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The addition of a chandelier to your dining or living room can enhance the look and feel of your room. But at the same time, it is essential to install a chandelier of appropriate size.

A chandelier can be wider than a table, but it depends upon the size of the room where it is placed. If you have a large room and your dining table is small, then it will enhance the look of your room. However, if your room is small and your chandelier is bigger than the table, then it will look awkward. 

Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Chandelier

You must consider the following things before you buy a chandelier to hand it over the dining table.

  • Length and Width of the chandelier
  • Style of Chandelier
  • Design of the room
  • Amount of light required
  • Placement of table
  • Type and size of table
  • Distance between the ceiling and floor

Length and Width of the Chandelier

Always check out the varieties of types and styles of the chandeliers before installing a chandelier to your room. The chandelier should always go in line with the table style, whether it is formal or casual.

Also, look at the room size and then install a table and chandelier proportional to each other.

Styles of Chandelier

Basically, chandeliers come in many different styles, from traditional to ultra-modern. All of these can be wiser than the table.

Nowadays, you can also find electrical chandeliers in rectangular shapes and round-shaped chandeliers having a size of 40-50 inches wide. The rectangular chandeliers are also known as island chandeliers.

Today, you can find a lot of chandeliers that have crystal prisms that are attached to the rectangular canopy. These can be 30 feet in Width.

The best chandeliers that are being used in modern homes have eight to ten globes that suspend through the canopy.

Design of the room

The design of the room is essential to figure out what chandelier type you would be installing? Most of the chandeliers are placed near the window or the wall. The chandeliers that are placed near windows provide an amazing look to the interior as well as can be seen from outside the window.

However, in some of the innovative designs, chandeliers bigger than the table are placed in the center of the room above the table is a light source to the entire room.

For homes that are constructed as per Victorian style, make sure the placement is in accordance with the curved walls. In these homes, the tables are placed inside the curve, and the chandeliers are wider than the table.

Amount of light required

Chandeliers are a source of light for your dining table. Adding dim light to the chandeliers can make your dinner more romantic.

Decide the purpose of the chandelier and then decide the source of light. Also, calculate the distance between the light source of the chandelier.

Placement of Table

A dining table is of much importance in a room and can be used to fill the room without it being looked bare. Accent tables with wider chandelier would appeal more welcoming to the guests.

If you have a dining table with a seating capacity of six to eight persons, remember the placement of the table should be at least 5 feet from each wall providing enough space so that your room doesn’t look crowded. A wider chandelier will provide enough light and cover the whole dining table.

Type and size of table

The type and size of the table always play an important role in deciding the chandelier size and its look.

A dining table generally comes in rectangular, oval, or square. The size of the dining table always depends upon the seating capacity is needed. A wider chandelier than the table will provide enough light for all.

But, if you are installing a chandelier for your room accent, then you are using a kidney-shaped table, then an island chandelier wider than the table will provide an elegant look to the room.

Distance between the ceiling and floor

Chandeliers can be installed in any room, over the table, but always measure the distance between the ceiling and floor before installing the chandelier.

The installation must be done in a way that you have enough headspace; otherwise, it may lead to accidents.

Generally, the distance of the ceiling from the floor is eight to fifteen feet.

Before installing, check the chandelier height from the table and the free space that is available between the chandelier and the table.

Different Types of Chandeliers

Choosing chandelier is a creative job, and one must know the types of chandeliers and how they would look in a room.

You can choose from a variety of chandeliers like chandeliers having globes, candelabra, hurricane glass, or metals like copper, chrome, and titanium light arms and matching bobeche.

A chandelier consists of many parts. All of them are listed below, starting from the top to bottom.

  • Finials
  • Canopies
  • Scroll
  • Body dish
  • Chains
  • Fount
  • Column
  • Bobeche
  • Candle cup
  • Bottom bowl
  • Pendalogue
  • Reverse dish
  • Prisms
  • Bottom Ball

The size of the parts varies upon the actual size of the chandelier. So, it is better to call up an electrician for installation. However, if you have installation experience, then you can DIY.

Chandeliers in Business Conference Rooms

In a business conference room, generally, a wider chandelier is preferred. They are wider than the conference table so that the lighting can be adequate on the table. They can be linear, traditional, or prism chandeliers.

However, the designs of the wider chandelier also depend upon the size and design of the conference room and the office décor.

Getting the perfect chandelier for your home

perfect chandelier for your home

You can find numerous ideas from here on how to use a chandelier over your dining table and their latest designs.

In most of the hotels and historic home, contemporary or traditional chandeliers are used. But most of the time, they go unnoticed.

So, hiring an interior designer to get the perfect chandelier from your locality or online can be the right choice.

Coordinating chandelier with the room

A chandelier must be in co-ordination with your room décor. Just placing a wider chandelier doesn’t give your home a spectacular visual look, you need to take out some time and do a bit of research on it.

Points to keep in mind

I have seen a lot of people making mistakes while buying their first chandelier. So, keep the below points in mind while purchasing.

  • Size of the chandelier
  • Measurements of your room and table
  • Style of the chandelier
  • Co-ordination with the Home Décor
  • Visual Balance

Chandelier with Room accent

chandelier as per room interior

A chandelier must suit the room accent in which it is placed. You can have metal, glass, or wooden tables, and for all three of them, different chandeliers make up the accent.

You can easily visualize even if you don’t have any knowledge of the interior or decors that, with a wooden table, a chandelier with a wooden accent would create the best co-ordination.

However, if you have a glass table, then a glass chandelier with prism or crystals would look more in combination.

If you are an art fan, place the artistic table below the wide artistic chandelier having an antique design.

Your choice Your style

At last, the best way to choose a chandelier wider than a table depends upon your choice and your style, the way you want your home décor to be done.

Stick to your choice and style, and I can definitely tell you that you would come with an innovative style of yours that would make your style statement.

The most used chandelier at the entry is the opaque glass globe hung from a single chain. Nobody can enter your home without noticing it.

Customize your chandelier

Customizing the chandelier and the table is rare but can make your room look awesomely fabulous if done correctly.

Therefore, if you think that you have a keen eye for antique objects around you or find anything in your garage, which you believe can be made remarkable, then take that to an electrical shop and customize that as you want it.

Don’t forget to measure the sizes of the table and chandelier. Enjoy your DIY artwork.

Can a chandelier be wider than dining table?

For a chandelier placed above a dining table, its diameter should be one foot smaller than the tabletop width to prevent head collisions. When opting for two smaller chandeliers over a lengthy table, aim for a diameter that is approximately one-third of the table’s width.

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