the battery.

Your house’s front door is considerably one of the essential parts of your home. It is the part through which people get in and out of the house. Anyone who approaches your house; whether a visitor or family member they need the front door to get in. This implies that you need a perfect system in place to keep track of whatever is happening on your doorstep.

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Vivint makes use of high quality technology to connect their doorbell system to a cellular network and the central security system. There is a free mobile App that easily integrates the system with the smartphone. This enables to watch what is going on at the doorstep. It also let us to communicate in real time with whoever shows up at the door.

Features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera

Unlike other cameras in the market, the Vivint doorbell camera comes with high quality features. The most significant features of the device include:

  • Day and Night Vision – Most of the doorbell cameras out there give clear images and videos during the day. However, the camera used in the Vivint security system offers a vivid view even at night. Therefore, you can see anyone approaching the house 24/7. Two LED sensors produce infrared vision at night. Infrared vision is less visible, especially when recording, to people who approaches the house during the night.
  • Zoom in – Pinch to Zoom in is possible on the system, allowing the users to have a closer look at what is happening at the door.
  • The 180-degree lens allow user to see the full front porch, including the doorstep.
  • Notifications – The Vivint Smart Home App when connected with the camera provides notifications using the doorbell chimes anytime someone is coming towards the door. This App is one of the highly rated security apps with 4.6 and 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store and Apple store respectively.
  • Video recording – The camera can capture, record, and store the footage of each and every activity that happens at the door.
  • Two-way talk and One-way video – You can see who is at your door anytime, regardless of your location. Additionally, the in-built speakers and microphone on your mobile device enables you to talk in real-time with the person at your door.
  • Smart Lock Integration – This feature allows you to lock and unlock your door for strangers or people you don’t want to meet. You can also use it to open or close garage door.
  • Voice Command – The system integrates with smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling it to receive and interpret voice commands.

Why is this System Worthwhile?

Without a security system in place, your home stands a 300% chance of being burglarised. Investing in Vivint’s home security system protects your family and your property, and allows you to enjoy the Home Automation services that come with it.

There are several resons that explains why you need a security camera at home. You must first know how important security cameras are to you before getting one for your family security!

Some of the perks that come with the package include: –

  • Professional expertise in the installation process.
  • 24/7 reliable customer service.
  • A free consultation is done at your home to ensure that the system satisfies your need and the home occupants understand how to operate it.
  • There is round the clock monitoring of the system by experts from Vivint Smart Home.

Disadvantages of vivint Home Security System

Just like any other product, this particular one also comes with a few of its demerits.

The price of purchasing and installing this system is relatively high as compared to its competitors. This is probably caused by the many unique features that system offers.

Its storage capacity is low, and you cannot download the recorded clips directly from the Vivint Doorbell Camera onto an SD card. Back-up of the video footages should be done regularly to avoid losing them.

The camera only has 720p HD, which is less than the standard 1080p HD. Although, you can zoon in and enjoy a 180 degrees of field view, the images produced by the camera are not as clear as expected.

Therefore, this is not the device for anyone looking for the most precise video from a doorbell camera.


The Vivint Home Security system is one of the best home security systems available in the market today. It comes with several components, including a doorbell, a camera, and door sensors.

However, the number and type of components that are installed depend on the needs of an individual household. The camera is one of the integral parts of the system, when integrated with the Vivint Home Security App, the user can see anyone approaching their door and talk to them through the phone’s speakers and microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vivint doorbell work without service?

No, the vivint doorbell and their cameras cannot be used without subscribing to their security service. They are designed exclusively to work with their monitoring system only.

How much does Vivint cost per month?

Vivnt provides two monitoring plans, Smart security service and smart home service. They come at a cost of $29.99 and $39.99 per month respectively.

Do vivint cameras work without wifi?

Vivint cameras are wireless and uses WiFi. However, if you don’t want a Wireless version then you can also go with a hardwired version of another company.

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