Why is my nest Cam IQ blinking

It’s been some months since when I bought Nest camera for my home security. After using it for almost 3 months, I came to know several colors of LED lights blinking notifications and even different chimes.

So, why is my Nest camera blinking? Your Nest camera can be blinking Red, Green, blue or Yellow but all of these blinking shows certain status of your Nest camera.

For example- The blinking of Green light indicates that everything is working properly and you can stream the videos. Go through this article to know about Nest Camera flashing Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

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Why is My Nest Camera Blinking Different Lights?

All the Nest indoor and outdoor camera comes with a LED light which is located above the lens of the camera.

The blinking color of the light can let you know if it is working properly or has encountered some problem.

I also went through this situation and could not be able to find out the reason behind the blinking of different colors on my Nest camera but I researched and then came to know What exactly all these blinking colors tell us.

Let us discuss in details below:

Nest Camera Solid Green Light

Green light has always been used to indicate that everything is good and the same is with the Nest camera blinking green.

If your Nest camera is blinking green, then you should know that your Nest cam is working properly and is connected to the internet and you can watch the live video feed.

Nest camera blinking Blue

The blinking of Nest camera blue can happen due to four possible reasons. All the reasons are quite easy to understand and fixable.

The first reason behind the Nest camera blinking blue can be latest firmware update.

When your Nest camera starts after update of its firmware then it starts blinking blue. However, it can also be seen when your Nest camera starts after a power cut.

The other reason behind Nest camera blinking blue is when the camera is on wait to be added to a user account.

Generally, it happens when your Nest doorbell boots up or restarts.

Nest Camera Solid Red Light

If your Nest camera is sowing solid Red light, then you must consider that your Nest camera status light is not working properly.

It is better to contact Nest Support for further troubleshooting.

Nest Camera blinking Green

If your Nest camera is blinking/pulsing Green then either you or any of your family members connected to Google Hub or Alexa or having Nest App is streaming video.

However, if you are streaming videos on your Nest App through your mobile internet then the Green light will not blink.

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Why My Nest camera light is off?

There could be possibly two reasons for no light on your Nest camera, either your camera is off or it is not receiving power.

When the Nest camera stops recording videos or streaming videos then the light gets off. You can also turn the light off manually or schedule this.

Check the power cable, there is a possibility that it might have got disconnected.

Nest Cam IQ Blinking Light Reasons

Nest Cam IQ has two light which are placed at two different positions. One is a small light which shows up the status of Nest Cam IQ whereas other is the large ring structure light placed around the lens.

The flashing of different light colors and the patters tells what’s going on with your Nest Can IQ.

Status Light

Solid Green status light shows that everything is okay and your Nest cam is working fine and is On. This also means that it is streaming video.

Slow pulsing of green status light means that someone is streaming the live video through Nest App or third party alternatives like Google Hub or Alexa.

However, in case you are streaming video on your Nest App through the cellular data then status light will not pulse green.

Ring Light around the Lens

When the Nest IQ shows blue pulsing light it means that the Nest Cam is ready to be connected to the Nest App.

Light ring blinking yellow for 5 times in a row shows that the Nest cam is having trouble in connecting. This light usually seen during the first setup. However, if you are getting other error messages then you must go through this troubleshooting guide.

When Light ring blinks red, it tells you that cam is not getting enough power to work. You must check the power source and plug it to a different outlet with higher power.

Why Nest Cam IQ is not showing status or ring light?

When you see no light in status or ring in your cam, then you must consider these three things. The three reasons for this would be Cam not getting power, cam is turned off or the status light has been switched off.

Your cam may not be getting power, either the cable has been disconnected or the outlet is not providing enough power.

When your Nest cam IQ is off then you would not see any light as it would not be streaming any video.

It is possible that the Nest Cam is working but someone has turned the status light Off through the Nest App.

Changing Camera light and sound settings in Nest camera

Changing camera light brightness

The brightness of the Nest cam light can be changed very easily. For changing the brightness of the light, go to Nest App and select setting from the Home screen.

Now, select the status light and choose from High, low or Auto, whichever you want.

Turning Talk and Listen Sound On and Off

The chime sound for talk and listen is usually helpful and let us know when someone is going to speak. However, if you want to shut off the tone then you have to go through the following steps:

  • Open Nest App and click on the settings tab.
  • Now, select the talk and listen tone and then switch the tone On or Off as per your choice.

However, Google has come up with an update to its Nest cameras, Nest Hello and Dropcams. Now with this update user cannot be able to switch off the status light on these devices.

However, this is really annoying for the users but according to Google, it is just going with its “commitment to privacy” policy.

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How to Set Up and Install Nest Camera?

Go through our dedicated post on how to install Nest in case you are having trouble with Nest installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk through a Nest Camera?

You can talk through your Nest camera if your talk and listen setting is On. To talk through your Nest cam, go to the Nest App and choose the camera you want to talk through. Tap on the “Talk” button and the person on the other side would be able to listen your voice.

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