Home security is vital for the safety of your family and property. One of the ways you can upload security in your home is through Ring Cameras. Ring is a company owned by Amazon and majors on security products such as cameras, doorbells, and motion detectors.

It has some of the best cameras, which you can have around your property for surveillance purposes. The Ring camera features ensure efficiency and the best monitoring services!

Models of Ring Cameras

There are several models of Ring Cameras and highlighted are some of them.

Video doorbell cameras

One of the game changing cameras that you can find in the home surveillance sector in the Ring Video doorbell cameras. They consist of motion sensor and camera is installed on your door, such that, when someone is at your doorstep, they trigger the motion sensor and your doorbell starts recording.

An impressive thing about the video doorbell camera is that it sends the footage to your mobile phone. This camera works like a peephole, the only difference being that you can see who is at your door remotely via your phone.

When you receive notification, you can view and talk to your visitors in real-time. The video doorbell has several versions, including video doorbell 3, video doorbell 3 plus, the pro, the Elite, and the peephole cam.

Indoor cam

Ring Indoor cameras set of 4

The Ring Indoor cam is the best solution you can have to monitor your indoors. It has a compact design, meaning it can fit anywhere in your house.

The camera has a simple plug in installation, and its look can uphold your space’s aesthetic value.

Stick up cam

Ring Stick up cam with solar panel

The Ring Stick up cam is a versatile camera that you may have either indoors or outdoors. You may also notice its adaptability in its wireless design, which allows you to move and place it anywhere you prefer.

Floodlight Cam

Floodlight cameras with Echo show

You can keep tabs of your compound with Ring Floodlight cam. The camera sports two powerful floodlights that illuminate your compound at night.

There is also a siren that goes off in case there is any intrusion in to your property.

Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight cam with alexa

Another outdoor addition that you can have for your security needs in the Ring Spotlight cam. It is a hardwired solution that ensures you do not miss a moment of what is happening outside.

The camera comes with led spotlights, a siren and three flush mounted brackets.

Accessories that can give your Home extra security

The following are some of the accessories to help you with surveillance.

  • Pathway lighting- the pathway lighting will help light up your garden, backyard, or pathways. It also alleviates the aesthetic value of the surroundings.
  • Outdoor Mounted Lighting-  Ring Outdoor mounted lighting brightens up your compound and also provides lighting for your cameras at night, aiding in-home surveillance. Under outdoor mounted lighting, there are floodlights and spotlights.
  • Smart Led Bulbs- Smart LED bulbs come in handy for environmental conservation measures. They are energy efficient, and you can easily install them. There are two smart LED bulbs; A19 smart LED bulbs. The former has the standard dome shape while the latter looks like a funnel.

Subscription Costs

When you get Ring Cameras, there are subscription costs that you incur for you to receive notifications and videos to your phone. There is the free package, two paid packages that you may opt for when you pick Ring products.

Free Package

The free package works like a trial to show you what you will get once you get a paid subscription. Some of the features of this package include motion activated notifications; lifetime theft protection, real time video and live video and two ways talk capability.

The basic Package

The basic package is like the starter package and activates video recording for one device. You have to pay $3 per month for this subscription or pay $30 per year and save $6. In addition to the features available in the free package, with this one you get a 60-day video history, video sharing or saving features and capability to capture snapshots.

The plus subscription

If you want to go professional, you can subscribe to the plus package. The plus package introduces you to more feature topping up the basic package. To sign up, you pay $10 per month or $100 per year and save $20.

The following are the features you the plus subscription guarantees you.

  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring for the Ring alarm.
  • Extended warranties for all your devices.
  • A 10% discount on select products at Ring’s online store.

You can choose any of your preferred packages, though the plus subscription is the most prestigious, due to its additional features. It is advisable to pay annually if you want to save.

However, if you want to use Ring doorbell or cameras without subscription, you must go through our this post.

The Ring App

Ring has an app that you use to see your connected devices and also make necessary changes. Through the subscription, you can access your videos, save and share them depending on the package you pick.

Ring also has the Neighbors application, where you keep tabs with the happenings in your neighbourhood. It helps boost security where you live. Both of the apps are compatible with IOS and Android devices. They also won’t take much of your device’s storage space. After downloading them, you create an account and follow the outlined steps to launch it.

The Ring app serves as your remote observer, where you can view the footages in your cameras.

Final Words

Ring is one of the credible security partners that you can have to improve safety around your house and neighborhood. It provides you with the right technology to survey your compound, with cameras, spotlights, and other accessories being the main products on its online store.

The cameras are of the high quality, and they are easy to operate with the supporting mobile application. Ring offers two applications, one to run the camera and the other to keep up with whatever is going on.

Try out Ring devices, including the accessories, for a fulfilling home surveillance experience.

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