Who does not want a secure home? Having a secure home is something that we all want. I was planning to buy Simplisafe security system and therefore, I did some research myself to understand how simplisafe can secure my home. I got a lot of information about this security device which I am sharing to you all.

Simplisafe has been hacked many times. The biggest reason for its hack was that it was not cyber secured at that time. But with the new encryption codes, you can’t find the same happenings again.

Hearing this that simplisafe was not secure can be a bit confusing for them who have already using it or planning to buy the device. Therefore, I came up with the solution on how to fix it and the incidents that happened in past.

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Is simpliSafe secure?

Security of our home and family is what we always seek for constantly. Through this website, I have always been trying to keep you informed about the best home security systems.

There have been some instances where simplisafe have been hacked but this was with the previous versions of simplisafe alarm system SS and SS2.

The first article came up in Forbes in 2016 which says that 300,000 house were open to hacks. In Us, 300k houses were protected by this security system at that time. It was found that a hacker can remotely turn off alarms from a distance of 200 yards and can use some basic hardware and software to harvest the PIN’s.

The article showed that how this can be done easily and what are the chances that it can be fixed.

It was said that the problem was “unfixable” as the simplisafe used the one-time programmable chip which had no access to On the Air updates. But when it was asked, simplisafe downplayed and stated that:

“The safety of our systems is the top priority. We are Working to solve this dilemma, which also impacts other significant home security suppliers. It is theoretically possible but highly improbable, and we are unaware of it being manipulated.

“Our program provides clients Notifications of the disarm occasions, so that they can catch the offender in the action. Also, clients can alter their passcodes anytime remotely or locally through our webapp; therefore if that did happen, any passcode data accumulated useless in a couple of minutes.

“Unlike with lots of alarm Systems, SimpliSafe clients are protected from most of the more prevalent, Low-tech, and simple techniques to circumvent house security systems, like cutting the Telephone line or electricity to the house.”

But anyway, this was a serious concern for Simplisafe as it was already broadcasted to consumers and therefore, in 2018, it came up with another version of alarm system SS3 with encrypted signals which cannot be tracked or interfered with.

Why simplisafe 3 encryption?

simplisafe encryption

We have already heard about encryption before but do this make my house secure from hackers? While getting this report on SS3, I got to know that neither the PIN nor the signal can become vulnerable to hackers when you disarm the system.

They have provided security not only on Wi-Fi but also on the cell phone signals. The security system connects to your mobile data in case of power outrage which is just incredible for it users.

The company is coming out and saying that the signals are encrypted but how they did it is still a secret. Anyway, they must have the secret so that they could not come in the same situation that happened before. Consumers faith is required to go for simplisafe again.

They further said about the hacking issues that those issues should have removed before the system goes to final production but due to some overlooked details they made up with the final product.

The company asked for apology from its consumers who are already using SS and SS2 and said that the best they can do is to provide the new encrypted SS3 at a retail price.

Encryption is really very important to secure the data and information and therefore they have come up with encrypting the whole system.

Simplisafe is making efforts to gain the trust of the customers but not acknowledging the hacks that happened earlier because when you deal with security system there is always a way in which something goes wrong.

How simplisafe SS and SS2 was hacked?

An article was published in Forbes in which it was said that a guy named Andrew Zonenberg, showed on his YouTube channel how he can easily hack the simplisafe SS and SS2.

According to him, the chip that was used on the simplisafe to store all the information can only be programmed once and therefore the company can neither update nor fix the problem and make it more secured with the updates. However, a new version SS3 came to fix all problems that was making simplisafe vulnerable to hackers.

Zonenberg first went to simplisafe to make them aware of this issue but they didn’t respond to him. Later, he decided to go public with his hacking video to help public. Later, Forbes took this out to the public.

The hacking was named as “replay attack” because a burglar with just a little technical knowledge can replay the same signals to disarm the system. All that was needed a $50 hardware and a software.

Zonenberg explained that the devices which use unencrypted codes broadcast the signals which can be used by anyone to get into the system. He further said that it doesn’t look vulnerable but once you dig deeper you come to know the possibilities.

All of us have a lot of unencrypted security devices in our home which can be tempered by anyone who wants to get into your house. It is even possible they change your security PIN and lock you out of your own security system. Is it look ideal now?

But with the release of this video, it became easy for people to temper and get into the security system.

The people who put stickers on walls had to remove, with the stickers on display the burglars were able to realize the house where they can get into easily. So, if you have SS or SS2 be careful on displaying the stickers.

