As the world progresses, humanity continues to find ways to improve in technology that it could benefit from. Whether it’s regarding small things that could simply make things and tasks easier for you or innovations that take an entire step forward to safeguard you in different ways, technology evolves.

A very important aspect that technology revolutionizes in home security is door and window sensors.

Protection of property is very important, and as more and more time passes, door and window sensors allow people to be more vigilant and aware of what goes on in their houses.

It allows them to monitor all kinds of activity and be capable of spotting any malicious activity as soon as it occurs. For this very reason, all kinds of sensors are now available to buy for total house protection.

Sensors for House Protection

There are different kinds of sensors available for house protection that all serve the same purpose differently.

There are motion sensors that, as the name suggests, are instantly triggered in case of any motion, so if someone is caught snooping around when these sensors are active, you will instantly be alarmed.

Another very important part of home security is a glass break sensor.

While what it does is quite obvious, it is important to know how truly significant it is and how much of an asset it is to have in your house for your security.

What is a glass break sensor?

A glass break sensor basically detects if someone has broken the glass to your window or your door and instantly lets you know of it.

In case someone is trying to break into your house and try to sneak through by breaking some glass, a glass break sensor will be there to save the day and alarm you immediately.

These sensors can also be very sensitive, and of course, due to the nature of their need, they have to be.

But sometimes, they go off even when they’re not exactly supposed to. In cases like these, it is important to know how to reset your sensor, so it is active again and back to sensing as it is supposed to.

Because of the way glass break sensors work in general, they can at times activate the alarm even if there’s no breach in the protection of your house.

It is difficult to avoid situations like these, but it is also important to know how an ADT glass break sensor works so you can watch out for these.

How does an ADT glass break sensor work?

An ADT glass break sensor consists of an audio microphone that can detect the frequency of breaking of glass. As soon as it catches this frequency, the alarm is set off.

 The ADT glass break sensor is preferred by a large number of people because by triggering the alarm because of simply glass breaking, the burglar doesn’t even set get the chance to set foot inside the house and flees immediately. 

This technology allows people a sense of comfort in knowing how safe their houses are and keeps them burglar-free to most extent, but what if someone accidentally dropped their cup and the alarm was triggered? Or in any case, if the sensor was somehow triggered, even if through just a malfunction, it is important to know how to reset the ADT glass break sensor.

How to reset your ADT glass break sensor?

The process of resetting your ADT glass break sensor varies from system to system.

Some sensors have a tamper switch to them that may need to be reset. You can also simply replace the batteries or just take them out and put them back in again, and that will get your system running again in no time.

Due to these varying answers, the homeowner needs to know what exact model and make they have for their ADT glass break sensor so they can find out the exact way to reset the sensor that is specific to their system.

For different ADT systems, there are different codes available that can help in resetting your security system.

In any case, by pressing the buttons available on the ADT glass break sensor a number of times according to what model you have, your sensor can easily be reset and back to protecting your house 24/7.

These button combinations can also be found on your security system manual for instructions specific to your sensor.

It is very important to note that after any event where your alarm was triggered, whether it was accidental or intentional, it is necessary to reset your alarm. Or else it simply won’t detect any incoming threat until it is activated again.

Note: If the system is not reactivated and reset, your house will be open to any danger, and the alarm will not be set off in case someone tries breaking in.

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How to replace battery in ADT window and door sensors?

First of all, keep handy a flat screwdriver and push in the tab. You can easily locate this as you would find an arrow mark over the front panel.

Now take out the existing battery and replace it with another one. Make sure to connect positive ‘+’ and negative ‘-‘ terminals right and place the front cover as it was.

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