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Shiplap gives a great finish to the wall décor. It is advisable to install a shiplap without dismantling the drywall which saves cost and makes it easier and quicker to install on drywall. It is economical too.

Does shiplap go over drywall? Shiplap can be installed without having to remove the drywall completely. Shiplap is a favorite with DIYers as it is easy to install and maintain. It is a kind of wall treatment for the drywalls. But, it is not necessary to put shiplap over drywall if there isn’t already existing drywall.

Shiplap over Drywall !

When you want to renovate your home into your dream home at your farm, shiplap is the answer. A farmhouse look gives elegance and richness to the home of your dreams.

The use of natural material like wood invariably enhances the beauty of your home interiors. My best advice to all DIYers is using natural materials like wood wherever possible.

You must use natural grain wood. It will make your home look like a dream farmhouse. The choice is very clear when you have to choose between them. Go for the shiplap, it is better and an economical option.

Shiplap is always the best choice for DIYers whether it is for the walls or the ceiling.

Shiplap is the best answer to remodelling your home. They go easily over the drywall. There is no need to dismantle the drywall.

If you want to see how it gets done then here is the video which shows how to do shiplap in a large room.

Home renovation has been simply fascinating with the advent of Shiplap design. It can be installed on any drywall without dismantling or disturbing any part of the home. Shiplap can give you so many options.

The naturalness of shiplap wood material does wonders for the interiors. You have the choice of putting the shiplap vertically or horizontally for design effect. Adding a shiplap to a pre-existing wall does your job of installation looks very easy.

It is cheaper to install shiplap over the existing drywall if you are looking to remodel your home. This can save you from the cost of dismantling and cleaning up the drywall rubble.

Shiplap gives additional strength to the drywall if installed on the drywall. Shiplap has a kind of visual appeal and elegant effect.

Advantages of Shiplap over the drywall


There are several advantages of Shiplap over the drywall.

  • The cost of material and shiplap installation is very low for DIYers. Due to its easy installation, shiplap is favorite among home lovers.
  • Shiplap installation does not mess the place whereas the drywall mess is very difficult to clear. This is a distinct advantage over the drywall.  As the drywall dust, sand and rubble create a lot of discomfiture and inconvenience while remodeling your home. It is very difficult to remove the fine dust particles due to the rubble of drywall.
  • The advantage of shiplap is due to its cost. Drywall invariably costs more because of the process involved in the work. One can purchase shiplap wood material from the local sawmill on order basis.
  • Any wall decor lover can now hang objects that give essence to wall appearance. It is easy to hang on the shiplap as you can find studs where you can hang things that add decor and create space effect to the room.
  • One can hang pictures or paintings to give that fine elegance to the room. A complete makeover can be done by hanging some superb paintings on the wall.
  • Shiplap is an all-time favorite with DIYers, due to its simplicity and visual appeal. It can be eye-pleasing interiors.
  • One can cover wherever there are holes on the drywall with shiplap and paintings.
  • When one compares the durability between shiplap and drywall, the shiplap is enduring and durable.
  • Shiplap is strong, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Shiplap can do wonders to the home interiors. As we have already discussed the so many advantages of having shiplap done on the drywall.

Fasteners for holding shiplap wood in place

The fasteners that are used for fastening the shiplap must be longer enough to go through the shiplap. This is to take care that the fasteners do not pierce or disable electrical wires or pipes beneath the shiplap.

The present trends are the indication that shiplap is preferred over drywall. The shiplap effect is a cynosure to the eyes of the home design lovers. Any day shiplap out beats other material and designs apart being very durable and enduring.

Decorating your rooms with shiplap over drywall enhances the much-needed design effect. Covering the studs is easy by wall hangings over it. Fasteners are effective to keep the shiplap intact on the drywall.

Tips for Installing Shiplap over Drywall

Most of the drywalls are suitable for installing shiplap on them. Due to the roughness and texture of the drywalls, one should scrap or sander the uneven surface. It will make it easy for fixing the shiplap.

If unevenness persists then there is every possibility that the shiplap would not be stable. It is enviable to fix the shiplap in that condition. Hence, every care should be taken to prepare the drywall for an easy and smooth installation of shiplap over it.

Stain or paint the trims of shiplap before you install them on the drywall. It will make your work very easy. There would not be any spill of paint or stain if done in this manner. The finish of the shiplap would look better and superb.

Trimming of shiplap, and the final touch of paint or stain will enhance its look and appearance a thousandfold.

Shiplap over drywall definitely can be done without any problem. It is cheaper this way to remodel your dream home. There are so many factors that you have to take care while doing shiplap installation by yourself.

You can go through an easy tutorial on Home Depot Blog to install a shiplap.

Be very particular to follow the systematic process of preparing shiplap for installation on the drywall. I wish you the very best for remodeling your home with shiplap over the drywall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shiplap cheaper than drywall?

Drywall is cheaper than shiplap if you are using it for your interiors. However, the cost may increase if you start using more variation during the installation. The cost of both of them varies when you look at the base cost for each material.

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