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Smart Home Gadgets To Add Value To Your Home

When the internet was first invented, the general public did not know about the revolutionary changes this innovation will bring in the field of technology. From the computers, you (humans) have come to the Internet of Things.

It was in the early months of 2010, that Internet of Things first became popular in western countries. Nine years down the line, Indians have adapted to this new technology. Your home is a safe secure place for your family.

So, you need to make this place filled with appliances and items which can help your family live happily. In this article, let us focus on smart home gadgets to add value to your home. We have added some of the top picks in smart home gadgets.

Smart Home and Internet of Things

You have always connected your laptop to the internet to complete certain tasks. But now, with the Internet of Things, every electronic item in your home can get connected to the internet.

The items can range from lights in the ceiling to geysers to washing machines and even the window blinds. And the greatest benefit of all, these appliances can communicate with humans.

Are you surprised? Give us a moment. These appliances can send and receive information. Did you get a brainwave about home automation? Yes, you are on the right page.

Home Automation

Have you heard about home automation? We bet you have. And for novices, you know one or more facts about the word “automation.” It means the electronic items in your home are scheduled to perform certain tasks at specific times.

The work option can get completed through three methods. One is by scheduling the appliances to perform actions. The other two methods to do action is to push the button or giving a command (voice).


There are smart home gadgets such as lights which are less expensive. Do you have a fear of home security?

Then, you need special equipment such as CCTV to make use of 3D facial recognition technology. These items may cost more, and to install them, you need to hire special professionals.

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Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

1. Smart Home Gadgets – Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

It is, but a Bluetooth Speaker which you can connect to Alexa. Do you know the name, Alexa? It is not Alexa Bliss, WWE champion. Alexa is a name given to Amazon voice assistant.

This program can work with various smart home devices.

You will need to spend some time to create schedules for the devices. There is also an affordable device called Echo Dot.

2. Smart Home Gadgets – Wink Hub 2

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The US home improvement experts have pinned their hopes on Wink Hub 2 to be the next choice for home automation.

This device can connect to many devices ranging from lighting (Philips Hue) to Google Home. One of the reliable smart home gadgets to find a mention.

3. Smart Home Gadgets – Brilliant Control

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You may have heard about smart washing machines and microwave ovens. But how about a smart wall switch? With this device, you can control many electronic items.

Other benefits include playing music, setting the thermostat temperature, checking the guest at the door and more. It is compatible with many smart items such as Philips Hue, Ecobee, Nest and more.

The greatest advantage is its in-built Amazon Alexa voice support. Yes, you need to do the wiring part by an electrician. But it is one of the smart home gadgets to add value to your home.

4. Logitech Harmony Elite

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Two decades back, you used to manually switch on and off the electronic appliances. Then came the Internet of Things. Now, even though it has become boring. The next level has come. Remote.

This device is called as the best smart remote as it can not only control the stereo and TV devices but does more tasks. This device (called the Logitech Harmony Elite) can connect with the same brand of Home Hub devices to control not only BlueTooth, WiFi devices but also other infrared devices in your home.

5. iHome iSP6X SmartPlug

We have spoken about the smart switch, now let us go a step further. You are correct. Will we speak about the smart plug?

The smart plug mentioned in the title can control gadgets via the smartphone. the same goes for any electronic appliances via the smartphone.

On one side, it gives excellent support to Google Assistant voice control (even Amazon Alexa). It can also work like a breeze with smart electronic items such as Wink, Nest, and Apple Home Kit.

The only disadvantage is you cannot monitor the power used for this plug. But it has good scheduling options and an excellent app. Unlike other appliances, installation is easy for this smart plug.


Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

1. iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

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In recent times, if you live on the outskirts of the city, it is advisable to install the CCTV camera in your home. The iSmartAlarm is a camera with excellent features. It has all the components of a one-stop security unit for your home.

For example, it has an image sensor, sound/motion detection, video recording option, and a tracking feature. The other options you have are free storage and support for the integration of the IFTTT feature.

2. SkyBell HD

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Technology has really moved to the next level with the SkyBell invention. It is the next take-off from the home security camera.

You may have heard about the home security camera, but not the smart doorbell, don’t you? This smart device allows you to not only see but speak with the person outside your home.

There was a previous version called the SkyBell Video Doorbell, but in this version, you can find lots of new features.

For example, this version can capture a high detail video with a color night vision. The video can cover several seconds of footage. The biggest benefit, it has is a free cloud to store the recorded footage.


Mentioned in this article are some smart home gadgets to add value to your home. We have touched only on some smart home appliances in this article. There are other smart home appliances that can add great value to your home. For example, August smart lock, Ecobee 4 for cooling and heating, Nest learning thermostat, and more. We will cover these appliances and more in our next article.

Okay, have you gone through the article? Then you can visualize some items need a professional for installation. Are we correct? In this situation, if the company where you bought the appliance does not provide labor professionals for installation, you can take the easy method.

Let us imagine a simple situation. You are a resident of Idaho and have bought a small farmhouse outside the city. To ensure the security of your home, you think of installing the smart home CCTV system. And that calls for new wiring and some renovation. The security gadgets, when installed can act as a deterrent to burglars and provide the required security option to your home.


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