smart plugs works with Alexa

Smart plugs work like other standard plugs only that they are more convenient and safe since they are controlled with apps.

Most of the smart plugs work well with Alexa and enables a user to turn On and Off plugs, lights and allows easy monitoring of the appliances in the house. We have listed the 4 best smart plugs that work with Alexa below.

The smart plugs are compatible with various apps like Google, Alexa, such that you can easily monitor their functionality from a far.

For example, you can turn on and off your appliances using a voice command even when not around the home. You can also turn on the lights at night for security purposes. The best part is that these plugs are compatible with all appliances. In this article, we are going to review the top best smart plugs that work with Alexa.

There are a lot of smart plugs that work well with alexa but I have listed out some of the best ones for you today. These are-

  • Gosund Alexa Smart Plugs
  • Innr Zigbee Smart Plug
  • TP-Link Smart Plug WIFI Outlet
  • Samsung GP-WOUO19BBDWG Smart Plug

Smart Plugs That Work With Alexa

1. Gosund Alexa Smart Plugs

This is a flexible smart plug that is entirely compatible with a variety of apps like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even IFTTT. It is an excellent and reliable smart plug that you can use for home security since you can switch on and off your security gadgets at any time and from far.

Installing this plug takes a few minutes, as it does not require a hub when installing.

The Gosund smart plug is controlled with a voice sound. All you need to do is connect it to your smart devices and set up your voice command.

The gadget is compatible with 2.4 G WIFI for connectivity purposes. There is a timer setting where you can schedule the plug to go on and off when not in use. This is an excellent feature for people who are unable to monitor the function of the plug, especially when switching on security lights at night.

A Gosund plug is an energy-efficient gadget and it quickly follows energy consumption in the household. So, you can quickly identify the appliances with higher power consumption in the house.


  • This plug is compatible with various smart devices such as Android 4.4 and iOS devices for efficient control
  • You can use voice control to monitor it
  • The plug comes with a one year warranty for quality assurance
  • Installing this plug on the socket is fast and easy


  • This plug is only ideal for small appliances or electronics that do not have high power usage. It quickly melts when exposed to high voltage.
  • You have to get a smart life membership license to be allowed to set up the smart plug for control purposes.

2. Innr Zigbee Smart Plug

This is one of the top best smart plugs working with Alexa you will find on the market today. It has a wireless control for efficient when controlling its functionality and the functionality of your home appliances.

This smart plug is voice command enabled with Amazon Alexa. If you are always on the move or work late, schedule this plug to turn on and off your house and outdoor security lights since it features a timer setting.

The plug features a small size design so you can also connect other devices to the socket area. One essential thing to note, though is that, it is not compatible with Apple’s intelligent kits.


  • Controlling the lighting of lamps and appliances in your home is comfortable with this smart plug.
  • It has a timer for switching on and off the lights as per your settings
  • Integrating this smart plug with either Philips Hue and Alexa is quite easy and takes a few minutes


  • This smart plug has to be combined with Hue hub especially Philips Hue for it to function

3. TP-Link Smart Plug WIFI Outlet

This is another flexible smart plug that is compatible with Amazon Alexa, echo dot, and Google Home. It does not involve any wiring when connecting to the wall socket for easy installation.

The gadget features a remote control option and has a timer for easy monitoring its function when not around home. You can also equip voice command for smooth switching the appliances on or off from afar.

This smart plug is also convenient in terms of connection since you can connect with any WIFI, and it does not require any hub for connection. It is a perfect smart plug for all homes even when you are not around since the plug ensures the lights are turned on and off on time as scheduled.


  • This smart plug is quite affordable
  • The plugs feature a compact design such that you can plug two pieces on the same double socket outlet
  • The plug does not require Hub to function
  • Using it is quite easy thanks to the amazon voice, Alexa


  • With TP-Link, you cannot use two plugs at the same time since they weaken the WIFI and fail to function well
  • It does not work well with iOS devices

4. Samsung GP-WOUO19BBDWG Smart Plug

This smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and voice command for easy control from a distance. It takes seconds to connect it to the socket since there is no wiring needed to fit it.

You can use this plug with different appliances such as the fridge, cookers, and even electronics like TV and computers. The plug has a timer where you can set a start and shut downtime for security purposes in the house.

This plug is compatible with iOS and Android devices for easy control and monitoring when not at home.

Do you want to know about the power consumption rate in the home? Well, this Samsung smart plug can easily detect and notify you of the history of power usage in the house. This gadget has multiple sensing power where it senses and inform you of the temperature rate in the home or even if the windows are closed or not.


  • This smart plug takes little time to plug on the socket.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa for easy control
  • This is versatile since you can use it for sensing other things like when the doors or windows re not closed at night
  • The plug is compatible with Android ad iOS devices


  • This smart plug is pricier than other models

Putting it All Together

If you are looking for the top best smart plugs working with Alexa, the above reviewed are the top best to consider.

These smart plugs are easy to use and monitor since they are compatible with smart gadgets.

Check out the number of volts that the plug can support since they don’t work with all appliances.

What Do Smart Plugs Do?

Smart plugs can be wonderful choice to make your home a smart home, even if your all home appliance are not smart enough.

The use of these plugs allow you to control them through your voice, either you use Alexa or Google Home, you can integrate smart plugs to them and control them as you like.

You can connect your smart plug to the App in your smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth. So, how you can use your smart plug? Using your plug is very easy and can be done in just 10 seconds.

Firstly, connect your plug to the socket and install the connected App to your smartphone. Now, plug in any appliance to your smart plug. Once connected, you can control your connected appliances from anywhere.

You can use IFTTT to create small scenes and control all your appliances like coffee maker, TV, washing machine, etc. based on the time of action.

Benefits of Using A Smart Plug

The plugs we I am talking about is not just a simple plug which can only be controlled with your voice commands and an App, the benefits are much more.

It can integrate with your home security system, monitor your energy use and can easily control your appliances.

Improve connectivity between Home Appliances

New appliances are coming with smart features and you can control them easily but if you have older models in your home then it would be tough work.

Using a smart plug can make those old appliances and electronic devices smart enough to communicate with other appliances.

Turn On and Off your Appliances from anywhere

There are times when you get ready for your office and leave some of your appliances “On”, even it is by mistake, you lose a lot of money and it is possible that you can even lose more.

But with the smartphone App, you can always check in your smart plugs whether they are “On” or “Off”. If you find any of them working, you can turn them off from anywhere.

Scheduling your appliances

With the use of “scenes” feature, you can create scenes as per the time of the day and all of your devices get scheduled accordingly.

This feature is better for my children as I always schedule the time for using video game consoles and TV.

Using voice commands to control devices

Controlling devices through voice commands make is easy to handle those devices which are a bit away from your reach.

You just need to connect your smart plug with Amazon’s Alexa and you can control your thermostat that is placed in your basement from your 1st floor. Is it makes simple to control devices?

Controlling the socket temperature

Overheating of electrical socket can cause electrical firing. However, when you use smart plugs in your socket, it keeps an eye on your socket temperature and the time your socket gets over heated it send you a notification to your smartphone.

Electrical fire is common in houses with old electrical wiring and this small plug can be your saver.

Do smart plugs save money?

Smart plugs save a lot of money in a way, you can control all your appliances and always keep an eye on what appliances using more energy and what are not? You can also trigger your smart plugs from anywhere which would definitely help you save lot of money on your electricity bills.

Check this article on CNET which talks about how to save $840 every year with a smart plug.

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