Like most everything else in our modern lives, home security technology has transformed by leaps and bounds in the past 25 years.Instead of having to rely exclusively on companies like ADT to provide home security services (with expensive monthly fees attached, no less) we now have the ability to install things like the Blink outdoor camera system to maintain our own home security set up – often times getting even better results while protecting our privacy!

There are two main reasons for the blink outdoor camera to flash red light i.e.,

  1. Blink camera not connected to the internet, or
  2. Blink camera battery has died.

The trade-off, though, is that we have to handle our own tech support and troubleshooting.

Things can get a little bit stressful when your Blink outdoor camera isn’t working the way you expected it to, especially since these amazing little pieces of hardware on alert you to problems with indicator lights that may blink or flash but never really tell you what’s wrong “under the hood” explicitly.

Here are a couple of things you’ll need to know to troubleshoot why your Blink outdoor camera may be misbehaving!

Why is My Blink Outdoor Camera Flashing Red?

There could be multiple reasons for blink camera flashing red. We have included all the possible reasons for the red light blinking on blink camera below.

Initial Setup Process

If you haven’t yet set up your Blink outdoor camera, the odds are pretty good that the flashing red light is simply telling you that the initialization and set up process is still underway.

This blinking red indicator should pop up only very briefly at the beginning of the startup process before giving way to a blinking green light, and later a solid blue light, letting you know that everything is good to go from here on out.

Internet Connectivity Issues

A blinking red light on these outdoor cameras can also tell you that the connection between the camera and your internet network is either compromised or disconnected completely.

If you see your camera blinking red furiously and you’ve already gone through the initial setup process it’s not a bad idea to check the connection of the camera to your Wi-Fi network (through the included smart phone application).

Thankfully though, when cameras become disconnected the process for getting them back online with that mobile app is really simple and straightforward.

Batteries are Failing

When the batteries in battery-operated Blink outdoor light units start to go bad you’re going to see the LED indicators flash red as soon as the recording light (the blue light) flashes off.

This alert you to the fact that the batteries need to be swapped out ASAP or you’re going to end up with a dead camera sooner than you expected. Make sure that you jump on this regular maintenance for all battery-operated Blink outdoor cameras and you’ll be good to go!

Motion Has Been Detected

Many of the motion detection capable Blink cameras are going to flash red indicator lights as soon as motion has been detected.

This is a setting that can often be turned on or turned off, depending on your preferences.

Some people like to have it on so that they can get a visual confirmation of motion detection cameras working well. Others like for their camera systems to remain a little bit more incognito when they are being used to detect motion, particularly at night.

What Do I Do If My Blink Camera Isn’t Responding?

If your Blink camera is flashing red that you and you still aren’t able to figure out exactly what’s going on you might need to run through this quick troubleshooting process.

First, start by moving your camera (physically) closer to the Blink Sync module itself.

You’ll be able to see in the smart phone application the signal strength between these two pieces of hardware and you should be shooting for at least three bars of strength to know that you are good to go.

Secondly, you might just need to power cycle your Blink Sync module as well as each individual camera that is hardwired.

Take 30 seconds to unplug everything, allow your hardware to completely discharge any residual electricity before plugging everything back in again and allowing it to fully restore service (and Wi-Fi connectivity).

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Do Your Camera Requires a Reset?

At the end of the day, though, sometimes your Blink outdoor camera just isn’t going to be behaving the way that you expected it to and it’s going to flash red lights regardless of how you try and troubleshoot the problem.

In these situations you’ll have to go through the hard reset process, rebooting the system back to factory settings and basically starting over from scratch.

Using a paperclip or a thin piece of wire you’ll want to push in on the small reset button inside the back cover of your Blink camera for five or six seconds. The camera will handle the rest of the reset process.

Sure, you’ll have to run through the initial setup process all over again to get your Blink camera up and running – but you won’t have to worry about those flashing red lights any longer!

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