Why is Alexa blinking yellow? How can I disable Yellow Flashing on Echo?

amazon echo placed on a table and flashing yellow light

Do you already have an Alexa at your home? If yes, you might have seen the Yellow Ring Flashing multiple times. You might have also come through spinning yellow light. But do you exactly know what does it mean?

Why is Alexa blinking Yellow? The yellow flashing or blinking light on your Echo shows that you have some new notifications on your Amazon Account. However, if you have a spinning yellow light on your Echo, it means it is connecting to your Wifi.

Why does Alexa Yellow Ring shows?

 The Echo device is always integrated with your Amazon’s account. Whenever you shop on Amazon and the product is “Ready to Ship”, “Shipped” or comes in any stage of the shipment, you get notified on your Amazon account and therefore Alexa Yellow light blinks to let you know with the order notification.

You just need to ask Alexa and your Echo dot will start reading out the notifications loudly. You will keep getting notified unless your order is shipped to you and even when you get any seller notification.

Can you dismiss the Alexa Yellow Ring?

Yes, you can easily dismiss the Alexa yellow ring, just talk to your Alexa.

Say, “What notifications do I have?”

Say, “What messages do I have?”

The moment you speak this, your Alexa will start reading out the notifications and the Yellow ring on Alexa will stop.

If you want to read out those messages yourself, just log in to your Amazon account.

How to stop Alexa from reading out my product names?

Many a times when my home is full of friends and family members or there is something, I ordered is secret or private, I do not want my Alexa reading out the notification loud.

Let me tell you one of my stories that embarrassed me a lot. The day was 24th of December and my whole family was there for celebrating Christmas together the next day.

I ordered some gifts for my children and “a pack of cond**m and a lubricant gel” to please my wife later at night after Christmas party. When the order was shipped, I got the yellow order notification and like always I asked Alexa, “What notifications do I have”.

Do not ask me what happened next, I was embarrassed in front of my young children and family members.

Therefore, to maintain the privacy, you must stop Alexa from reading out product titles.

Steps to stop Alexa from reading product titles

  • Open the Alexa App and go to the “Settings”.
  • Click on “Notifications” and Go to Amazon Shopping.
  • Now, Toggle off the “Give Ordered Items Titles”.
  • Voila! You have stopped your Alexa from reading out product names.

How to disable yellow flashing light-order notifications on your Alexa?

If you don’t want your Echo to show yellow flashing light as the notification light you can easily toggle it off from your Alexa App.

Steps to disable yellow ring notification

  • Open the Alexa App on your pone.
  • Go to settings and choose Notifications.
  • Now, select the Amazon Shopping from the list and toggle the yellow ring notification Off.
  • Also, toggle off other delivery notifications like “Out for Delivery” & “Delivery”.

How Alexa yellow notification can be a lifesaver?

According to a research made by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, around 1.7 million packages gets stolen every day in US. (Check whole report at CNBC)

Online shopping and delivery services like Amazon are fighting back to get rid of these thefts and therefore put this new feature in the Echo to let customers know when their packages are getting delivered.

So, Yellow notification flashing light can be a lifesaver, if you live in a bad neighborhood where these crime rates are high. However, you can also install a Ring Video Doorbell at your front porch and see everything movement live on your smartphone from anywhere.

What if Alexa blinking Red! Check out the post to know how to troubleshoot Alexa if it is blinking Red.


The Yellow flashing notification on Alexa have many advantages and could be helpful to get your package delivered to you. Amazon understands the problems faced by people to package thefts and therefore it always keeps updating Alexa with new features.

So, now that you now about the Yellow ring light and why is flashes, you do not need to panic! You have got notification on your Amazon account, just ask your Alexa to read or check the message by logging in to your account.


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