Learning how to dim Honeywell T9 thermostat units is pretty simple and straightforward, especially when you have a detailed guide like this one to help you out!

Just follow along with the step-by-step breakdown we highlight below and you’ll have total control over your Honeywell T9 thermostat (and its screen brightness level) from now on.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Can a Honeywell T9 Thermostat Be Dimmed?

Can you dim Honeywell T9 Thermostat

Right out of the gate, you’ll be glad to know that your new Honeywell T9 thermostat does in fact have a screen that can be dimmed – particularly useful for those that don’t want their thermostat “glowing” all night long.

Sure, it can be useful to have the screen on a thermostat shine brightly when you are actually using it in the middle of the night (particularly in a dark room).

But it’s also nice to have that light dim down, turn off, and “go to sleep” when you aren’t using it, too.

This Honeywell comes complete with that kind of functionality!

How To Dim Honeywell T9 Thermostat?

How To Dim Honeywell T9 Thermostat
Steps to Dim honeywell T9 thermostat

Go Into Settings

The very first thing you need to do in order to dim your T9 thermostat is to go into the SETTINGS section of the actual thermostat itself.

Navigating to the SETTINGS area of your thermostat is really easy.

All you have to do is go to the touchscreen of the thermostat itself and click the three little lines icon at the bottom of the screen. That will open up the SETTINGS command page.

Get Into Preferences

From here you’ll need to open up the PREFERENCES of your Honeywell T9 thermostat.

Simply swipe down on the SETTINGS command page until you find the PREFERENCES option. Touch it to activate that menu and you’re good to go!

Select Display Settings

From here you’ll need to select the actual DISPLAY settings for your thermostat.

This isn’t going to be hard (just find the DISPLAY button and give it a press), and it only takes about three or four seconds. Once you are in the DISPLAY settings area you’re going to be able to tinker with the brightness and dimmer levels of your thermostat screen.

Inactive Backlight

Inactive backlight settings are going to be your first stop, as they dictate the brightness level of your thermostat when you stop using it.

The T9 thermostat basically turns off or dims the screen after you leave the touchscreen alone for a couple of minutes, but you get to set what that dimmed level is like.

If you want a complete blackout, simply bring the value of this setting all the way down to 0%. If, on the other hand, you want your T9 to stay just as bright when it is inactive as it is when you are using it then max it out to 100%.

Obviously, you can slide the values of the backlighting to anything that you are interested in between the two extremes of 0% (the dimmest) and 100% (the brightest) as well.

Inactive Backlight Sleep

The inactive backlight sleep settings are going to let you determine when you’re Honeywell T9 thermostat actually turns off or dims the screen because of inactivity.

You’ll be able to schedule your backlight turning off, you’ll be able to determine how many minutes of inactivity are required for the screen to dim, or you can turn off dimming altogether.

It’s completely up to you!

In the DISPLAY settings area you’ll also be able to control things like:

  • Time and date information
  • Temperature measurement information
  • Indoor display offset details

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Clean Screen Mode

Another cool little feature that you’ll be able to fiddle with on your T9 thermostat (that has to do with the brightness of this unit) is the “Clean Screen” mode.

This mode basically lets you turn the touchscreen completely off for 30 seconds while you clean it, guaranteeing that you aren’t inputting different commands that you aren’t intending to while you’re giving your new Honeywell a quick scrub down.

Can the Honeywell T9 Be Dimmed Through the App?

Though quite a bit of settings can be adjusted and modified through the included Honeywell Home Smart application (available for both iOS and Android devices), you will not be able to change the brightness – or outright dim – your T9 thermostat from the mobile app.

Instead, you’re going to have to physically go to the thermostat itself, just brightness levels individually, and readjust them (as necessary) by going back to the thermostat unit itself.

Can I Change the Colors on My T9 Thermostat?

While the Honeywell T9 thermostat is one of the most customizable options on the market today (and easily one of the most popular smart thermostat units money can buy), you are not going to be able to change the color of the display itself.

Brightness can be modified (as we highlighted above), the display can be dimmed, but you are always going to have a sky-blue background and deep, dark black digital numerals that are displayed across the screen itself.


While the process to Dim Honeywell T9 Thermostat is not as difficult as it may sound. You only need to know a few things and you can get your hands on this easily. With these tips in mind, go ahead and follow them to achieve great results!

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