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Do Ring alarms have a siren? Is it loud?

I use Ring Alarm to keep my house and family secure and every one of us, either using a doorbell or alarm system to keep our loved ones safe and secure. Alarms should have a volume that could scare off the intruders and therefore, the loudness of the alarm matters a lot while choosing an alarm system.

So, Do Ring alarms have a siren?  Is it loud? Yes, ring alarm comes with a siren in which the base station can produce a volume of up to 104dB. However, using Dome with ring alarm can provide you specific sirens that would go off, once Ring Alarm is triggered. It can also be used with Ring APP.

The above question is answered but there are more of them like How to connect Ring alarm with Dome? and How to use Ring Alarm?

How loud is Ring alarm siren?

The Ring Alarm base station can go up to 104dB of loudness, which can be adjusted. But if you think that this loudness is not enough then let me tell you, this loudness is comparable to any rock concert.

One month earlier, I went to a rock concert and after the concert, my ears were ringing. I was feeling as if the concert was still going on. This Ring alarm siren does the same, which makes the alarm more driven towards home security.

When you add Dome alarm system to Ring, it can add up the loudness to 95dB making the alarm loudness go by 200dB. This sound is equal to the sound that you hear from a subway train from a distance of 180 feet.

According to this article, published by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D, a human ear start feeling pain when the loudness reaches to 140dB. It is good to have a sound that can scare intruders.

But you must not damage your ears by this sound. It’s better to keep the siren sound to such a level that your ear can bear.

However, when you are going outside on a vacation or on holiday with your family, it’s better to keep your siren at the full. This will scare the intruders and keep your home safe even when you are not at home.

When you are going to have an Alarm system for your home, it should not be pleasant to the ears. Unless it is loud and irritating, it will not drag you out of your bed.

Using, Ring Alarm system, the company has shown how they can scare off the intruders just placing a 104dB siren in the device.

Connecting Dome Siren to Ring

Dome siren comes with Z wave certification, which means it can connect and work with all Z wave certified devices. Therefore, it can connect with your Ring App.

Before connecting your dome to Ring App, update the App and also tell the people using the shared feature to update the App.

It is very simple to connect dome siren to ring. Open the side menu on the App and click on “set up a device”. Select “security devices” and click on “siren >> Dome Siren” and then click on “Ready”. Your device is now ready to connect to “Dome Siren”.

Now open the back cover of the Dome Siren and then click on the “Next” on the App screen. Turn on the siren by removing the battery tabs. You just have to tap on the “Add” button and the base station will find the Dome siren automatically.

Tap on the “Done” button to finish the device configuration settings.

However, if you want to change the Dome Siren name or siren sound for different rooms, go to device profile settings and change as per your need.

Once your Dome siren is set up, you can place it anywhere in your room. The dome siren comes at $30 excluding your Ring Alarm kit, but it is a good choice with 3 different volume settings and 11 different chimes to get alerts.

If you are away from home and your siren goes off, you would definitely get a call from the local police department and even they can go for checking out your house.

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Why siren is a Good Security Add On for a house?

There was a time when I never thought of using an Alarm to secure my house. But a burglar attempt at my sister’s house changed my thinking. Only because she had alarm security, she was able to catch the intruder.

However, she should thank her neighbors who woke up with the sound of the alarm and caught the burglar.

Sirens have been used for years for many different purposes. In medical camps, it is used to warn others whereas in schools and colleges it is used for fire drill purposes. But a siren cannot warn us if it is not unpleasant to our ears.

Let’s understand this from an example. Suppose that you are a burglar or someone who saw something valuable in neighbor’s house and you go for it. You try to open the door or window and the siren goes off.

I don’t know, what you will do in this situation but if I would be at this place then it’s certain that I would run from there so fast nobody could see me. So, you must have understood, why adding a Ring alarm can be a good addition to our home security.

If you think that adding a Ring alarm can be good for your home, then I would personally recommend going for Ring Alarm system. I am using this alarm system in addition to Dome siren and it has helped us many times.

Besides, the system can keep intruders away from home, also animals. So, if you think that your neighborhood is not protected, then buying this device could be a great choice for you.

The Ring Alarm has become the best security system with the integration of Dome siren with the Z wave system. Like you, I also love my family and this device truly works for me in keeping my family protected.

Related Questions

Does Ring have an audible alarm?

Yes, Ring alarm comes with a siren that can produce as much loud sound as a rock music concert. So, if you are looking to make your home safe and secure for your family then go for Ring Alarm Security Kit, it has everything that you need.

Does Ring Alarm have a subscription Plan?

You don’t need a subscription plan to use the Ring alarm. However, getting a paid plan can give you access to previous videos and trips of the alarm, which you would have missed.

What is the cost of the Ring Alarm system?

Ring Alarm comes in 3 different kit types. The 5-piece Alarm Security Kit costs $199. The cost of a 10-piece and 14-piece security kit is $259 and $329 respectively.


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