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Have you ever thought of opening a sentry safe without a key? You might not have but it is possible to a great extent.

But when do I need to open the sentry safe without a key? Have you ever thought of losing the key to your sentry safe? If yes, what would you do in a situation like this? All of your important documents are inside the safe and you could not open it. Don’t worry, we have got something for you.

Sentry safes are designed and manufactured to withstand any adverse situations like theft, flood or fire. They are made with ultra-rigid and sturdy material that can withstand penetrating impact.

Even though the safe is highly secure, you may forget the lock combination or lose the key to your safe.

Sentry safe locks are highly modern and unlike other locks, none of the two sentry safes has the same keys. Each safe comes with an individual and unique combination code.

It’s almost rare to find two sentry safe keys having the same engraved or imprinted key. You can try using another key but it is almost impossible to open the sentry safe with another safe key.

There are 4 possible ways to open a sentry safe without a key:

  1. Request SentrySafe for a replacement key,
  2. Use a paper clip,
  3. Try drilling to open, or
  4. Use a Nail File

Let’s get into detail using all these approaches one by one.

4 Ways To Open Sentry Safe Without A Key

You can easily open sentry safe without a key if you have the right tools and you know exactly how to use those tools to open the safe.

Here are some tools that you will require to open the safe lock

  • Paper clips
  • Pliers
  • Nail cutter with a nail file or a standalone nail file
  • Power drill

If you are missing these required tools, you can purchase them from a nearby hardware store or borrow them from your neighbors.

1. Request SentrySafe for a replacement key – The Best & Safest Solution

Requesting a new key from Sentry Safe would take some time for delivery but it ensures that no harm occurs to the lock or the device (safe).

You should have your model and serial number handy to order a key from sentry safe. You just have to grab your owner’s manual to find these details or can look for these on your Sentry Safe itself.

If you don’t have the manual, you can find this on SentrySafe website, here’s a guide to locate the safe model and serial number.

The moment you get the model and serial number, you can start with the recovery key request process. Head over to the Sentry Safe lost key request key and fill out the Key Recovery Process form.

There are three required fields to fill, model number, serial number and key (lock) number. Once you fill in these details, you have to choose how many replacement keys you want to request.

You can choose between, requesting 2 keys or 4 keys. The 2 replacement keys cost $29.95 and the 4 keys cost $59.90 plus applicable taxes.

Once you submit the request form, it will take around 7-10 business days to process and deliver your new Sentry Safe keys.

However, thinking of customers’ emergencies they do have a faster key recovery process. You can call their customer support at 1-800-828-1438 and ask for the same or the next day delivery. But this type of key delivery service is premium and costs you $50+ taxes for a new pair of keys.

I recommend using this service if you can wait for at least 24 hours.

But if you want a faster approach to open your safe and can’t wait to get keys through the mail. We do have some faster methods for you!

2. Use a Paper Clip To Open The Sentry Safe

Paper clips have always been one of the most used locks picking tools for years. But to open the SentrySafe lock you must have two paper clips and needle-nose pliers.

To pick the sentry safe lock with a paper clip, use the below steps:

  • Use pliers to bend the larger leg of the paper clip to a 90-degree angle.
  • Now, bend the shorter leg of the paper clip tip such that it looks like a wrench.
  • Get the second paper clip and bend one leg to 180 degrees and the other leg to 45 degrees. Remember that it should resemble a feeler pick and you have to use it as a handle for twisting the lock.
  • Take the first paper clip in hand that we made like a wrench, and insert it inside the bottom of the lock.
  • Now, put the second clip inside the upper area of the lock where the teeth of the key go in.
  • Grab the bottom/lower clip and twist it in a clockwise direction while wiggling the other clip.
  • Keep doing the same until you hear a “click” sound. Once you hear this sound, you know that you are in the right direction to open the lock.
  • The moment you hear the click sound, press the pins 3 times and twist both the paper clips in a clockwise direction. Your Sentry Safe will open.

Here’s A Video To Unlock Sentry Safe Without A Key

This method is not easy to open if you are a newbie and you don’t find paper clips around. If you have any trouble opening the safe using this method, try using our next method “nail file”.

