There are a lot of people that wonder how to turn off ADT alarm system without code. The problem is, this is going to be far easier said than done. In fact, it is impossible.

Some people may try to call ADT in order to obtain a new code. However, ADT will not be able to provide you with a new code over the telephone.

This means that your only option is to wait for the alarm to go off. Let us explain.

How to turn off ADT Alarm system without Code?


As you may well know, when your ADT alarm is activated, you have a small amount of time to turn it off yourself.

This is going to be between 30-seconds and 3-minutes. If you do not turn it off in this time frame, which you will be unlikely to do so if you do not have the code, then the ADT team will call you.

The ADT team will be able to hand you over the code to turn off your system. However, you will need to give them your password.

If you cannot give them the password, then they will not be able to provide you with the alarm code. This could result in the police being called. 

How To Reset ADT Alarm System?

If you cannot turn off the alarm because you do not have the code, and you do not remember the password to get a new code from ADT, then you will have to physically disable the system.

Once you have disabled the system, the alarm will be turned off. Obviously, this is something that you will want to be doing as a last resort.

The exact process for physically resetting the alarm will be dependent on the alarm that you have installed. However, we can give you a general overview of what you need to do.

Locate the Battery Box for the Alarm

The first step is locate the battery box for the alarm. This will likely be installed in the basement somewhere close to your circuit breaker.

When you had the alarm system installed, you will likely remember where the installer carried out the work. The battery box, in theory, could be located anywhere in your home.

The next step is to remove the battery. Don’t worry if you still hear the alarm blaring. This is normal. The battery is only there to provide backup power for when the main electrical system is shut off…which is exactly what is going to happen in the next step. 

Locate the Circuit Breaker

Once the battery has been located, you can head on over to the circuit breaker. 

On the circuit breaker, you will want to find the switch that connects up to the alarm system. Once you switch this off, the entire system will shut down…if you disconnected the battery properly, that is.

Turn the System Back On

You can now leave the system off for 10-15 minutes. It should completely drain of power during this time.

Obviously, your alarm system was probably blaring for a while at this stage. Since ADT would not have been able to get your password out of you, they will probably have sent police in your direction.

There isn’t really much that you are going to be able to do about this.

Hopefully, when the system is turned back on, the system will no longer be ‘going off’. If it is, then you will need to repeat the process and shut everything down again.

You will then need to contact ADT so that they can deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Of course, you will need to provide them with some sort of evidence that you own the alarm system when they come to your property.

Contact ADT

In most cases, you won’t be able to input a new code once the system is back online. This means that you will need to contact ADT. They will then be able to send an installer to you.

New codes for ADT alarm systems can only be generated using the installer code. Obviously, for security reasons, only installers will have access to this number.

You will be able to find default installer codes online. However, ADT does not use default installer codes. Therefore, they are going to be pointless to use.

Remember, once you have a new code, make a note of it. Get hold of a new password too. This way you won’t be dealing with the problem of having to turn off the ADT alarm system without a code again…we hope!


It is a long-winded process to turn your alarm system off without a code. Obviously, you want it to be long-winded.

You don’t want anybody just turning the system off, right? Once you have a new code, you won’t be dealing with this problem again. 

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