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Wyze Thermostats are a budget-friendly and easy way to turn your standard thermostat into a smart home system but what happens when your Wyze thermostat goes on the blink? If you are unable to digitally adjust your Wyze thermostat, are having trouble with scheduling, or it shuts on and off on its own, you may need to reset your thermostat. 

Resetting a Wyze Thermostat is a simple process that should take no more than 5 minutes. Simply go into the device settings and restore your thermostat to factory default mode. After it finishes, then go through the set-up as if it were brand new. 

Let’s quickly explore when to reset your thermostat and go through a step-by-step explanation of what to do!

When to Reset Your Wyze Thermostat?

Although resetting your thermostat is a simple process, it is not something you should do without a reason. Resetting your device will clear out all stored information, such as schedules, Wi-Fi connections, and other personal data.

After resetting, you will also have to reenter your information into the Wyze thermostat. 

However, if you are planning to move soon and want to remove any personal data, restoring your thermostat to factory default mode is a quick and thorough way to do so.

Some other common reasons to restore your device include:

  • Problems connecting to the Wi-Fi
  • Troubleshooting any issues
  • Your Wyze app is not working with the thermostat

If you have any of these problems, keep reading to learn how to reset your device.

How to Reset a Wyze Thermostat?

Use the following method to reset your thermostat:

  1. Locate the control button on the side of your thermostat
  2. Hold down the button for at least 10 seconds 
  3. Wait for your thermostat to shut down
  4. As your thermostat shuts down, it will completely reset and then restart after the process has finished.

After your thermostat restarts, go through the set-up process again.

Other Ways to Troubleshoot a Wyze Thermostat

Completely resetting your thermostat may not be necessary. You can also try rebooting it using the following method:

  1. Restart your thermostat by turning it off and back on. 
  2. Disconnect and then reconnect your device from the Wi-Fi
  3. Rather than restoring the device completely, delete and reset a specific setting

Usually, going through these steps can be more useful than completely wiping your device, especially if you are struggling with a particular problem.

Most of the time, problems with Wyze thermostats have to do with the Wi-Fi, so simply disconnecting and reconnecting can fix the issue. 

How to Refresh the Wyze App?

Sometimes the problem isn’t your Wyze thermostat or its connection. Instead, it could be caused by your Wyze app. Before you completely wipe your device, try restoring your app by:

  1. Closing out the Wyze app on our mobile device
  2. Restarting your Wi-Fi router or mobile data
  3. Restart the Wyze app
  4. Check the app for any updates

If your app has crashed or is out of date, many of the functions will not work and you won’t be able to access your thermostat remotely.

Refreshing and updating the app should resolve these issues. If your thermostat is still offline, recheck that your home Wi-Fi is working.

How to Reset Your Wi-Fi?

If you suspect that your home Wi-Fi is the problem, you can also try resetting it:

  1. Close the Wyze app on your mobile phone or tablet
  2. Find the reset button on your Wi-Fi router or unplug the box for 10 seconds and plug it back in. 
  3. After your router has rebooted and shows green or white lights, check that you have a Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Restart the Wyze app on your mobile phone or tablet
  5. Test your thermostat’s settings and temperature control

If you are still having trouble with your Wyze thermostat, the issue could be the firmware on your device. 

How to Check a Wyze Thermostat’s Firmware?

Even if you have checked that your Wyze app is up to date, the thermostat itself could be running on old firmware.

If you have not updated your thermostat recently, check the mobile app to see if there are any firmware updates available for your device. 

Additionally, you can set your thermostat to automatically update using the built-in device settings or you can continue to manually update your device using the mobile app.

Regardless of your method, be sure to keep your device updated or it will not work.


If you are having trouble with your Wyze thermostat, you may need to restore your device to factory default mode. However, before you wipe your thermostat clean, check that your device and mobile app are up to date and your home Wi-Fi connection is working.

If you are still having problems, press down the control button on the side until your device resets.

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