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SimpliSafe does work perfectly with Alexa. A quick reminder about SimpliSafe reveals that it is one of the most recent popular “Do it Yourself” home security systems.

Simplisafe comes in a comprehensive option of installation packages that define each of its configuration systems. The thing about these configurations is that you can easily customize your respective priorities to avoid the monthly subscription payment hustle.

There is no doubt that SimpliSafe works well with Alexa. While both can be connected easily but the task is not walkover. You must go through a quick guideline before doing it.

While building your specific custom package, keep in mind that the sensors need to be well configured with live monitors to avoid system lagging mostly if you want to use your smartphone.

That aside, Amazon Alexa is the background processing unit of billions of other technologies called Alexa. It is an automated voice assistant that responds to millions of questions and ideas from homeowners.

There are several Alexa devices like Echo Dot 3 and the Echo Show, which can be connected to a massive variety of SimpliSafe devices. The cameras are perfect for allowing Alexa to access the system.

The purpose of this article is to provide a step by step guide on how to connect SimpliSafe with Alexa to boost the efficacy of your home security systems.

How to set up Simplisafe with Alexa?

The process to connect SimpliSafe and Alexa is quite easy. Below are the steps which can help you in integrating both of them together.

Setting up SimpliSafe Service

While it may seem simple to set up, missing one step in the installation of the Simplisafe camera could go wrong in many ways.

First, Open the box and slide off the camera. You will need an advanced storage unit like a micro SD card whose storage can be determined with your particular security purposes. Replace the camera stand to be sure that it will hold the camera correctly once the set-up is complete.

Next, plug in the cord to a reliable power outlet and begin using the Simplisafe app on your mobile or computer device.

Once the system has been linked with your device, give SimpliSafe any voice command. Based on the specifications of your configurations, these commands need to be straight forward, precise, and uniquely customized to your home’s security standard.

 For example, with the help of Alexa, you can use any command that begins with “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe.” Further ideas include “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to activate away mode” and “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I am leaving.”

Each of these commands has been customized to automatically arm, check status, or update the security system level of your home.

Most importantly, the home and away modes of security system allow the user to come up with other creative ideas that can equally work well with homeowners.

For instance, when going to bed, all that you need to say is, “Alexa, tell Simplisafe I am going to bed.” This way, no matter the time of day, Simplisafe will automatically arm the security system.

Ensure Compatibility – Simplisafe Alexa SetUp

Here, the idea is to secure an interactive monitoring strategy. Customers and homeowners need to enable SimpliSafe skills by visiting the Alexa Skills Store.

The Amazon Alexa app can synchronize with the SimpliSafe app through location settings. If the locations are more than one, ensuring that both of them are similar will go a long way in heightening the security of your home.

 The active monitoring plan comes in here. The first tip to keep in mind is that the previous SimpliSafe devices may not be compatible with Alexa depending on their release dates.

The advantage of ensuring compatibility after the set up is improving the efficacy of the security system. An interactive monitoring strategy helps to synchronize both applications in the selected devices that homeowners prefer to use when they are at home or away.

The practical plan will allow you to actively monitor any movements, breakages of glass, or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Features for homeowners

For a homeowner, the more the privacy, the safer one feels. Compatibility matters when connecting with Wi-Fi as well.

Most importantly, before purchasing any SimpliSafe device, customers need to understand the configuration settings and the respective operating systems to ascertain the connectivity with other technological ideas such as Alexa.

In 2018, SimpliSafe officially announced its most updated model design in Las Vegas. With this new development, homeowners and real estate agents saw the opportunity that smart homes offer the modern world.

Simplisafe has proved that the more technology evolves, the lesser the need for traditional security preferences that involve too much hassle to set up and maintain.

After the official rejuvenation of SimpliSafe in January 2018, all the systems that were manufactured, are believed to have the capability to connect with Alexa, as well as other automated voice apps.

After ensuring the compatibility is out of the question, note that disarming the system is not an option. Put, when a customer feels like there is no need for security check-ups or updates, it is still impossible to set off the system.

The idea is that SimpliSafe can take care of the security concerns with or without the help of the homeowners.