Monitoring on SimpliSafe

With Simplisafe you have two options on how you want to monitor your home security. The first option is yourself and the second is through a professional at a cost of $ 14.99 per month. So, you must be wondering that what does professional monitoring mean?

It simply means that someone else will be monitoring your device even if you have slept. With professional monitoring, you need to give two contact numbers. Whenever, an alarm goes off, the first number is contacted if it doesn’t connect then the second number is contacted. When any of these two numbers don’t connect then they will call 911 to check out the house so that you remain safe and secured.

But when you choose to monitor the security system yourself then you have to be aware and even call the police in case of any security breach.

You can do a lot of while self-monitoring your home or either being monitored professionally. This all depends on how you want to protect your home.

Let me tell you a story, I have a dog and once it set off the motion sensor or infrared scanner. I got a call and they literally taught me how to set off the camera if you have a pet in house. That was really an amazing experience.

From last two years, I along with my family, have been monitoring myself. We have never faced any issue with this so far.

Being true, it is always nice to know that someone else is looking after my home security even when I am at sleep or out of town. It really provides peace of mind and I would definitely take the subscription plan once I am able to pay that much.

Delusory Design

The new Simplisafe SS3 is designed so well that it hides in the corner or the space you don’t want everyone to see that you have a security system installed in your house. It blends with the design of your room.

The best things that I love is that these small devices don’t only let you know that your doors are open but also fixes well with windows. This you will not find in any of simplisafe competitors. So, if any of your windows are forced open you come to know that which window has been opened.

With some research, I came to know that they are planning to release some amazing new home security gadgets this year like video doorbells, smart locks, outdoor cameras and integrating all these with Amazon Alexa. So, now with simplisafe you can make you home even more smarter.

One of the features that simplisafe offers is Secret alerts. You just have to keep the device on the valuable item that you want anyone to take or open any box.

You will get the alerts in case someone tries to open or tamper it. The alerts come as text message and mail and not as a notification on your App. So, with this device you can come to know when people are peeping on the places where they shouldn’t be.

This is really helpful for me when I don’t want some documents to be seen by others. The device works best for valuable items, documents and information that are valuable and secret.

You never know when you need it!

How to protect your home?

security against all breaches

You already have a security system then it is obvious that you want to secure your home and family. With the new version of Simplisafe SS3, you can be more confident that your house is fully secure. But the question arises that what all you can do for your protection?

Download an App or bookmark a website which talks about crime tracking. This will let you know what is happening around your surrounding and what precaution at what time you need to take.

You have a security system but adding some cameras outside your home would keep you informed about what is happening around your surroundings.

I have places a flood light camera so whenever it detects any motion around the house, I come to know from any place.

If you generally keep away from your house and hide your spare key under the rug or above the door, then stop this now. This can let intruders get into your house without breaking in. Keep or hide the spare key at least 50 feet away from your house.

If possible use an electronic lock – Kwikset 909, I use this. Its fully electronic and doesn’t need a key to unlock.

Another thing that you can do is change the door. Most of the houses have wooden door which can easily be kicked in, adding a door with metal core can add to your house safely.

If you have a lot of neighbors, you feel safe and therefore, you leave your door unlocked. But, it is possible that someone will start noticing your habits and break in to your house when you are not at home. So, it is better that you lock your doors every time you come out of your house.

Even if you are at your home, keep your door locked. You never know what can happen next.

Always keep your valuable things hidden. Don’t just keep that on your table and go on a holiday. Keep your windows closed and add some extra security to them.

The simpler you keep everything, the more protected you are. My home has lights that I can control with my phone from anywhere, anytime. Whenever, I go out, I witch on those lights every night from wherever I am.

So, these are the tips that you can use to secure your home and add some extra security too. Be safe and always be prepared for what can come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use simplisafe with Google Home?

Yes, now you can use simplisafe with google Home. You can connect it with security system and control your system with voice commands through Google Home.

Does simplisafe send text messages and notifications?

Simplisafe send text messages and notifications for any security breach that happens. Even when you use “Secret Alerts”, you get to receive text message and email alerts for that.

How much is simplisafe security a month?

There are options with simplisafe to choose from the self-monitoring or the professional monitoring. For self-monitoring, you don’t have to pay anything on the other hand for professional monitoring you need to pay $14.99 per month.

Does simplisafe works with landline?

Yes, simplisafe works with landline. While installing simplisafe, you can choose landline, wireless router or a cellular connection that work for your security system, it’s all upto you. However, you get all the wireless devices so you don’t need a landline.

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