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Have you ever had to run back home to double check that you closed your garage door, lost your garage door opener, or come home only to find the kids left the garage open?

If you have ever experienced such problems, you may want to consider installing the best smart garage door opener.

A garage door opener eases the opening and closing of garage doors, and depending on the model, it’s even easy to manage your garage door remotely through an app on your smartphone, eliminating the
sinking feeling you get when you realize you left the garage door open.

But with plenty of smart garage door openers available on the market, it may be bit tricky to find a quality device that fits your specific needs.

Now if you are looking to upgrade your garage with a smart opener, here are the top smart garage door openers.

Chamberlain MyQ- G0301-Best Overall

Best garage door opener

If you are searching for one of the best smart openers, Chamberlain MyQ is among the best choices in the market.

It comes with a garage door sensor plus a hub that links to your Wi-Fi. When you send a directive via your phone, it is conveyed to the hub that is then directed to the door sensors activating the door.

Available for iOS and Android phone devices, MyQ apps allows you to check whether the door is open or closed and send a command remotely. You can also pair the app to Google Assistant and use your device to control the door.

According to Chamberlain, MyQ works with most garage door openers brands with standard safety sensors. It currently connects to several smart services, including wink, Xfinity home, Nest, Alpine, and IFTTT.

But, do they work with Google Home, check out this article to know – Does Chamberlain MyQ work with Google Home & Assistant?

Additionally, this smart garage door can give the ability to access your garage by up to three people. This is perfect for giving your trusted neighbor or guests.


  • Its relatively affordable
  • Sends notification
  • Compatible with numerous smart services


  • You need to have a Wi-Fi Signal in the garage

NEXX Garage NXG-100b – Best Silent Garage Door opener

This smart garage door opener from Nexx is the best device for Alexa users but it is also compatible with Google Home, allowing you to close and open the door using voice commands.

It has a feature that enables it to detect when you are near your phone. You can customize it to open when you approach the door automatically; hence you never have to reach for the garage door button when driving up ever

Plus, it provides security encryption that scrambles the information it handles so that unauthorized users cannot take control of your garage door.

You can control this device using Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, or Google Assistant. You will check the status, close or open the garage door from any location using the app as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Although, It’s one of the relatively costly units, It is best at what it does. Like other garage door openers, it requires some time to set up the main unit and wired sensors around the doors correctly.


  • Efficient voice controls
  • Automatic opening
  • Compatible with several smart services
  • Allows you to open the door from just around anywhere


  • Requires wired installation

GarageMate – Best Energy Saving

Nexx bluetooth garage door opener free app

This GarageMate’s smart garage door is very easy to set up and a highly compatible unit. Unlike smart garage door openers that connect to your Wi-Fi, this one connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Although this will mean that you won’t be able to check on its status or run it far away from home, the GarageMate door opener has a quick installation and is incredibly low cost to operate, using only about three cents of electricity every year.

One of the best features of this device is the ability to use voice commands. Using your smartphone, you can use Google Assistant or Siri to launch the app using your voice and automatically open the door.

More so, the GarageMat’s Activity log allows you to monitor who opened the garage for beefed-up security, and it works up to eight users.

Because you won’t be using Wi-Fi connection to operate the unit, there won’t be security issues during internet outage as it’s the case with smart garage door openers that rely on a Wi-Fi connection.

If you search for something secure, cheap, and simple, this is an ideal choice to consider.


  • Has a quick and easy installation
  • Security will not be compromised in case of an internet outage
  • Allows voice commands via OK Google or Siri
  • Can manage multiple users and openers


  • Does not provide open or close status
  • Does not work with some smart-home system

Genie Aladdin Connect- Wifi Garage Door Opener

Wifi garage door opener -premium

If you are looking for security, convenience, and complete remote control offers the easiest way to access your garage. With this unit, you don’t have to turn on any apps or wait for loading times, you just press a button and the garage opens.

In addition to its smart aspects, it comes with a physical button for you to control your garage door with the best method at the moment.

This smart retrofit can connect up to three doors and allows you to control all of them from your smartphone.

You can also access the entire in and out of the history of your garage, allowing you to detect any suspicious activity instantly. You will be notified when someone uses the door and you can open or close the door from far away.

The unit is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and hence you can use voice commands to regulate the door.

Like other garage door openers, it will take some work to set it up on the main unit correctly and with the wired sensors.


  • Connects to up to three doors
  • Has an intuitive mobile app
  • Voice controls
  • Comes with remote control


  • You need to buy extra sensors to connect to more than one garage door

Things to consider before buying a garage door opener

Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying a garage door opener:

Door size

Before purchasing a new garage door opener, it is essential to measure your garage doors use a belt or chain drives can handle up to 7-feet tall doors, but you can get an extension kit for up to 10 feet.

Drive type

This refers to how your garage door opens. Most garage doors use a belt or chain drive to pull the door up or down while others use a jack shaft to lift the door via the torsion spring.

Find out the type of garage door drive before deciding on a new garage opener to ensure they are compatible. For instance, jack shaft drives are not compatible with roll-up doors.


When installing a smart garage door opener, it’s recommendable to get a professional for the installation unless you already have experience with smart garage door openers.

During the installation ensure you have all the needs accessories, including control panels, keypads, remotes, and safety sensors, which are a lot to keep up with if you, are doing the installation for the first time.

Also ensure to check the installation specifies before you buy one.

Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do smart garage door openers operate?

The garage door opener has a smart tech that connects your home Wi-Fi, allowing it to communicate
with your smartphone device.

Using the app on your phone will give commands to the device, and it will act accordingly.

The smart connection enables you to close or open the door remotely, set a schedule,or digital boundaries far away from the door.

Is a chain or belt drive better?

The perfect choice depends on the location of your garage in relation to your house. Belt drives are one of the quietest garage door openers hence better for garages located below or near your home.

On the other hand, chain drives provide you with a much cheaper option compared to belt drives.

Can people hack smart garage door openers?

While they are safer than the older models, they have their shortcomings. In case an intruder accesses your home Wi-Fi network, they may be able to access your garage door opener or other smart door devices connected to your home.

But you can prevent this by beefing up your security and Wi-Fi defences or incorporating other devices such as security motion sensor cameras.


We hope our above guide on the best smart garage door opener is helpful to you. With these products, you can open and shut your garage door, allow couriers to drop packages, and let your children in the house even when you are not around. Purchasing any of this product will not disappoint you.

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