 Based on the last command that the user issued to SimpliSafe, the system can stay active for hours and days of security coverage. However, this will depend on the amount of storage unit that a respective homeowner has.

The Value of Ascertaining Compatibility

Validating the connectivity of both SimpliSafe and Alexa circles back to the merit of using other automated voice apps like Google Assistant to help improve overall security efficiency around your home.

While using Google, a simple voice command like “Google, ask Simplisafe about my security status.” The good news here is that with or without the help of Alexa specifically, other automated voice apps can still do the magic for you.

All that a homeowner needs to do is not only ascertain the compatibility but also to adhere to all configuration settings.

You can check the current price of Alexa on Amazon.

Alexa Simplisafe Commands

Here are some of the Alexa SimpliSafe commands that I got on CNET, you can use these commands to control your simplisafe device with voice commands using Alexa.

Voice commands for Alexa when you are away

  • “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe to turn on.” 
  • “Alexa, ask SimpliSafe to arm my system in Away mode.” 
  • “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m going out.” 
  • “Alexa, tell SimpliSafe I’m leaving.” 

Status check commands

  • “Alexa, ask SimpliSafe if my home is secure.” 
  • “Alexa, ask SimpliSafe if I am protected.” 
  • “Alexa, ask SimpliSafe for my current status.” 

About SimpliSafe

Simplisafe was found in 2006. Its objective was to improve home security standards through advancing alarms, boosting motion sensors as well as determining the breakage level in case of unauthorized access.

In 2018, SimpliSafe launched updated and advanced systems that now have the capability of connecting with several wireless devices. For instance, with the help of Google automated voice response apps like Alexa, SimpliSafe can currently synchronize your voice commands to respond to everything that Alexa issues.

With this newly notable appealing security feature, live monitors were required as a fundamental necessity for homeowners to boost both traditional and modern home settings.

Research indicates that SimpliSafe is among the most popular professional-grade home security systems courtesy of its relativity in price as well as lack of long term contracts.

You can check the current price of Simplisafe Home Security System on Amazon.

The challenge with elongated security long terms with upgraded professional home security systems is that often, the customers get tired of the beeping and unnecessary alarms.

As a result, poor reviews begin to follow because most of these smart security systems plummet, and sooner rather than later, homeowners deactivate their status.

However, when SimpliSafe finally hit the market, its users have nothing been short of receptive. Even though it is still impossible to disarm SimpliSafe, precise specific voice commands can allow it to automatically minimize the vigil level based on the number of sensors that each home has.

For now, SimpliSafe has secured close to 3 million American homes. In light of the company’s overall mission, there is no doubt that many and many homes are getting protected by Simplisafe. When it comes to ascertaining the legitimacy of all SimpliSafe systems, all CNET’s products are required to possess a global trademark logo.

The objective is to align the logo with the organization’s registered operations across the world.

Benefits of Simplisafe

Easy Installation

SimpliSafe has simple do it yourself steps. The installation requires no specialized technical help other than following easy guidelines. The best part is the connectivity with other wireless technologies.

Low Pay

SimpliSafe monthly and yearly rates are lower than any other professionally-graded home security system. When the price is relatively affordable, SimpliSafe will surely attract more customers. The more the availability of the product, the higher the recommendation.


SimpliSafe looks like a box with additional round, square, or rectangular gadgets. They are wirelessly convenient and portable. They are ideal for any home or residential building.

Guaranteed 60 Day Money Back Feature

For the first two months of using the devices, SimpliSafe allows all users to request their money in case of technical issues or lack of satisfaction. The procedure is tedious, but worth it. SimpliSafe is devoted to providing the best security upgrade to all homeowners across the world.

Cellular Active Monitoring Plans

The ability to connect the SimpliSafe devices with other wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and other automated voice apps allows it to be compatible with phones and PCs as well. It is easy and convenient to use phones because they are portable. Most importantly, the self-monitoring option is worth considering.

Does SimpliSafe have outdoor cameras?

Yes, SimpliSafe has come up with the outdoor cameras but previously it was not there.You can find the best outdoor cameras from simplisafe here.

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