What can Alexa Do?

"Alexa is a voice assistant developed by Amazon that can perform plethora of tasks such as set alarms, play music, reminders, search the internet, answer questions, perform shopping, and control other smart home devices with simple voice commands."

Types of Amazon Echos

This is the 4th and the latest generation of the Echo devices launched by Amazon. The compact design and Dolby Audio provides excellent sound quality.

Echo Dot 

Echo Flex is a smart mini adapter that can be plugged directly into the wall outlet. The echo flex is also powered by Alexa and therefore you can control all your smart devices with your voice commands.

Echo Flex 

The Echo Show is a smart display having a 10” display and speaker. The device offers all the features of Echo Dot with a bonus option to view smart calendar, smart clock, digital photo album, cooking shows and many more.

Echo Show

The device has 8 microphone that can pick your voice even when you are listening to songs or you are in noisy traffic. You can connect Echo auto using a USB or through the 12V slot available in your car.

Echo Auto

The Echo Studio provides the best Audiophile-grade sound with its 5 speakers. You get all the advance features of the Echo Dot and Alexa and at the same time music quality without any curve and coloration.

Echo Studio