Nest thermostat installation

Smart homes are tremendously gaining popularity and are the next big wave of the future. They are a part of bringing a lot of technology to people’s homes in the coming few years, and people are getting excited.

Unfortunately, as a tenant, you are mostly at the mercy of the facilities in your apartment, which includes the thermostat that might be ineffective or old-fashioned and costing your additional cash.

You can install Nest Thermostat in an Amartment quickly. However, the main thing for you to consider is whether or not your landlord will allow you to install the nest thermostat. Though most of the landlords would grant, you must check with your landlord first.

Here is an exclusive look at, whether you can install it in an apartment or not, and how it is installed?

Inefficient and outdated thermostats are, in most cases, inaccurate and can cause energy wastage. This might force you to crank up the system hence making it harder to cool or heat your house, which leads to increased energy bills.

More so, the inefficient thermostat might force you to operate your HVAC system at a constant temperature all through 24/7 even when people are not at home to make sure the apartment remains comfortable, which might also increase your bills.

Else, you might set the thermostat at a lower temperature only to return home or wake up and be forced to crank the thermostat to higher temperatures than usual and wait for some hours to attain the wanted temperature.

Nest thermostat is useful in helping you manage the temperatures of your apartment. The device learns and then adapts itself to the habits of energy consumption at your home to decrease energy wastage for up to thirty per cent while maintaining the comfort level of your home.

Nest thermostat can learn your schedule while you are away from home and have the apartment restored to desired temperatures when you get back to your home.

The device also operates with your smartphone device enabling you to control and monitor the temperatures of your home while also receiving notifications and alerts when you are not around. They are also well portable and integrate well with the home décor.

Can I Install A Nest Thermostat in An Apartment?

There is nothing about wiring that can prevent this thermostat from effectively installing in your apartment. However, the landlord might have issues with you making changes. So, the landlord determines whether you can install a nest thermostat in an apartment.

Additionally, installing a nest thermostat in an apartment will require you to uninstall the previous thermostat and set up the nest thermostat into the recent wiring.

This process involves a bit of professionalism in the field of installation and might be challenging if you do not have the right knowledge of electrical wiring.

Though the nest thermostat is connected to the wiring system by small wires, they can still produce shock if not handled in the right way.

If you are lucky enough to be given the go-ahead from your landlord in installing a nest thermostat in an apartment, they will often need you to remove the nest thermostat when moving out and replace it with the previous old one.

This means that you must return the apartment to how you found it, including an upgrade such as a Nest thermostat. This will prevent you from being charged the cost of r reinstalling the old thermostat from your security deposit.

More so, even though the landlord accepts that you install the nest thermostat, they still possess the right to replace it with the old thermostat if they think the new nest thermostat is contributing to problems.

Installation of Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat installation is pretty easy and quick. However, it is essential to note that if the thermostat that you want to replace is labeled 120V or 240V or has thick wires, it means that the thermostat has a powerful voltage system. In this case, you should not attach these wires to your nest thermostat.

The first step in installing a nest thermostat is switching off the circuit breaker to the thermostat. You should then mark the old thermostat wires to match corresponding wires on the Nest thermostat and remove the old thermostat carefully.

Connect the cables via the middle of the base plate on the Nest thermostat and note the points to drill the screw holes. Affix the nest’s trim plate to the nest thermostat and then fix the nest base to wall using the screws and screwdrivers included in the package.

Connect the wires to the nest thermostat equivalently and connect the nest thermostat display. The last step is turning on the circuit breaker and test the new nest thermostat.

To avoid problems in the future, it is recommendable that you ask the landlord if they can hire someone to install a Nest thermostat after you purchase it.

Although they will do it at an extra charge, it will ensure the thermostat is installed correctly. More so, should you move out, it is your responsibility to remove the new thermostat and replace it with the old one.

You can go through the of How to Indtall Google Nest Thermostat to get a more better idea.

Other Smart Devices That You Can Install in Your Apartment to Help Manage the Temperature

What if my landlord does not agree with the installation of a Nest thermostat? Do not worry; there are still several smart devices to help you manage the temperatures. You can manage them according to your schedule to facilitate energy budgeting.

The best part is that they have added convenience as you can access them via your smartphone when you are not at home.

Crane 1,500-Watt Infrared Smart Heater

This device uses energy-efficient heat to give warmth. It also has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that can be used with your smartphone to control the device regardless of your location.

Other features of the device include overheating protection, allergy-safe, and clean.

The system operates silently and has a col exterior and child lock for maximum safety around kids and pets.

Sensibo Air Conditioning Pods

This Sensibo AC pods is a smart system that features tiny receiver pods linking to the air conditioning unit.

From here, you can control the system using a router powered hub, which enables you to control the unit temperatures via your smartphone.

When the system is in use, turn it off or on via your smartphone accordingly. This system is also attuned to heat pumps.

Quirky Aros Smart AC

It is an adept air conditioner designed to study your home’s cooling requirements to cool the apartment when you want and not to cool it when you are away.

It uses its smart scheduling to know your habits and make proper temperature adjustments for the whole week.

This also shuts and turns depending on your location as well as tracking your energy usage to facilitate energy savings.


Although the nest thermostat is a beneficial addition to any apartment or home, if you are a tenant, you must consult the landlord first and enquire for permission to install the thermostat to avoid later charges and issues. In the unlikely event that your landlord disapproves of your idea of establishing the thermostat, you still have several options effective in controlling your bill.

Various Smart devices that help you manage the temperatures of your apartment even when you are away without making any modifications to the apartment are conveniently available in the market.

If you obtain the consent of your landlord, you must have basic electrical wiring understanding, although the process is easy and straightforward.

Otherwise, you should seek professional services from a qualified expert for the installation task to ensure maximum safety. However, you should never connect a Nest thermostat on a high voltage system.

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