which is expensive:shiplap or drywall

A shiplap is a wooden board and is used for the construction of sheds, barns, and buildings. But is it expensive to use?

Is shiplap more expensive than drywall? Yes, generally shiplap is expensive than drywall but it also depends upon what material you are using. Some of the shiplap materials are also cheaper than drywall and therefore, can cost you less than drywall.

However, drywall is cheaper than shiplap but when it comes to renovating your house then you must not think about just cost but also think about the best wall you will be getting for your home.

Why is shiplap so expensive?

Shiplap works in a manner that each panel overlap one another and locks each other together. The cost of each panel ranges between $0.9 to $4.

For shiplap a wall you will require a lot of panels, which makes shiplap more expensive than drywall.

This is how shiplap works and becomes expensive for a house.

Why Shiplap Walls?

Shiplap walls are famous from old times. In comparison to other alternatives for walls, this is better and cheap. However, it can be more expensive than drywall but would give your home a clean finish.

In recent years, many interior designers have started using this to make a home look beautiful. The patterns on shiplap also provide a new look to your home décor.

Why most of the shiplaps are expensive than drywall?

shiplap for home

The factor that makes all the difference is the installation cost. Unlike drywall, shiplap requires more labor which increases the cost.

Apart from this, if you choose a good wood panel which can stay unchanged in every weather condition then it becomes expensive.

You also need to take care of the forest and plant new trees for cutting any tree. All these make shiplap more expensive and time-consuming.

Why are some of the materials of shiplap less expensive than drywall?

Pine, cedar, and oak are easily and widely available. The wood of these three trees is soft and gives a clean look to the wall once the overlapping of the wood panels is done.  

You can get 1-inch-thick and 3-10 inches wide panels. The wood panels used for a standard wall will cost you around $170.

However, you can easily do shiplap for your wall yourself and save the labor cost.

Advantages of shiplap

Shiplap has always been used to provide a beautiful look to your house. But, traditionally it was used for only the exterior of the house.

In recent years, people have started using it in the interiors, all due to its clean and beautiful finish. Shiplap can be done for your living room walls, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

Believe me, wooden homes are in great demand. It started with the wooden floors and now wooden walls are what people want to have in their new house, even renovating the old house with new wooden walls.

Drywall cannot be painted and stained whereas Shiplap can be.

Disadvantages of shiplap

Unlike drywall, Shiplap takes time to get ready. Drywall is less expensive and even gets ready in less time as compared to shiplap.

Drywall has no hidden costs whereas shiplap has. Installation of shiplap also requires more labor and hence, increases the cost of installation.

Shiplap also require maintenance and needs to be painted after every 2-3 years.

How to reduce the cost of shiplap siding?

For reducing the cost of shiplap, you must choose the wood panel which is budget-friendly to you.

Go for a cheaper one and install the panels yourself. You can get multiple DIY videos that can help you learn and do it yourself.

Doing this yourself will save a lot of money and even you would get to learn some new things.

You don’t have to do a lot of work in installation. Measure the wood panels, cut them according to your wall size, and fix them to the wall with the help of nails. You can also use the leftover wood pieces in the sidings.

What are drywalls?

home upgradation with drywalls

Drywalls are nothing but gypsum boards. These boards are made by pressing gypsum at high density and then it is given the shape of the board. Drywalls are cheaper than shiplap and don’t have any hidden costs.  

Unlike shiplap, they come as a finished product. However, you can also get drywalls with different thicknesses and sizes.

With thickness and size, the cost also fluctuates. It’s a good choice for walls and sidings if your budget is less.

What is the cost of installation of Drywall?

The installation cost of each panel of drywall will be around $35 to $40.

Drywalls are cheaper than shiplap and therefore, a 12 by 12 room would cost you around $400 to $ 500.

This is inclusive of the labor cost. If you compare drywall with shiplap, then drywall is an affordable choice.

Some tips for buying Drywall and Shiplap

The best way to buy drywall and shiplap is to first take the measurement of the room where you want to install it.

Buying the right amount according to your need will save money as well as time.

Be ready with woodcutters, as you would always find the shiplap panels having some extra length.

You may also have to treat the wood before the installation.

I hope that the above answers would help you decide what you should install in your house.

The installation of a shiplap or drywall always depends upon your budget. But, for a family, home is like heaven. So, make the best wall for your heaven and choose the material wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of drywall?

There are many alternatives to drywall like shiplap, plastic panels, plywood, textured wall panels, etc. But you must choose according to your need and budget. However, shiplap can be the best alternative if your budget is just a little bit more than drywall.

How much does it cost to shiplap a ceiling?

The price of each shiplap wood panel is around $0.9-$4. The width of the wood panel varies from 3 to 9 inches and therefore, their costs too. To shiplap a ceiling you would require a lot of panels. To get the actual cost to shiplap the ceiling, take the measurement first and then multiply it with the panel cost

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