3. Use a Nail File To Open a Sentry Safe

Are you surprised? You won’t think it is possible to pick a sentry safe lock with a nail file. But, it is for sure and I have done this before.

You just need to grab a nail file or you can even use the nail file that is present in the nail cutter.

Use the steps below to open the sentry safe lock with a nail file:

  1. Grab your nail cutter or the nail file.
  2. Open the nail file pointing out and hold it as you hold a key.
  3. Now, insert the pointed tip of the nail file inside the sentry safe lock.
  4. Rotate clockwise and wiggle as you did with the paper clips.
  5. Keep doing it until you hear a click sound.
  6. The moment you hear the first click sound, continue the motion until you get the last click sound from the sentry safe’s lock.
  7. With the last click, your sentry safe will open.

Usually, if the paper click doesn’t work for you, the nail file will work and open the safe for you.

But, if it is still not open, you may use the last method to open the safe. I don’t recommend using this method unless you really want to use this abrasive method.

4. Use a Drill to Open a Sentry Safe

If you really want to open the sentry safe with a drill, I want to make it clear that it will destroy your lock completely. However, if you have tried opening the safe using a nail file and paper clips and you couldn’t do it. This is going to be the last bet to try on to open the sentry safe quickly.

You will need a power drill or an electric cutting tool for using this method, to physically break open the safe.

  • Plug your power drill into the electric power source.
  • Start drilling the lock and apply some pressure as required to drill. Make sure you don’t drill to the other parts of the safe as it will destroy the safe completely and you won’t be able to use that again.
  • You can change the lock later or you can even contact the sentry safe for a lock replacement.

In case, you couldn’t open the safe using either a paper clip or nail file or drilling the lock. I will recommend going with the first method, ordering replacement keys. It will take some time but your safe will not be destroyed and you can even have spare keys for the future.

How Can I Unlock a Sentry Safe With a Key?

The sentry safe is made of high quality steel and is fireproof and this makes it one of the most trustworthy safes to keep your expensive items and secret documents out of reach from burglars. When I first bought it, I had an issue with opening the safe and contacted the support and thought I got a defective safe.

But that was not true! The fact was that I was not oprning it correctly using the key. I know most of you can face the same issue and therefore I thought of putting the exact way of opening the sentry safe with a key.

To open the sentry safe with a key,

  • Place the sentry safe on a sturdy surface.
  • Now, insert the key into the lock and turn it towards the unlock position.
  • Lift the lid of your safe to access your kept valuables.

Remember that you should only use the key when you can’t open it using the electronic lock or if the batteries of the lock are dead.

Why is My Sentry Safe Not Opening With Key?

You sentry safe may not open if you are turning the key in the wrong direction to open the safe. To open the lock with a key, slip it inside the lock and turn the key in anti-clockwise direction. If the lock is still not opening, the damaged tumblers could be the reason.

Contact sentry safe by sending them a mail or call them for the resolution of this issue.

My Sentry Safe Handle is Stuck, What Should I DO?

If your sentry safe handle is stuck, you should push the door to release the stress and then turn the jammed handle.

Sometimes, when we put documents or valuables inside the safe some part of that could get stuck between the safe door, putting a lot of stress on the door. A little inward push on the door allow the pins to move freely.


Opening a sentry safe without a key is possible but you must go with placing a replacement key with Sentry Safe as it is the best method to open your sentry safe without causing any harm to the safe and I do recommend using this unless it’s really urgent to break open the safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is my sentry safe key not working?

If your sentry safe key is not working and you are using the right key, it could possibly be debris caught inside the lock. But before you try anything, make sure to match the key number with the lock.

Spray Master Lock PTFE Lock Lubricant inside the lock and wait for around 10 minutes to let the debris clear. Now, attempt to open the safe using the key and the lock will get open.

How many digits is the Sentry Safe code?

Sentry safe locks usually have five digit code. However, you can change the factory code and program another code you wish to use.

Are all sentry safe keys the same?

No, all the sentry safe locks are designed to be unique and have a unique key or code to open the safe. I have never come across any such news where two sentry locks have the same key.

Can I call a locksmith to open a sentry safe?

Yes, you can always call a professional locksmith to open the safe lock but they will definitely charge you for their service.

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