Vivint Doorbell not working: How to fix?

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As a homeowner, there is nothing that keeps you at peace than knowing that your home is secure. One of the best ways to do this is by installing the Vivint doorbells. At some points, these bells may stop working. When this happens, you need to fix the problem for a chance to continue enjoying a secure home.

Employing an expert will cost you at least $80 of money that you can use to do other things. But how do you a DIY in replacing the not working Vivint doorbells?

So, How to fix vivint Doorbell not working? Replacing a Vivint doorbell needs you to repair the Vivint doorbell camera. That includes deleting and reading the camera, a process that should take you a maximum of ten minutes and a minimum of five minutes.

Below are a few of the steps that, if you follow carefully, will help you save your $80.

Deleting the camera

  • Disarm the doorbell system
  • Delete the camera,
  • Resetting the camera,
  • Resetting the doorbell
  • Add a new camera device to the doorbell system
  • Replacing the whole system,
  • Doing partial replacement, and
  • Replacing the doorbell loop

Following these four steps, as discussed below, will help you gain better benefits.

Fixing Vivint Doorbell

Time: 10-20 minutes

In eliminating the Vivint camera, you need to observe the following steps;

  • Disarm the doorbell system: The first step is to check onto the camera system. From your home screen, click on the Menu button placed at the bottom corner on the right. Click on Devices, which is under the SMART HOME SETTINGS. After this, input the PIN, and now you can access the camera.
  • Delete the Camera: Tap on the cameras icon, and then the camera you wish to delete. After selecting, you should see a Delete Camera option at the bottom of the screen. Click yes to confirm your decision.

Resetting your Camera:

At your doorbell, go back and press without withdrawing the finger for at least 20 seconds. You can do this until 45 seconds are over. If the light ring turns red, it is clear that you have the camera reset.

Doorbell Resets:

when resetting, you’ll observe that the light rings with go through a series of colors.

The whole process can take up to two minutes. Once the reset completes, the doorbell will give an announcement.

You can also check on the light ring color. If it’s pursuing green, it means that the doorbell completed the reset successfully.

After the light turns green, consider holding on for another time. Wait until the doorbell gives you a tone.

During this time, the lights will be green. Doing this ensures that the doorbell undergoes a search through the panel.

The whole process should take you a maximum of 5 minutes.

Add new Device:

Now that you have the whole system in default mode, go back to the panel and click on the Add New Device option.

It will need you to repeat the process under the Smart Home Settings. Click on the doorbell camera, then press on connect.

That allows the panel to search for the doorbell.

Wait for a period between 5-10 minutes for the connection to complete.

Once connected, your Vivint doorbell will be ready for use in enhancing the security at home.

Other Alternative Measures to Secure your Home

There are other times when the problem will not be the Vivint doorbell camera. If you have your Vivint doorbell not working and the camera is good, the room might not be in good condition.

In such cases, you need to make a replacement. But that is not an easy task. You have to make sure that you purchase the perfect match of Vivint doorbell for replacement. To do an alternative, you need to follow the following few steps.

Buy New Bells

Cost $130

If you want to do good work in replacing the old doorbell, you can consider replacing them. The whole process will cost you at least $130.

Partial Replacement

Cost $130

It can be that only a few parts of the doorbell are not in a good position. Under such a condition, you can save some cash by making a partial replacement.

The only risk with this is the fact that you need to research for a perfect match that will work with the rest of the spares. If you fail to do this, the whole system might fail to function in the best way.

Repair the loop

Cost $25

It can be that the circuit is the part of the doorbell that has a problem. Under such a situation, you’ll only need to replace the loop. Remove the old and damaged loop.

The whole process of replacing a loop should cost you approximately 5 minutes and $25. That gives you a chance to save yourself some good cash.


Keeping your home secure should always be a priority. Please do not take it for granted, but rather, always take time and check through your doorbell system.

If you need a Vivint doorbell fix, you should first check out which part of the bell needs a replacement.

Knowing the problem source will tell you if you need to replace the whole system or part of the doorbell. That will allow you to learn when you can save some cash.

If you find that the camera is part of the problem, follow the above-outlined procedures.

You can also follow on the other discussed steps if the problem is not with the camera. Doing this gives you a better chance of keeping your environment safe and out of reach by the enemies.

Related Questions

Why does my vivint doorbell camera blinking solid green light? The blinking green light in Vivint doorbell generally means that your doorbell is not provisioned and now it is ready for being provisioned.

What does Vivint Fast blinking white light means? If your Vivint is fast blinking white then you don’t have to worry. The fast blinking light says that you device is being updated which is good to be more secured. You can check other colors blinking problems here.


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