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Who doesn’t know about Alexa? Alexa has now reached to almost every household for performing a lot of amazing tasks with a simple voice command.

So, what can Alexa do? Alexa is a voice assistant developed by Amazon that can perform plethora of tasks such as set alarms, play music, reminders, search the internet, answer questions, perform shopping, and control other smart home devices with simple voice commands.

This is not all what Alexa can do. 

Apart from all the above mentioned tasks, Alexa can perform a lot amazing tasks that you could not have ever imagined of! 

In this article, we will discuss about all the important tasks that Alexa can perform and therefore, the article might get a bit lengthy but believe me you won’t be disappointed after going through the whole article.

So, let’s start with the basis skills without spending any more time.

What is Amazon’s Echo?

I don’t think that you would have never heard of Amazon’s Echo devices. These are all hardware setups that uses Amazon’s Alexa software i.e., voice-activated personal assistant to hear and reply to all your queries.

You can do shopping, turning off and On the smart bulbs like Philips Hue, read news, play music, tell jokes, order an Uber ride and so on.

In general, Amazon Echo are the devices (smart speakers and smart displays) that are built primilarly for Alexa.

They all have built in microphones, speakers and can access the internet for you anytime.

If you are a game lover, you can try using the super Alexa mode.

What types of Amazon Echos are there?

There are 4 different types of Alexa devices available in the market, they are Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Flex, Echo Studio and Echo Auto.

All the Echo devices is designed for making your home smart, however, the Echo Auto makes your car smarter.

Let’s get into each of them in details.

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Echo dot at table

This is the 4th and the latest generation of the Echo devices launched by Amazon. The compact design and Dolby Audio provides excellent sound quality.

The microphone array is bigger and more sensitive and even has a mic off button that adds layer to your privacy.

The overall features are the same as available in all devices like streaming songs online from platforms like Amazon music, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Apart from this, the device can perform multiple tasks for you such as play the news, check the weather, set alarms etc.

The one thing that is added to the 4th Gen of Echo Dot is built in Zigbee hub. So, now you don’t have to worry about the smart home devices from Zigbee as these can be connected and controlled through Alexa too.

In general, now Echo Dot can be connected to more devices.

Echo Flex

echo flex in the wall outlet

Echo Flex is a smart mini adapter that can be plugged directly into the wall outlet. The echo flex is also powered by Alexa and therefore you can control all your smart devices with your voice commands.

The device also features 2 USB ports that can be used to connect other accessories and charge your mobile phones.

If you are low on budget and want a Alexa powered device in your house to control your smart home devices, this is the most affordable option available for you.

Echo Show

Echo dot 10"

What are the features you would want in your Alexa device? Is it a smart display? If yes, Echo Show is what you would like!

The Echo Show is a smart display having a 10” display and speaker. The device offers all the features of Echo Dot with a bonus option to view smart calendar, smart clock, digital photo album, cooking shows and many more.

The most beneficial option is the video call feature and the option to rotate the screen.

Echo Studio

Echo studio playing song

Are you fond of Audiophile-grade audio quality? Many of us are and want a good acoustic sound quality from our speakers.

The Echo Studio provides the best Audiophile-grade sound with its 5 speakers. You get all the advance features of the Echo Dot and Alexa and at the same time music quality without any curve and coloration.

The five directional speaker provide a great sound quality and provide a stellar music experience.

Echo Auto – Alexa for your Car

Echo auro installed in car

If you use Alexa at your home, you would certainly love it in your car. Echo auto enables you to be connected with your Alexa in your car too.

The device has 8 microphone that can pick your voice even when you are listening to songs or you are in noisy traffic.

You can connect Echo auto using a USB or through the 12V slot available in your car.

What is Alexa Skills?

Alexa skills provide you with some amazing features that you can use for better experience. Whenever you are asking for something new from Alexa you are teaching it a new skill. However, using different skills might involve the use of third party applications and subscriptions.

Amazon prime is one of the subscription you might require when you ask Alexa to play song for you. The subscription can also allow you to order products from Amazon.

You can go through some of the best Alexa skills required in a day to day life below.


News and weather




Devices that you can control with Alexa

There are thousands of devices that works with Alexa and including everyone of them here is not possible. You can just look for “works with Alexa” on Amazon and you would get hundreds on them.

But all of them can be segregated into categories. They are-

Smart BulbsIt is my favourite device that allows me to turn my lights Off and On with just my voice command. You can also try dimming the lights according to your mood.

Video Doorbells and Cameras– Are you using Ring Video Doorbell? You would love to integrate it with Alexa especially the Echo Show through which you can view the live video feed.

Smart sockets- The smart socket makes your non smart electronic gadgets smart when it comes to switching it ON and OFF through voice commands.

Some funny things to try with Alexa

Alexa is really smart and provides cheeky replies to certain questions. Whenever I am alone or I feel bored I start asking questions around Mac and PC and the reply from Alexa really makes me laugh.

You can also use the Alexa entertainment skills by just asking “Alexa, play a rap for me, or tell me a joke”. 

I have started with a crazy fact skill that comes with Alexa and it teaches me one crazy fact everyday.

Check out our complete guide on Alexa Sleep Sounds.


There are countless things that you can do with Alexa. But I like Alexa not for the things that Alexa can do but also for the entertainment and other cheeky replies that keeps a smile on my face whole day.

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