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I have been using Alexa for years now and regularly keep updating my home with the latest ones as a smart home lover. A few days earlier, a got a mail from a regular visitor of and he asked me to include posts on Alexa different blinking lights. So, in this post I would be talking about the green flashing and spinning light in Alexa.

If you have an Echo device and you see a blinking green light, then you are probably getting an incoming call or drop in. However, if you are seeing a spinning green light then you are on an active call.

Alexa has really made my life a bit easier and since I have connected my smartphone to my Echo Dot, I just have to see the color of the blinking light and I know what I have to do next.

Whenever I receive a call, I can see my Alexa flashing green and with Echo having screen I can even see the name of the person.

But do you know, what exactly does drop in means? Some of you might be knowing about this drop in feature of Alexa but if you don’t know this feature, you can go through the whole post and get all the answer about flashing and spinning green light in Alexa and what is the drop in feature?

What does Alexa Drop In mean?

Do you live in a larger room and imagined several times about using Alexa devices as an intercom in different rooms?

The Drop in feature enable you to call any of your connected Alexa devices and even your friend if they use Alexa calling or connected the Alexa App with messaging and calling.

Just Say, “Alexa, Drop In on Jason” and I would be there on the other side.

You can use this Drop in feature with Fire Tablets and on the Alexa app on your smartphones.

What does flashing green ring on Alexa mean?

If you are seeing flashing green light on your Alexa device, then you are probably getting a call. You can also see the same pulsing green light if someone is Dropping In.

You just have to say “Answer” and the pulsing green light would disappear.

But since we don’t need to take up all the calls blindly as some of the calls might be from unknown numbers or tele-callers, you can use an Alexa device with the screen to see the incoming calls and then answer the call.

Another way to stop the pulsing green light is to simply say “Drop” to decline the call.

Once the call is declined, the green light stops flashing. You can use either of the explained ways to stop Alexa blinking green.

It does not really matter you at home or not if you are connected with your Alexa devices through App.

Even if you are away and you get a call, they will start flashing green and will stop after 10 continuous flashing green ring. (Source-Amazon)

Why is my Alexa spinning Green ring?

The Alexa starts spinning green ring (clockwise) when you are on an active call. The moment you hung up the call, Alexa stops spinning green.

So, if you have taken up the call, your Echo will keep spinning green in clockwise direction until you are on the call. However, if you are not on a call and you see the spinning green light on your Echo, just say, “Alexa. Hand Up”.

This will end the call and the green spinning light will stop.

Note- You can also hand up the call through the Alexa App.

How can you disable Alexa green light?

Many of us don’t like Alexa blinking light and therefore want to disable the green blinking light. But do you know how you can disable Alexa green pulsing light?

Go through the below steps to easily disable Alexa flashing green:

  • Open Alexa App and click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner.
  • Click on “Settings” and go to “Device Settings”.
  • Select Amazon Alexa device and click on communication.
  • Now, Toggle Off the communication.
  • You have successfully disabled the Alexa green light.

Your Alexa will not flash or spin green light for the incoming calls or drop-ins.


The green light on Alexa either flash or spin depending on whether you are on an active call, getting a call or drop in.

Alexa has different ways to notify its users for different notifications and so does the green light have its own.

So, if you have a question of Alexa blinking yellow, check out the post “Why is alexa blinking Yellow”.

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