An Alexa shouldn’t make random noises. The only time an Alexa should make any sort of noise is if you have asked it to make a noise. Alexa will never make random noises. So, if your device is suddenly letting out a sound that seems somewhat strange, then you will probably want to get to the bottom of it.

In the vast majority of cases, your Alexa will be making sounds because you have told it to make sounds. You just may have forgotten that you told Alexa to do it. For example, if you have set up certain routines or tasks. Once you have determined which routine or task is causing the random noises, this should be easy to fix. In other cases, there may be a bit of electrical interference near your Alexa (this can cause clicking). Removing that problem should stop the noises.

Throughout the rest of this page, we want to go into a bit of depth on how to stop Alexa from making random noises. We will do this by giving you the causes for the noises.

2 Ways To Fix Alexa Makes Random Noises

Your Alexa Is Making Normal ‘Alexa Sounds’

This may be beeps, chimes, alarms, and standard Alexa responses. We are going to cover the main reasons why your Alexa may be making sounds. This is not a comprehensive list. We will also give you ways to deal with the problem.

Ask Alexa Why She Is Making a Noise

Whenever Alexa makes a random noise that you don’t quite understand, then ask the device why it is making that noise.

Most of the time she will tell you why the noise happened, and this can make it a whole lot easier to deal with.

Daily Routines

From the Alexa mobile app, you can set up routines. This means you can tell Alexa to do certain tasks at certain times of the day e.g. wake you up with an alarm, turn lights on, etc.

Some of these routines can result in Alexa making certain noises when she is going through the routine. You may have forgotten you instructed Alexa to carry out the routine, so it can be quite shocking!

If you go into the Alexa mobile app, you can edit your daily routines. If you see anything that says “Alexa says…” in the routine, then this is going to cause Alexa to make a random noise. You can remove it.

Alexa Heard Her Name

Alexa is always listening for the word “Alexa”. Or, at least, something that sounds like Alexa. This has actually caused problems for some people.

If you are watching a TV show where the word “Alexa” is spoken, then the Alexa will be triggered. Same if you have an Alexa in the family.

If you are watching something where Alexa keeps being triggered, then hit the mute microphone button on the Alexa. It will stop Alexa from paying attention for a while.

If you have an Alexa living in your home, then you can change the trigger word for Alexa via the mobile app. You should probably do this as soon as possible otherwise your Alexa will never shut up!

If you load up the Alexa mobile app, you will be able to listen to voice commands that Alexa heard each time she was triggered. If there is a voice recording for a time when the Alexa was seemingly randomly triggered, then you will know what caused it and, hopefully, that will give you some advice on how to avoid it in the future.

Alarms, Timers, and Tasks

If you have alarms, timers, or certain task reminders on your Alexa, then your Alexa is going to make a noise when the preset time hits.

You will be able to see a list of all active alarms, timers, and tasks in the Alexa app.

If the time matches up to when you heard the random noise from Alexa, then you will know what the problem is. Of course, the best way to deal with random noises is to switch off these notifications.


In rare cases, your Alexa will make a random beep if you have a notification. This may happen if something on your Amazon wishlist goes on sale, or if you have an Amazon delivery on the way. There will be a yellow ring around your Alexa when this happens.

You can turn off notifications from within the Alexa mobile app. 

Fix Alexa Making a Clicking or Crackling Sound

If your Alexa is making a clicking or crackling sound, then this could indicate that there is electrical interference.

This normally happens if you have wireless devices close to your Alexa e.g. a Wi-Fi router or Bluetooth device (speakers, etc.)

Moving your Alexa or wireless device is the best option here. They should be at least a few feet apart from one another.

If the crackling still continues, then you may want to turn the Alexa off at the power supply temporarily. Switch it back on after about 30-seconds.

Software Bugs

Alexa has dealt with a fair number of software bugs over the years. However, thankfully, these software bugs are becoming rarer.

For example, in the past, Alexa was known to let out a creepy laugh on occasion.

Most of these bugs are patched out incredibly quickly.

You will know if a software bug if a lot of people seem to be reporting the same issue online. It is also likely to be a software bug if you can’t find any other reasonable explanation for the sound. 


An Alexa is unlikely to ever make a random noise. While there have been software bugs in the past, most of them are ironed out pretty quickly. Chances are that if your Alexa is making a random noise, it means that you have told it to and forgotten. You can check a log of all commands you have given your Alexa, as well as details on any notifications, from within the Alexa app on your mobile device. 

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