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Alexa has really made a lot of things easier with its features like controlling light without even need of touching the switches and several other actions.

If your Alexa routines are not working then you can check for Alexa devices using a single routine, create an Alexa routine and Add smart devices through Alexa App.

One of the important and amazing features of Alexa is “Routines”. Setting up routines is easier and once it gets set up, you get a smart home where just your voice can do wonders.

For setting up routines, you can either use Alexa App or an Amazon Echo is also good to go.

You can easily set up or modify a routine and the only thing you need to do is to tap on the routine name.

Fixing Alexa Voice Routine Not Working

The moment you don’t get a reply from Alexa when you say “Alexa, start my day, you should understand that there is something wrong with Alexa Routines and you need to fix the issue.

There are three ways by which you can fix the Alexa Voice not working issue.

Way 1-Fixing Alexa Voice Not working

Do you have multiple Alexa devices at your home? If yes, then start with a search on what routines are attached to which device. It is always recommended not to use a single routine with multiple devices.

However, if you have just one Alexa device then download the Alexa App and start with setting up the routines for every single device that can be integrated with Alexa.

Way 2- Fixing Alexa Voice Routine not working

Another way to solve Alexa routine issue is to set up routine for the devices again. For this, you can go through the below step by step set up guide.

Creating Alexa Routine

  • Open the Downloaded Alexa App and open Menu.
  • Now, choose Routines and click on create Routines.
  • Select “When this happens”, will create a trigger for the event.
  • Select from the two options- “When you say something” and “At Schedule Time”.
  • Enabling “When you say something”
    • Click on + sign and add the phrase “Alexa, Good Morning” and click on Done.
    • Pick an action from the list of actions like Music, News, Traffic, Volume, Alexa says, and activate a smart home device and then select which device to control.
  • Enabling “At Schedule Time”
    • You need to select a particular time for this. Choose from daily, weekdays, weekends, or on any specific day.
    • Agree when Prompted and click on Done.

Now, check the routine by using it.

Way 3-Fixing Alexa Voice Routine Not Working

The last way to fix “Alexa Start my day not working” is to use the Alexa App and set up smart home devices to Alexa routine.

Adding smart devices through Alexa App

  • Open the Alexa App and go to smart devices.
  • Select the device you want Alexa routine to set up.
  • Now, turn on or Off the device, entirely depends on what action you want your device to perform. Then, click on Add.
  • The routing page will open and here you can add multiple routines for your device.
  • Once done with the addition of routines, click on Create.
  • Check the Routine set up with the smart devices.

If you are still having issue with the Alexa Routines, you can put down your query in comments and we will answer that ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Alexa is not making calls? If your device is not working on Alexa, make sure that you have the latest version of the Alexa App. You can even check the internet connection and make sure that you are connected to the internet.

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