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Do you already have a Google Home? Are you planning to buy one? Do you stuck at a situtaion where you need to know whether there is a monthly cost for using Google Home or not! Don’t worry, all your questions are answered here.

There is no extra monthly cost that you need to pay to use Google Home, you can use Google Home free. The only thing you need is a working Google Account, however, you can also use it with Spotify and TuneIn.

Why Google Home?

Google Home is live proof of how fast the world is progressing. Well, Google Home is an AI-enabled virtual assistant.

The present worldwide trend is to have a smart assistant, or you can also call it “smart personal assistant.”

Most things in our life have sped at lightning speed and still going on, and we arrived at a stage where we are experiencing an advanced system of living.

The Google Home uses your voice commands through the Google Home speakers and does all your household management. 

Cost of owning Google Home

People now prefer a virtual assistant to do or remind them about their most urgent needs and manage your household.

Here is where the smart assistant or virtual assistant comes in with virtually no cost.

If you hire a human personal assistant, one has to shell out a salary for employing him or her.

Hence, there was an urgent need to create or invent an Artificial Intelligence aided gadget that can serve the above purpose at no cost.

You have to buy the Google Home speaker and connect Google Home to it if you need to set up a Smart Home. With as less as $99 you can bring home your Google Home and make your life easier.

The latest Google Home Max Smart speaker that comes with the premium sound costs $300.

That is the only cost you would incur, but it will change the way you manage your devices and appliances with Google Home. 

The gadget or device as one may call it is a virtual assistant. The device has a speaker and aided by AI.

The device speaks through the speaker and does some of the most complicated tasks that a human does online.

This virtual assistant takes your voice commands and executes them. It also interacts with most services.

Is there a monthly fee?

Virtually there is no fee or monthly fee for using Google Home. If you have a free google account, you can use this service without any hassle.

You can set up the Google Home on your smartphone and start using it straight away.

Google Home is a device that has centralized control on all smart devices of your home.

It would be best if you had an active internet connection as the Google Home runs only on an internet connection for all its activities.

No, there is no monthly fee for Google Home, absolutely no cost whatsoever. 

Google Home is a brand owned by Google. The device has smart speakers; they execute simple voice commands of your voice or any other app that is compatible with it.

You can have access to many services using Google Home. One can play music, listen to the weather forecast, play podcasts, or ask it to wake you up on time or set up reminders for your daily work schedule.

All this, through simple voice commands or a compatible app for better progression in your everyday life.

It is a control centre for all your home devices and smart appliances. A smart home for smart people! 

Setting up a Smart Home with Google Home

What is a Smart Home? Well, a smart home is a set-up of devices and intelligent appliances connected to Google Home.

Google Home acts as a control centre to all these intelligent devices and smart appliances.

It would help if you had Google Home speaker as a voice assistant to activate your Smart Home. 

The first step in this process of setting up your Smart Home is to download Google Home app from the Google Play store of your smartphone.

Then you have to download, voice assistant as well as google assistant commands to synchronize with Google Home and Google Home speakers.

You may also download Google Assistant commands to learn the voice commands for your Google Home.

The Google Home app walks you through the process of connecting all your smart devices and smart appliances, takes charge as the control center, and keep a tab on them.  

Keep your Bluetooth on with an active internet connection at all times. Google Home works well with all Android Smartphones.

You can always add new smart appliances or smart devices to the Google Home app going to the app settings.

It will definitely change the way you use your devices and smart appliances.

Once you get habituated to manage your Smart Home, you will get to do so many things with the Google Home smart assistant. You will really enjoy it once you have set up your Google Home.

Which Google Home Speaker should you buy?

There are three different smart speakers that Google Home has launched till now. The original Google Home was the first to get launched and then Google Home Mini came to the market.

Recently, Google Home is launched it top notch smart speaker Google Home Max.

All three of them are alike in their working behaviour. The only difference that I have seen is in their price, size and the sound quality.

The Google Home Max is designed in such a way that it produces premium sound quality. Since, all are from the same company, all of them have the same wake words like “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google.

Can you listen music free on Google Home?

This is the one of the most asked question on Google related to Google Home. So, let me just jump to the answer first.

No, you don’t have to pay for anything for listening to music. Simply, you can listen music free on Google Home as Google provides free access to YouTube Music.

But, if you are not okay with the ads that you might be listening after each song then you have the option to go premium.

However, you can also use the Google Play Music App which is freely available to download from the store without any subscription fee. The App is easy to use and you can also manage your smartphone audios through this App.

Can you listen to Google Home?

Now that you have set up your Google Home, what if I tell you that you can use you Google Home as that of your bluetooth speaker and listen to music.

Isn’t it interesting? You just need to select the song you want on your phone and your Google Home starts playing the song for you.

If you are not surprised yet then this will definitely going to surprise you.

You just need your voice and ask Google Home to play whatever song you want to listen. You can also search by lyrics and Google Home will search from Spotify, youtube, Pandora, and google play music and take out your song.

Not only this, you can even use the Google Assistant on your Smart TV if it has Chromecast. You can just say your Google Home, “OK, Google” “Play Shark Tank” or whatever you want and your favorite show will be playing on your TV.

Sony, SAMSUNG and LG comes with smart TV that can easily connect with your Google Home. Recently, LG has launched its range of Smart TV’s that has built-in Google Assistant. So, you now just need to push a button and give command through your voice.


Google Home is really an awesome smart device that has shown its value and features over Alexa.

I was also a great fan of Alexa and I used that for long time but now after using Google Home for 6 months, I think Google Home a bit better than Alexa.

Google Home understand you well as recently Google is come of its NLP (Natural Language Processing) update and since then I have seen a better output from and understanding in Google Home products.

However, if you have a Ring Doorbell then you must go through out article Does Ring Work with Google Home? Remember, Ring is owned by Amazon and is a big competitor to Google’s Nest Doorbell.

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